Fifth-grade girl was assigned a male transgender bedmate on a field trip to nation’s capital


An 11-year-old girl who was on a school field trip from Colorado to Washington, D.C. was assigned to bunk with a transgender male student last summer.

On Monday, the fifth-grade girl’s parents sent a letter to Jefferson County Public Schools demanding action on what they see as a break of their promise to keep boys and girls separate in sleeping quarters on field trips. Serena Wailes said her daughter was assigned a hotel room with three other girls, with two assigned to each bed.

“Her bedmate informed her that he was a boy who identifies as transgender,” Wailes said. Her daughter called her from the bathroom, and she was able to take action because she was along on the trip. After mom Serena spoke at length with the chaperone, the transgender student was moved to another room.

“And even then, chaperones told the girl to lie about the reason for her move because of the district’s overnight rooming policy—a policy that violates parental rights and student privacy by rooming students based on gender identity while hiding that information from other parents and students,” writes Alliance Defending Freedom, which has taken up the cause on behalf of the girls of Jefferson County, Colorado.

“The Wailes family was told at multiple parent meetings prior to the trip that female and male students would be roomed on different hotel floors, and on the trip the students were told by JCPS chaperones that boys were not even allowed to visit the girls’ floor and vice versa without permission. D.W. was assigned to a room with three other students, two from her school and one from a different school, K.E.M., whom D.W. did not know prior to the trip. D.W. and K.E.M. were supposed to share a bed. Because she did not want K.E.M. to feel left out, D.W. made a point to be friendly throughout the first day of the trip,” Alliance for Defending Freedom writes.

“The first evening, after the four students were in their room, K.E.M. revealed that K.E.M. was a male with a transgender gender identity. D.W. was immediately uncomfortable with the prospect of sharing a room and a bed with a male, regardless of the student’s gender identity. D.W. snuck into the bathroom, which did not lock, and quietly called her mother, Serena. D.W. then met her mother in the lobby to share her concerns. Prior to the trip, no one at JCPS informed the Waileses or D.W. that her room would include a male who identified as transgender. In fact, JCPS told them just the opposite: that male and female students would stay on separate floors,” the group explains in its letter.

Rep. Mary Peltola was the featured guest at the Jefferson County Democratic Party’s summer fundraiser during the summer just a eight weeks after the school field trip in which the boy was paired with a girl in a hotel bed.

It’s the kind of thing that is not specifically addressed in Anchorage, and thus could happen to any Anchorage student on an overnight field trip, because Anchorage School District has a written policy that only protects the privacy of students who believe themselves to be transgender, and even has explicit instructions to teachers and administrators to keep that information secret from the transgender-identifying student’s parents.

“The principal or administrator will schedule a meeting to discuss the student’s/employee’s needs and to develop a plan to address these needs. The plan should address, as appropriate, the name and pronoun desired by the student/employee, restroom and locker room use, participation in athletics, dress code, student/employee transition plans, if any, and other needs or requests of the student/employee. Parents and others (counselor, nurse, teachers who have a need to know) may be included in this meeting depending on what is needed to develop a plan for the individual. ‘Need to know’ staff includes those individuals who provide a direct service, activity or program to the transgender individual,” the Anchorage School District policy states.

Parents “may be included,” in this transgender policy, and “need to know” does not necessarily apply to parents, guardians, chaperones, or even other children who may be asked to sleep in the same bed as a person of the opposite sex, or who are encouraged by schools to “not tell” about what happened on a field trip.

Alliance Defending Freedom says in its letter to the superintendent of the Jefferson County School District that parents are not being given the information they need to be able to make informed decisions about whether to permit their children to go on field trips.

The Alliance Defending Freedom letter can be found at this link.


  1. This madness will continue until every single one of us stops lying to each other for fear of causing offense.

    Men and women are different. That’s a very simple fact, everyone knows it, and it is not a bad thing. Pretending men and women are the same is what is bad, actually.

      • Well, then, allow me to caring not a damn about said possible reprisal I may receive for causing a made-up offense for observing, accurately, I might add, that any individual, but especially male individuals, that identify, or believe themselves to be the gender opposite of what they, within reality actually are suffer from one of two illnesses. One, and foremost, is a mental illness. Two, though not nearly as less as would be pragmatically thought, is an illness within the lack of secured masculinity, whereas the supposed ‘male’ has surrendered his ability as a mediocre male so as to be perceived by himself, and no others, as somehow a superior female, of which he is not, and never shall be.

        So go ahead, dox me, challenge me, protest me, wait outside my door, whatever you wish to do, because you do not scare me, nor can you intimidate me.


        Because any individual that is mentally confused as to the body they were born into, and unto all those that support said confusion have no strength of argument and shall always be within the wrong side of said argument.

        Males are born as males.

        Females are born as females.

        Everything else is a mental illness.


        • By the way, societally, such a passive reaction unto the loud noise reaction from the mental illness sector is societally allowing the three-year-old throwing a tantrum within the grocery store to control the actions of the parent or parents of the three-year-old, giving the three-year-old all of the power it wishes.

