Father denied entry to hospital to see daughter, sleeps on hospital grounds



Marvin Abbott is sleeping on the grounds of Providence Alaska Medical Center, while his daughter, 26-year-old  Rachelle, is in critical condition inside, suffering from an asthma attack. He believes if he was with her, she would respond and improve.

The Kodiak resident says he won’t leave without his daughter, and is going to camp there until the hospital lets him in to be with her.

But hospital rules in place are such that due to COVID-19, no family members can come in, unless their loved ones are on death’s doorstep. People are allowed in just to say their final goodbyes.

Rachelle was medevaced on Sunday night from Kodiak, and Abbott came, too, even though he knew of the hospital policies. He said he would take a test for COVID-19. But the hospital has refused.

On Saturday, protesters will join Abbott to show solidarity with him. They plan to gather at Providence from 2 pm to 4 pm.

People in Alaska found out about the father’s plight after he posted a Facebook video of himself lying on the lawn near the hospital, with a sign behind him that reads, “Let me see her!” Abbott’s post had been shared 600 times by late Friday night and had received over 200 comments on Facebook.


  1. Providence Alaska why are you doing this? As medical “professionals” you know better than anyone that this Wuhan bull— is just that bull—. You also know that family and human touch are two things that help heal someone from whatever ails them; medical science only goes so far and beyond that is the bond of human beings. Let this Father into that room so that he can help his daughter recover from her sickness. If not, you are being complicit to her demise and I hope he sues the hell out of you.

    • No, I just have to go in and clean up the language and frankly, I am heading to bed. If you cannot keep it clean, it can wait. – sd

    • Oh i so agree this behavior is inhumane. When it comes out that this is all BS and mask were never needed or to the exstint that they have taken this flu im going to laugh at all the people who could not think for them selves who could not stand up for what is right is right and clearly wrong is wrong but at the end of the day they who help support the BS rules and mandated have to sleep at night wake in the morning and convince themselvesthat what they are doing is for the best. When going to work the first face they will see is the father of that young girl when they leave to go home that face of her father pained will again be there i hope and pray nothing happens to any loved ones close to me. Healing is never good while alone with nobody who cares by your side. They need to put themselves in that mans shoes and young girls place or better yet a child or tiny young person who is sick but the parent can not come in that is not human

  2. My husband has been in ICU for days and no visits. The last time I saw him was when I brought him to the ER. You have no idea how difficult this is for both until you have to go through it yourself. Nothing like making an already stressful situation a whole lot more so and under these conditions the last thing you want is a call to tell you that you now can visit. I found out that Sinai Hospital in Baltimore allows visitors one at a time even if the patient is not at death’s door nor in ICU. Why can’t our hospitals manage that? A few years back I visited a patient with a MERS infection. They had a station outside the room where you put on a gown and all sorts of protective gear and then were allowed to visit. Upon leaving you discarded all that. Pretty simple. These hospitals need to be called on the carpet for this – it is absolutely outrageous and detrimental to the health of the already ill patients as well as their families.
    Looking forward to being at Providence at 2 pm!!
    PS: I know of a hospital employee who refuses to wear a mask when entering local businesses. What is he bringing back to work or spreading??

    • Yes that’s what nobody is seeing. How can everyone not see the big picture of what is really going on? I can’t help but laugh.

  3. There is a time coming soon when the State will demand and abscond children from school in the name of safety and protection. It will be called Quarantine and done under the lie called Covid . The separation will begin and the FEMA nightmare will roll out. These are forces of darkness we are battling here and we had better wake up and fight back in numbers. All of this madness has a method and the longer we snooze the stronger the darkness grows. Just stop and look at the insanity.. The antifa BLM evil is burning down the west coast .. Yes burning folks out is a strategy of the relocation of population. Your police have been neutered by feckless mayors and governors, And the insanity of the Anchorage Ass-embly is beyond the pale.. It is way past time for good men to rise these evil gollum slithering perverted evil have pushed their darkness to the Hilt. Stand up for what we have or they will chop off our legs complete.

  4. My mom was hospitalized from a fall last weekend in CA, and then transferred to a local rehab facility. They’ve placed her in Covid – isolation for 14 days and can have no visitors or a roommate. How does one participate in the healing process without the love, and support of family. This is atrocious and incompatible with healing protocols. Even critical ICU patients have been allowed visitors in the past with glove, gown and mask use. This whole mitigation plan is a steaming farce.

  5. To keep things in perspective, aren’t the hospitals organized as corporations whose primary function is to make money? “Health care” happens to be the selected vehicle, or product. It seems to me that they have the liability obligation to protect their product. Putting a human face on corporate health care goes only so far before their lawyers advise them they’re overexposing the corporation and risking its health.

