Fauci: Kids need to wear masks, even if their parents are vaccinated


The president’s top medical adviser says that vaccinated parents should still keep their children in face masks while they are playing with other children, even outside.

“When the children go out into the community, you want them to continue to wear masks when they’re interacting with groups or multiple households,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday on CBS’ Face the Nation.

The comment came in a wide-ranging discussion about mutant variants of the Covid-19 virus, and how soon the nation can expect to open up.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Fauci, “So if parents are vaccinated, they still do need to be concerned about their unvaccinated children playing together in groups. Is that right?”

Fauci replied: “Yeah, the children can clearly wind up getting infected. When we talk about what you can do when you’re vaccinated, you can certainly have members of a family if the adults are vaccinated and you’re in the home with your child, you don’t need to wear a mask and you can have physical contact.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said children are less likely to spread the virus and when they do, and rarely experience illness from it. Yet, for many children, their lives have been diminished by lockdowns and mandates, including year-long school closures. The television interviewer did not address the adverse effects of the various government policies, including increased childhood anxiety, depression and obesity.


  1. Just ignore Fauci.
    He has nothing to contribute to a complex problem than a simplistic solution. And he’s flip-flopped more often than the salmon I land on the Kenai.

  2. Doctor Fauci refuses to weigh in about the thousands of illegal aliens pouring into the country wearing Biden t shirts and $300.00 nike shoes. No luggage, no bedding, no pots and pans, no furniture, not even a tent. They show up demand free housing, free food, free healthcare, free schools while this idiot doctor demands my grandchildren stay away from me and wear diapers on their face. We locked ourselves up for over a year while democrats emptied their jails of Super Predators. We surrendered our careers and spent our savings and now with 10 million unemployed Americans worrying about their future and their family the border is spitefully ripped opened to non english speaking people from lawless countries and great need. They make huge demands on social services while calling white Americans gringo racists. I never heard even one illegal alien ever say thank you. Voting for any democrat in any office is a promise to put you, your family and all your loved ones second. Every illegal alien who sneaks into this country unchallenged is stealing from the future of our children.

  3. Like good little sheep, start them early. First there was mask mouth, then masks, now come phthalates found in masks (phthlates are the chemical causing endocrine disruption leading to malformed genitalia in utero, decreased sex drive and lowered sperm count in men, plus numerous other health problems).

    Ironically I first read about this from an environmental group complaining about the release of phthalates into the environment from discarded masks disrupting reproduction in wildlife. Or could that be the agenda Dr. Evil? Bwahahahaha!

  4. Despite months of research, I have yet to find documented evidence of a single case where they caught the disease from an asymptomatic individual. Not one.
    I have, however, seen plenty of studies indicating that asymptomatic spread does not happen.
    So, why is the pResident’s top expert on COVID still pushing masks?

  5. If it were possible to explore the inner reaches of Dr. Fauci’s mind, we would probably find someone who will never recommend against wearing one or more masks. As in ever. Masks will be required at the 2024 Democrat National Convention. Time to stop taking these people seriously. This is about societal control and compliance and not much else. Actual scientific evidence should be required from here on.

  6. My whole family, including my two young children, recently contracted symptomatic cases of Covid-19. Prior to contracting the illness, we consumed the following supplements in prophylactic doses: Quercetin, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D. Quercetin is available on the shelf in the supplements section of Fred Meyer. No worry taking it, just don’t over do it! When we got sick, we bumped it all up to bulbous doses. It took a week for the whole family to recover with no lingering symptoms and we are now immune, as agreed upon by CDC, WHO, published medical literature, and our own family doctor. Why are we wearing masks again?? I’m proud to say I ignored all the fear mongering Bull Sh*t and followed a treatment course that is literally in use all over the globe, except (for the most part) here, and we are perfectly fine. In fact, better for it! Doctor’s “Advice” is a recommendation, but you are in charge. Remember that. Take control of your health!!!

  7. When it becomes politically expedient to destroy him, of course! Just wait… as soon as it’s time to dispose of him and replace him with a new puppet, a handful of women will suddenly come out of the wood works with sexual harassment claims they never previously reported, or if they did previously report them, someone kept it on the DL for the day those claims could be put to good use.

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