          Imagine. A world run by tantrum throwing three-year-olds, whilst the parents and adults cower.

          How pathetic is that?

  2. Guess that child was receiving more social education than was expected. If this were my child, a lawsuit would be the least of their worries. And to think that this level of abuse is sanctioned in Anchorage is sickening. Ignorance is not an excuse for not being involved in our education system. Time to quit trusting government institutions with the welfare of our children.

  3. Well. The little girls and parents didn’t mind the boy playing on the same team with the girls. The girls and parents these days need to make up their mind. You want or do not want a boy on a girls team? Cause accepting him as a member of the team then discarding him from sharing a room with the girls after affirming to him you recognize his confusion as okay is just as cruel as making a girl share a room with a boy. GenZ and parents need to make up their mind. Been more fair if the girls and their parents walked off the team as soon as they heard a boy will be joining. Then he knows where he stands and he knows the families will not affirm his gender confusion.

    • What team Jen???
      There is no mention anywhere in this article about this being a sports related trip. This most likely is a trip organized by the school for students to see our nation’s capitol.
      The article makes it pretty obvious that they told parents the arrangements segregated boys from the girls. That a transgender student from a different school was on the trip was not made clear and the chaperones/ trip organizers did not plan for separate accommodations for this child. It is not clear whether or not they knew from the article.
      You entire response is base on an erroneous assumption…try again

  4. Jefferson County Public School District? Isn’t that the same screwed up school district that gave us the Columbine shooting?

  5. Your children are not safe then the educators, administrators and school board members have a woke agenda. Our valley school district is under attack by Anchorage school district and the outside leftists. We must fight them with every breath, otherwise our children will suffer.

  6. When forced to bed with a mutant male, why was the underaged girl not immediately out of the room, on the very next plane home?

  7. Boys are boys? Girls are girls??? Biological! Now? You want to cross dress! Pretend! Play time! Go do it! Don’t force it! I use to wear my dad’s shirts! It was cool! I wasn’t a boy! Just doing it for fashion statement! So over this s–t!

  8. Spot on assessment Andrew. Everyone in the Valley needs to know ASD’s slogan- “What the Parents dont know wont hurt them”….children maybe but at least not the parents.

    We do NOT need a bridge across the Knik inlet.
    Anchorage is already too close.
    A few more moose along the Glenn might put a scare into the Woke crowd.
    They dont like to venture far from Mad Myrnas…the Tug is a little scary for them.

  9. This has bedn the playbook from the beginning of time, people. Nothing new here. Take what is good and spoil it; turn it into a rotten husk of what it should be. Girls and young women are easy targets, so they are what evil actors prey upon for corruption. This has been going on for millenia. We’ve just been generally spared from it in the west/Christendom for the last few hundred years or so, so it seems crazy, but it’s not in the grand scheme. Stop being naive and surprised by this crap.

  10. Everyone needs to stop liberals and demoncrats from pushing mental illness in their indoctrination camps. Anyone and everyone including state and local government, school boards, school administrators, teachers, chaperones, volunteers, churches, nurses, doctors, not for profits, etc. and even brain washed parents that inflict harm on innocent minor children should face the full consequences of their actions. Attorney Generals in each and every state should be ensuring laws over pornography and other illicit materials along with corruption of minors, etc. are prosecuted to the full extent. Parental Rights must prevail over indoctrination of children and proliferation of mental illness!

  11. Once again, when school officials feel free to flat out lie and asking students to keep secrets from parents and school administrators, there is an issue! Anyone that was involved in this school field trip fiasco needs to be fired and banned from working with children in any capacity! Parents need to speak up and demand accountability. Also, to the parents who have any children in schools, be seen at their kids schools often. Drop in without notice. It’s your right to know what is happening with your child’s school’s curriculum. Be your child advocate because no one else will.

  12. I am old enough to remember when we treated mental disorders with therapy, and sometimes stronger methods, instead of “affirming” them.
    This “support the trans kids” malarky is equivalent of giving addicts unrestricted access to drugs.

  13. I bet the school board is of the mindset that college student loans should be forgiven because an 18 year old is not mature enough, and does not have enough life experience to understand the long term consequences of signing the loan.
    But, an 11 year old is mature enough, and has enough life experience to understand the consequences of “changing their gender.”
    Yeah… that is woke in a nutshell. If it can destroy social, business, or political norms, they support it.

  14. Wayne, the children were from Colorado, the event took place in D.C. Clearly state lines were crossed, ever hear of the Mann Act? Anyone who puts a mentally ill boy in bed with a girl is quite likely hoping for a sexual encounter between them. That is not an unlikely supposition, and certainly not something a well meaning, mentally stable adult would do. How about you Wayne, would you do that?

  15. Theory: we are already in the Apocalypse. Later stages. Civil society’s body is dead, the brain just hasn’t accepted it.

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