Federalist: Murkowski money mostly from Outside state



In a campaign ad announcing her bid for re-election, Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski branded her opposition from the right as an effort among D.C. partisans to buy the state’s Senate seat. 

“In this election, Lower 48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s Senate seat for their partisan agendas,” Murkowski said. “They don’t understand our state, and frankly, they couldn’t care less about your future.”

 An honest examination of the incumbent’s finances seven months into the race, however, reveals that, if anyone’s, it’s Murkowski whose loyalty is being purchased. 

According to public campaign finance data compiled by OpenSecrets, nearly 85 percent of the senator’s contributions have come from out of state. Only 15 percent came from Alaskan residents in the current election cycle. 

In contrast, Murkowski’s Donald Trump-endorsed primary challenger Kelly Tshibaka, who previously served as a commissioner in the Alaska Department of Administration, is funded by an even split of in- and out-of-state contributions. 

Tshibaka, whose campaign has been blessed by the state party, has raised more than $2.5 million to unseat a three-term incumbent. Tshibaka is also far more reliant on small-dollar donors compared to her opponent, who is the descendent of a political dynasty. Murkowski inherited the seat held by her senator father, Frank, when he became governor and appointed her in 2002.

Nearly 30 percent of Tshibaka’s contributions have come from small individual donations of less than $200, according to OpenSecrets. Murkowski, who’s raised more than $5 million to protect her incumbent status, is financed by large contributions from individuals and political action committees (PACs) providing more than 89 percent of her funding. Less than 5 percent have come from small individual contributions.

A major super PAC supporting Murkowski also appears to be funneling money from the Lower 48 into the Alaskan contest under the guise of resident leadership, even as the incumbent lawmaker opened her campaign with a condemnation of outside influence. 

Aside from closely skirting laws that forbid naming a super PAC after the candidate, “Alaskans for L.I.S.A. (Leadership In a Strong Alaska),” has served as a primary vehicle for out-of-state interests to keep Murkowski in Washington. While its leadership consists of political operatives who’ve worked for Murkowski, public filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) reveal its 11 contributions to date totaling nearly $1.3 million have all come from the Lower 48.

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  1. Lisa wanted to change political parties and run as a Democrat in 2022. This would be a huge embarrassment to Frankie and I who have been Republicans for 70 years. All she can do at this point is pray that enough Democrats, RINOs and Bush votes get her elected. It worked in 2010 when Joe Miller previously beat her in the Republican primary. Of course, we also encourage her to drop her Left-wing friends and start going to Confessionals.

  2. It’s also interesting to note who seems to be buying influence with Lisa… Small donors believe in who they are supporting and what Kelly stands for – the small donor knows they aren’t buying influence.

  3. I just don’t understand it. In the article she is called “Alaska Republican” Lisa Murkowski. Why would anyone describe her that way when the Republican Party of Alaska has (rightly) done every thing they can to divorce themselves from her?

    I guess she can call her self anything she wants but we sure don’t have to call her a ‘Republican’.

  4. Lisa with outside donations? Never would have connected the link between outside money and the most loathsome Rino who pretends to be a Republican in the senate. The fact she holds the seat from Alaska illustrates how dysfunctional our state is. Mexico with snow.

  5. All you have to do is look at the picture and what does it say? Two sleeping zombies being bored to death from a person that cannot legally be the president if/when let’s go Brandon leaves the Corporation office. No wonder the State and Country are in such bad shape, look at who was put in place to destroy America.

  6. No kidding? We can call her “fired” in November. That has a nice ring to it.

    This photograph says it all.

    GO KELLY!!!

  7. Same with Liz Cheney, a leftist globalist who in no way represents the majority of her constituents. The bulk of her donations comes from the democrat party and outside the state of Wyoming. It wouldn’t surprise me if her votes also came from these sources.

  8. I’ll say this, were Lisa to one-day meet me: welcome to America! Federalist-Stateism always conceptually has been predicated on “”accountability””. Talk to me.

  9. From Lisa’s own lips
    “Just know this “
    Dah where do you think I get my support from?

  10. Money from George Soros, the Chinese, woke corporations, dubious foundations, etc. These people and entities do want a return on their money, they never just give it away. Murkowski has been bought and now she is a puppet.

  11. Can we have a law that stipulates that people running for office can ONLY receive finanacial support from within their state?

  12. You would not say anything if it was the other way around. I think Murkowski has made bad decisions but I don’t want another Right-Wing candidate like Trump. So Murkowski is who I’m going for!

    • What world have you been living in?? You obviously have TDS…sad! You must be an abused woman …at least Trump kept America stronger than it is today. If you’re not from this world…go back to your own planet!

    • A good one, Verne. He also told me that loud-mouthed women and traitorous party-switchers make the worst wives. Good luck to you.

  13. Crickets from the trolls? The end justifies the means? You get the government somebody else pays for?

  14. “In this election, Lower 48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s Senate seat for their partisan agendas,” Murkowski said. “They don’t understand our state, and frankly, they couldn’t care less about your future.”
    Don’t say she didn’t warn ya. At least it wasn’t from the Chinese or Soros, right?

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