Family sues Mat-Su schools because gender-confused child can’t use boys’ bathrooms and won’t use gender-neutral bathroom either


The American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska sued the Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District on Wednesday, alleging that a girl in the district who identifies as a boy and is called a “transgender boy” in the lawsuit, is being prevented from using boys bathrooms and locker rooms at school.

The ACLU of Alaska represents a “set of parents bringing the case on behalf of their transgender son. Under this policy, every day, their child faces mental and physical challenges because he is denied access to the boys’ bathrooms, even though he is a boy.”

The ACLU is arguing that if a child says he or she is something, the world must agree and accommodate.

The ACLU says that the child’s right to privacy has been violated because the policy “violates his fundamental right to make his own choices about his body, his name, his gender identity, and the appropriate bathroom for him to use. This policy also violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Alaska constitution because it treats transgender students differently than other students.”

The case was filed in Palmer District Superior Court.

“The MSBSD has forgotten its obligation to protect young people, as well as the constitutional rights that all students – regardless of their gender identity – are entitled to,” said Ruth Botstein, Legal Director for the ACLU of Alaska, in a statement. “The student just wants to be able to go to school like any other kid, to focus on learning and socializing with his peers, and not have constant stress and anxiety about where and when he is going to be able to use the bathroom.”

The lawsuit refers to the child as “X.A.” The child attends an elementary school in the Mat-Su Borough School District.

“X.A. is a transgender boy. This means that he was incorrectly assigned “female” at birth, although he is and identifies as male. X.A. knows that he is a boy and presents to the world as a boy. People who meet him know him as a boy,” the lawsuit reads.

“Gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition recognized in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Ed. (2013) (‘DSM-V’), and by the other leading medical and mental health professional groups, including the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association. Gender dysphoria refers to clinically significant distress that can result when a person’s gender identity differs from the person’s sex assigned at birth. If left untreated, gender dysphoria may result in psychological distress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation or self-harm,” the lawsuit continues.

According to the ACLU, X.A. always thought of herself as a boy, cut off all of her hair when she was age 3, and renamed herself to a masculine name when she was 7 years old. She “threw fits if anyone tried to get him to wear anything stereotypically girly: pink, rainbows, sparkles, and the like,” according to the ACLU.

X.A.’s parents moved her to a school that they thought was more progressive in the district and would bend to her demands to be treated as a boy, but in 2022, a district policy was put into place to protect both boys and girls in the district from having opposite-sex intrusions into their private spaces.

From the narrative in the lawsuit, it appears that X.A. is biologically a girl who has a boyish personality.

The lawsuit complains that providing a gender-neutral bathroom is not good enough, and that once a school nurse asked X.A. if she was a boy or a girl, making the child uncomfortable once again.

“X.A. was distraught from this interaction. The harmful question revealed that even the ‘gender- neutral’ option was not a safe or private one for X.A.,” the lawsuit contends.

“This incident also revealed that the nurse’s office bathroom accommodation is not sufficient to protect X.A.’s privacy, since using it singles him out, causing both other children and school employees to question his gender identity and to ask him uncomfortable personal questions about his bathroom use and gender identity,” according to the ACLU.

Obsessive habits have been identified with those who have gender confusion, but the lawsuit makes no effort to describe any other health or mental health factors that may be present, such as narcissistic personality disorder.

According to one study, narcissistic personality disorders are common among transgender individuals seeking gender surgery. “The frequency of personality disorders was 81.4%. The most frequent personality disorder was narcissistic personality disorder (57.1%) and the least was borderline personality disorder. The average number of diagnoses was 3.00 per patient,” according to the study published by the National Institutes of Health.

Read the entire ACLU lawsuit below:

The district has not issued a statement in response to the lawsuit.


  1. A 7 year old who throws fits when she doesn’t get her way… sounds like every other 7 year old to me… only this one is in charge of her parents, and not the other way around.

    It is morally irresponsible that so many parents think this is the cool thing to do- to have such a “confused” kid they pander to. How this isn’t considered to be psychological or physical abuse by others is beyond me. This little girl deserves better than the parents or other adults in her life.

    Sadly, this is a fad that has grown wings to take off. As parents we have watched it with so many other parenting fads. Only this one should make everyone want to barf.

