FedEx pilots on informational picket Wednesday say they’re done negotiating, ready to walk


Anchorage is home to more than 500 FedEx pilots. About 80 of them were on the picket line at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport departure drive-through on Wednesday, saying they want a contract now and are done negotiating. Others who didn’t make the picket were in the air or in far-flung airports such as Shanghai or Memphis International Airport, the busiest cargo airport in America.

The Air Line Pilots Association, International represents the pilots, and negotiations have gone on since May of 2021. In April of this year, the association leaders called for a strike authorization vote of the member pilots.

The strike authorization ballot closes on May 17. After that, the association will be authorized to call a strike at any time, which could have an effect on the flow of cargo throughout the country and could cause uncertainty in Alaska’s cities, towns, and villages that rely on air cargo

 Nationwide the company has over 5,000 pilots, which makes Anchorage a significant center for the company workforce.


  1. So, walk already!
    Pay raises are understandably in order so upcoming sales and income taxes don’t affect pilots’ take-home pay.
    Look for more unions, especially public-sector unions, doing the same thing for the same reason.

    • Public sector unions are so far ahead of the private sector it is ridiculous. There exists no reason these people should be looking for more pay, especially with the associated benefit packages they have now.

  2. The Biden cartel is fast tracking professional licensing for border jumpers. “Tower to inbound…Press #1 for English upon approach.” You could be replaced by less-privileged pilots. Seriously though, why do people who generally complain about creeping socialism not see the irony of their collective bargaining efforts? Weird.

  3. In the good old days if you didn’t do your work you would be fired. Why are companies run by employees and not employers anymore.

    • Don’t be jealous, you could have went to flight school too. I love how y’all so called free market capitalist get all whiney when they find out someone makes good money. Guess you just didn’t apply yourself well enough.

  4. In haste raise the rates until unsustainable. Then, presto! changeo! Go bust or go communist. I see what democrat labor is “doing” (secretively and stupidly guided from offshore monarchlands, WEFfing along).

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