    • You are right about the hospitals being corporate. I’m an RN and most of the medical professionals were disturbed when we were supposed to stop calling the people we were caring for ‘patients’ and were required to start calling them ‘customers.’ Why? Because that was when they went to a corporate marketing model instead of a healing relationship. Customers can shop elsewhere. Medical customers can choose other clinics, doctors, hospitals. I don’t want to be my doctor’s customer. She’s not selling me a vacuum cleaner. She’s dealing with the most intimate details of my life and sometimes life and death. To reduce that relationship to a consumer model is an insult medical professionals (healers and compassionate caretakers) and the people whose lives they hold in their hands.

  6. A private business has the right to establish rules about who can enter its premises. If you don’t like the rules, you are free to go elsewhere. Rachelle can not be kept at the hospital against her will and she can leave now and Marvin can be her treatment provider if that is their preference. Furthermore, Marvin is being selfish to argue that he should be allowed to enter a building filled with sick and vulnerable Alaskans that don’t need him there or want him there. Absent the rule which he wants to circumvent, the hospital would be full of visitors who wish to spend time with one patient. Marvin may be safe and covid free, but there is an obvious risk that others won’t be. And if covid enters the hospital and patients get sick, I don’t think Marvin will defend all the big lawsuits against Providence. Also, the Providence employees need not sacrifice their safety for Marvin. President Trump would agree with me.

    • Well, please tell me where you transfer ICU patients to here in AK that will allow a visitor? And what about the hospital employees that come and go every day and mingle among the same masses the rest of us do? How are they any safer to be around? Besides, hospitals are, like utilities, regulated businesses not private enterprises. And to call Marvin selfish is absolutely outrageous. I certainly hope you, Eric S., never find yourself in a similar situation, if so your level of compassion would instantly improve.

    • News flash. Everyone has already gotten COVID. It spread like wildfire before anyone even knew they were sick with COVID. You all just thought it was a weird and different cold or the flu. But it wasn’t. But hey believe what you want to. But Rachelle is special and special circumstances should be made.

      And in this “COVID crisis” you can just give the man a Hazmat suit. You think the nurses and doctors are just living in sterile isolation 24/7? No they are in and out of there all day. So why can’t he be with her? Because people are scared of what they dont understand? Stupid.

      If you’re scared, go to church. If it was your daughter, how would you feel? Idiot. How about if you can’t relate and you havent gone through this before, then keep your opinion to yourself. Opinions are like …

    • No, you’re wrong about them not being able to keep Rachelle against her will; no one can see her, so we have no idea if she wants to leave. And Providence Hospital has a history of keeping patients against their will. 26-year-old Bret Bohn was a medical prisoner of Providence for over 60 days in 2013-2014. He went in for insomnia in October 2013, and was soon being forcibly kept on multiple psychotropic drugs in spite of doctors admitting they did not know what was wrong with him. He wanted to leave, and his parents wanted him to move to another regional hospital, but Providence got a court order to make Bret a ward of the state; in other words, they completely stripped him of his rights and autonomy.
      If the medical workers at Providence are worth their salt, they will have many options at their disposal to keep patients safe from all sorts of risks posed by visitors, as they have always been able to do in the past. Ans as several other commenters have pointed out, a family’s love and touch can be keys to recovery. It would be GREAT if the hospital was full of visitors who wish to spend time with the patients! There is NO REASON to keep this man from seeing his daughter, unless of course Providence has something to hide.

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  8. Her name is spelled Rachelle Abbott, not Rachel. And she deserves to be with her loved ones right now. Period. If you knew her, you loved her. She’s been my closest and most loyal friend for 15 years. I love her dearly. Her mom just died 2 months ago and now we are close to losing her too. She deserves peace and love. Family and friends. I would give anything just to be there for her right now. And Marvin deserves to be with her right now. He is a very impressive man. I have so much respect for him. And honestly, the hospital is lucky he is doing a peaceful protest because nothing could stand in Marvin’s way when I comes to his kids. Just let him see her. F the COVID 19 restrictions, give the man a Hazmat suit and send him to see his baby girl.

    • When I read your comment, I cried. As a Nurse who just retired after 59 years, I will say this: If I were the Nurse or Doctor at her side, I would see to it that her father was with her. If taught properly about isolation technique, and suited up properly I can guarantee you her Father would comply . (He would more than likely do better than some trained Nurses I have observed) My thoughts and prayers are with both the Father and Daughter. In a case like this , it is why I called it Wealth Care and not Health Care.

      • Thank you Marge for your honesty and thank you for the compassion with which you no doubt cared for your patients. You absolutely nailed it whenyou called it Wealth Care … it’s enough to make a sick person sicker .. or worse..

  9. I’ll never go to Providence again. Poor leadership and complete inability to make a simple, reasonable , compassionate and moral decision. Just follow their marching orders from the commie left leadership. God be with the primary clown claiming to be in charge of Providence and making this decision. I learned along time ago, there are exceptions to everything. Especially with these circumstances. A monkey can see what is really going on with this Covid nonsense.

    Prayers to Mr. Abbott and his daughter.

    God Speed .

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