    For the record. A LOT of us have daughters that aren’t into overtly girly things like sparkles and dolls. They are still girls. Girls who are being raised in the Last Frontier can know how to make sourdough pancakes AND jumpstart their truck. They can wear a fur coat AND Carhartt Camouflage bibs. This doesn’t mean they are confused about their gender or that they need a whole other bathroom, because the other THREE aren’t good enough.

    All the other countries in the world are laughing their boots off at Americans right now. This is the best we can do?

    This 7 year old little girl, demanding her very own bathroom, is simply a tyrant… nothing confusing about that.

    • Yep! Sounds to me like that child has been given waaaay too much. Spoiled for sure! Wants her way and all the attention she can get.

    • V’s comment is truthful with one exception. This is absolutely not “…a fad that has grown wings to take off.” It is a feature of cultural moral decay we have allowed to metastasize into Orewellian tyranny via our misguided tolerance of immorality. The girl has been coached to be a homosexual to the extreme degree of physiological alterations.

        • This is the place to take a stand. Thankfully many- and many more- understand this. Hopefully, after all the damage that is being done to children, we can look back at this dark and barbaric time as a severe cautionary tale and a place to never return to.

        • Someone who is defending these parents are clearly as sick in the head as they are… so I second micah…you pervs and pedophiles are on notice.

    • How, exactly, is this punching down?

      I was just gonna ignore you but I got curious as to your definitions.

      • Look, surely you’re old enough to remember a time when kids obeyed their folks BECAUSE the elders understood children need to be children but often require redirection, or direction to begin with. Making a big deal about a second-grader’s confusion is pretty much a slap-down on kids being kids. Looking back on this ‘incident’ if it happened in the way described is going to seem pretty silly for the kid involved, if it doesn’t scar the kid for life.

        • I’m old enough to remember when this kind of mental illness wasn’t coddled and promoted by societal powers that be.

          That adults were smart enough to understand these issues -the few that were genuine-usually sorted themselves out as the child grew up.

          I’m old enough to remember parental promoting of these sorts of issues was considered a form of child abuse.

          I’m old enough to remember when society didn’t overtly sexualize grade school kids.

          But sadly, anyone 12 or older is old enough to know better. At my age I’m not only old enough to know better, but I’m also old enough to know fads when I see them.

  2. She is not a boy and will never be a boy. No amount of puberty blockers or plastic surgery will change how she was born. Society pretending she is a boy only encourages mental illness, delusions, and harms cisgender kids who shouldn’t have to use the restroom or locker room with the opposite sex.

  3. Dogs and raccoons sometimes think they are humans. Some humans believe dogs and raccoons remain forever with a three year old mental acuity. Do not let your child out of the house if he does not not know with which gender he or she correlates. A parent knows the child’s gender. it is up to the parent or grandparent. Not the UCLA.

    • My thoughts exactly. It has been provided with its own bathroom, but apparently doesn’t want to use it. I smell lawyers involved for the money, not the human race.
      The teachers are probably pushing the issue along with the lawyers.

  4. Where was all the chics who wanted to come into our locker room and shower with us when I was in high school?? I somehow feel cheated. School in the 80s WAS different

    • There aren’t any and never were. The girls who want to use the boy’s bathroom want to use the private stall so they can close the door and sit. There are virtually no females who want to shower in the boy’s bathroom with the boys. Almost exclusively they use the girl’s shower. Interesting note, they also play on the girl’s sports team. Because just like everyone else, they want a chance to win.

  5. Pandering to the mentally ill. What could possibly go wrong? Might be a good time to review the manifesto of the Nashville school shooter Mar 2023, a trans man. Oh right, we can’t as both local law enforcement and the FBI are blocking its release. Cheers –

  6. Once again sanity is being forced to accommodate mentally Ill psychosis.

    If the kid won’t use the designated bathroom for the confused, make it wear a diaper. There’s your “accommodation”

    People it really is just this simple. If you love your kids get them the hell out of public schools. Leaving them there is a form of child abuse.

