FeedSpot: Must Read Alaska Show reaches #1 spot among all Alaska podcasts


The Must Read Alaska Show, hosted by John Quick, is has reached standing as the No. 1 podcast in Alaska, according to FeedSpot, one of the top podcast ranking services.

“I enjoy hosting the show and it seems to just be getting better as time goes on. It’s been a great ride and I want to thank everyone who has joined me on this podcast journey,” said Quick.


In the early days of the podcast, Quick co-hosted with Must Read Alaska founder Suzanne Downing. Since taking over as solo host two years ago, Quick has had a diverse array of guests, including politicians from both sides of the aisle, CEOs of publicly traded companies, New York Times bestsellers, mayors of small towns in Alaska, and even presidents of countries. Not all of his guests are political.

For example, this week he chats with travel planner and Alaska entrepreneur Danika Baldwin, who left a desk job and launched a career as an internet influencer and Alaska travel planner.

The podcast has won numerous prestigious awards, such as the 2023 Gold Communicator Award for Political Podcast, the 2023 AVA Gold Award for Political Podcast, the 2022 Gold Dot Com Gold Award for Outstanding Political Podcast, and 2022 VIDDY Honorable Mention Award. It ranks in the top 200 podcasts worldwide in the “government” category of podcasts.

The Must Read Alaska Show can be found wherever you get your podcasts, as well as on Facebook.

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