  7. Reading the article, it is quite clear that we have a pair of narcissistic activist parents, who have brainwashed their little girl into thinking she is a boy. The stress this young child is under must be enormous. No wonder she has an exaggerated reaction to the nurse’s questions (who is a medical professional and charged with assessing the well-being of students). I bet she is told at home that she can only use the boy’s bathroom and not the gender-neutral one, setting up an untenable conflict for her at school.
    Reminds me of the parents, who pushed their kids in front of army trucks carrying missiles…

  8. It’s an *elementary* school student?! Sorry, but elementary schools are small enough that there’s no excuse for this person to not use a gender-neutral bathroom.

    If the ACLU wants me to be immoral, then you’ll have to fire me from the school district. I won’t stomp on the rights of everyone else for one person. Seriously. You’ll have to fire me and find a replacement that’s willing to play your sick games.

  9. Maybe consider not MISGENDERING said trans boy in your news article about them and don’t call them gender-confused. I don’t care if you attempt to remain impartial or not, you are misgendering a literal child and that is unhealthy to that child and the boundaries he and his family are attempting to set. Alaska has queer and trans people too, maybe be fucking respectful to them especially considering all this kid is trying to do is use the bathroom he feels most comfortable in.

    • Children can not give consent. Ever. The little girl is suffering from child abuse.

      And you are either severely deluded or evil. The former has a touch of sympathy from me. The latter none.

    • Dear A (so-called) ‘trans’ Alaskan,

      I see nothing respectful, or healthy, or sane, in pandering to a very tiny minority of mentally-ill people. I care nothing about your mental problems, and would only ask that you deal with them as you wish, and stop pretending that you or the tiny, tiny minority of others like you deserve any outsized attention from society in general.

    • Why don’t you go back to school and find out about biology because you are so out in left field. Boys are boys. Girls are girls. Period. You are just another gender confused person truly desperately to make all this “ok”. I don’t care what you identify as. This is a moral issue that CHILDREN should never be part of. It’s child abuse. No, the GIRL needs to use the bathroom that fits the GENDER she was born with. Not a pretend masquerade. Grow up the world is sick of you people thinking your running the show. You are NOT!

    • What is unhealthy for the child is for responsible adults to pander to his mental illness.

      As to the rest of this post…yeah, right, whatever.

    • Most people do not give a rats — about misgendering or pronouns and are more concerned about the damage being done to kids. The gender confused girl needs mental help. BTW, respect is earned, nobody owes you anything.

    • You can not “misgender” anyone, as biology/genetics remains permanent. It is another verbal construct to force others to acquiesce to the minority’s demands. All this nonsense about gender being “assigned” AT birth, is absolute idiocy. Gender/sex determination is a biological function, which is determined during fertilization of the egg with sperm. That’s it! You are either male or female.
      That you may not like being one or the other is a mental health issue, not a biological one and no amount of hormones, cosmetic surgeries will ever change that. As an adult, if that is what you “feel” like fine.
      Why is it unhealthy for this child to explore if this is really what she wants or just something her parents want her to be?? Children are regularly manipulated to do all kinds of things most adults would not, because they have no way to say “no”.
      I feel sad for her, as her whole existence is reduced to this gender/bathroom issue.

    • And if that makes other students feel uncomfortable, they should just be ignored? I can’t get behind disregarding the rights of a multitude of others when the simple and reasonable solution is to use the neutral bathrooms that are generally plentiful within the schools.

    • Oh get real! At 7 years old and throwing a temper tantrum like a two year old because she SHE doesn’t get her way.

    • If she was born a girl and has two X chromosomes, she is a girl, despite her imagination. That is not misgendering. Calling a biological girl a boy is misgendering. There is not enough school funding to give each child their very own private bathroom. There are adequate bathrooms for her to use and if she has anxiety about that then some helpful therapy is in order.

    • Who the F cares?
      Is this child reading MRAK? I seriously doubt it.
      And, even if this girl is reading MRAK, too f-ing bad if I misgender her. Welcome to the real world, where no one outside of your immediate bubble of friends and family give to hoots about your feelings. Why in the world should I care about whether some complete stranger is offended?
      Here is reality, you crybully. I could not care one way or another, neither does anyone else. You show up here and toss around words like “respect” and “unhealthy” like they mean something, but you have zero respect for the people you are browbeating into submission.
      What to know what my preferred pronouns are? Sure…
      Take a guess based on my appearance. If you get it wrong, no problem, I am an adult, and I recognize people make mistakes.
      “Ohhh it is unhealthy to misgender a child! ZOMGS! The HORROR!”
      It is also unhealthy to let a child eat 90% of the crap on the store shelves today, to get as much screen time as they do, and to let them trick or treat. But… where is your outrage about that? Curious how it does not exist, and I bet you hand out candy on Halloween to the kids. But… it is “unhealthy!” to misgender a child.
      Get real. Seriously, get real, and stop trying to bully everyone else.

    • Be respectful? Like you with the 4-letter profanity? Our constitution allows homosexuals to imitate, and play the part of, the opposite sex; we need to respect that. Our constitution also allows people to refer to others in the manner they feel appropriate; we need to respect that. Our constitution does not allow us to threaten each other; we need to respect that. The girl is not a boy. She is being groomed into homosexuality at a tender age. It seems the parents are disrespecting moral principals.

  10. The aclu is getting more and more F#d up in their heads with all this nonsense, Piss on them why don’t you. They’re gender neutral….

  11. Does “he” use a urinal?
    Societal answer to all this nonsense is ALL restrooms will be single toilet restrooms with a single door.

  12. Does the school district also have to provide litter boxes for children who identify as cats? When will people realize their mental health issues are their own, and not ours?

  13. Tell me how the entire transgender movement is not 100% completely about power and control?
    If they are not pushing people to do something they do not want to, they are crying “I’m offended” and demanding that people do something they do not want to do.
    What we have here is a human being assigned female at conception, who likely grew up as a female, who has female plumbing, but calls herself a boy.
    And, for that reason, she cannot still continue to use the girl’s room?
    And, for that reason, she somehow demands that she be allowed to use a toilet that is for boys only? You know the ones assigned male at conception boys?
    Let me also add one more point. If this girl really is a boy, she will dress like a boy, act like a boy, and if she walks into the boy’s restroom and uses a stall, no one will know anything at all. So… why the big deal?
    Oh… it is not about her, it is about control, power, and destroying what is normal.

    • For some reason sane people have decided to cede power and common sense to a determined radical minority.

      Sadly, this isn’t new. It’s actually a hallmark of history.

    • CBMTTek–read the complaint; you will find it interesting. X.A. DOES dress like a boy, has a boy haircut, and uses a boy’s name. Everyone at his school thinks of him as a boy. But the MSBSD passed a policy last year that prohibits trans students–even those who easily “pass” as boys–to use the restrooms designated for boys. It’s this policy that discriminates against X.A. on the basis of Alaska’s privacy rights, constitutional prohibitions against sex discrimination, and constitutional guarantee of equal treatment under the law that is being challenged by the lawsuit.

      • This must be the same SA who is involved in the inappropriate Mat Su library books fiasco. Still praying for you!

      • If she just goes into the boys room and uses it… who will complain? As you note, she is accepted as a boy by pretty much everyone.
        So, how was the MSBSD going to know? In fact, why does anyone at the school know she is a boy at all?
        Oh… perhaps it is because the parents want to crybully everyone, just like I said in my post.

      • Interestingly the complaint does not elaborate which restroom XA used at her old school and one could conclude that mentioning those details could weaken their argument.
        Second according to the complaint XA is outspoken about her “transition” announcing to family and friends. Why now all of a sudden be upset when asked to use the gender neutral bathroom or have a conversation with the nurse?
        This smells of parental activism!
        It always amazes me when people go out of their way to be different and stand out, then when others notice and comment, they act offended. They are also ironically offended when you do NOT notice!
        SA why are the privacy rights of all those other students not relevant? Why should XA be allowed to discriminate against their sex by invading their space??

        • Moreover, by the same logic you are describing, why would anyone seeking attention then revert to using a pseudonym (XA) when demanding satisfaction in the public arena of court?

  14. Oh poor little girl! Likely from a one parent home with a mother blinded by Munchausen by proxy. And now evil, satanic organizations using this to further their power. It is that base and that disgusting.

    Stand strong good people of Mat-Su. This very much is a hill worth dying on.

    I pray that the girl will be relieved of all this abuse and have the possibility of living a full and fulfilling life. May all the evil around this girl and all the abuse she is receiving be healed by your powerful mercy and grace dear Lord.

  15. Environmental bombardment by TV shows, the internet, and infusion politics explains more than 90% of these cases. The adult is the problem, not the child.

  16. “Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness” – July 18, 2023
    by Miriam Grossman M.D. (Author), Dr. Jordan B. Peterson (Foreword)


  17. The valley is located too close to Zombieville (Anchorage). They are running low on people to sue in that hot mess, so here they come.

  18. WWIII is about to pop off and these idiots are worried about what bathroom their daughter won’t use.

    Maybe they should send her to school in the Middle East. I hear they treat people like this with the utmost respect.

  19. So, if a kid identifies as a cat, are we to put litter boxes in the schools? When does this ridiculous stuff end? When will the ACLU look at the masses that are being subjected to the “feelings” of the minimums? When does how a person feels make them a special class and stuff out the rights of those in the real world? Was Jeffery Dahmer feeling like a chef? Was Epstein just a child travel agent? The repercussions are deadly, any prisoner in jail will tell you that they had a feeling when they committed their crimes and should be set free because of it.
    Bank robbers felt they should have more money, murderers felt they were wronged by someone, and their feelings were hurt.

    By the way, kids acting as animals in school aren’t allowed either….NO Pets are allowed in schools! Call animal control!

  20. Back in the day, we called HER a “*tomboy” and directed her to use the girls restroom if she neede to “go”.

    *Tomboy: a girl who dresses and acts like a boy, esp. in playing physical games that boys usually play. (Definition of tomboy from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

    Just because a young child feels or says she is something she obviously is not, the world does NOT have to agree nor accomodate the wishes of a seven year old. The world does not revolve around her feelings despite what her parents have told her to the contrary. You have the right to “pursue happiness” but not [guaranteed] happiness itself.

  21. Sounds to me like that child has been given waaaay too much. Spoiled for sure! Wants her way and all the attention she can get.

  22. ACLU. Well that about says it all. Absolute left wing scumbags. The liberties they should stand up for they don’t and the liberties they should not support they do. Unfortunate organization supporting an unfortunate kid. Our constitution says WE over and over. Our system is based on the majority not the individual. These frivolous lawsuits against schools and city’s and state agencies, Who do you suppose is paying for this crap. the tax paying American citizens are. I got better things to spend my hard earned tax money on. Like safe roads, safe airports, good schools, not 1 crying brat that can’t use a normal bathroom.

  23. When is the ACLU going to to something that matters, a 7 year old brat. How about going after the Antisemitism in America or police being attacked by illegals and let go. Maybe we should not pay these people we sure aren’t getting our money worth.

  24. You are what you are and you aren’t what you’re not.

    sex, gender, reproduction …. are defined by genetics.

    Rarely odd mutations intrude. Thankfully, only rarely.

  25. Since your stupid governor has been no help here, keep out signs should be installed on all stalls stating the governor can piss outside only! Or in his pants!

  26. Know what a vegan cat and a transgender child have in common?
    Neither are making that decision for themselves.

  27. Obviously the subject person is extra special and should be granted permission to use the boys, girls, or anything they want including the corner of the hallway. Just leave us out of it.

  28. Maybe it would be helpful to lock up the so-called parents until they memorize and recite perfectly this article: “Detransitioners open up to NY Times about feeling abandoned, harm of ‘gender-affirming care:’ ‘It’s a mess'”, no?
    Or school officials, themselves mandatory reporters (Title 47. Welfare, Social Services, and Institutions, Chapter 17. Child Protection, Sec. 47.17.020. Persons required to report) could request evaluation(s) to assure Munchausen syndrome by proxy isn’t the underlying problem.
    Yes it matters.
    At AS 47.10.019 we see: “the court may find a child to be a child in need of aid if it finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the child has been subjected to…
    (8) conduct by or conditions created by the parent, guardian, or custodian have (A) resulted in —mental injury— to the child; or (B) placed the child at substantial risk of mental injury as a result of… (i) a pattern of rejecting, terrorizing, ignoring, isolating, or corrupting behavior that would, if continued, result in mental injury”
    Mental injury?
    At the NIH National Library of Medicine we see this article: “Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: An Alarming Face of Child Abuse” opening with, “Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is emerging as a serious form of child abuse.”
    So, Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District, is this child’s life worth the effort to squeeze plaintiffs under questioning to rule out an actual child-in-need-of-aid situation?

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