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Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Fairbanks radical fems, transgenders ‘hrrrl insults’ against mayor


A group of radical feminists and angry transgender individuals hurled insults on Facebook during the group’s live feed of the Fairbanks City Council meeting on Monday night, with one of the members of the “Hrrrl Scouts” saying Mayor Jim Matherly has a “punchable face.”

Last week, the group continued a spew of hate on Facebook against the mayor, who vetoed an ordinance granting specific LGBTQ rights in Fairbanks.

The ordinance, which the city council had adopted by a 4-2 vote, added protections for LGBTQ members in employment, housing and public accommodations. It gave people with gender dysphoria or gender expression an avenue to sue for discrimination.

The veto override failed tonight.

Matherly had originally signed on as a co-sponsor of the ordinance, but then decided to veto it “after much soul searching, research and examination of all facets of the issues,” he wrote in a letter explaining his actions.

Of the angry Facebook group, Christina Sinclair is a Democrat who was endorsed and funded by unions when she ran against Rep. Tammie Wilson in 2016. The group’s live stream responses is a raw look at what Mayor Matherly and council members Dave Pruhs and Jerry Cleworth are facing.


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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Boo hoo

  • You have serious problems and should consider taking some long looks in the mirror to figure out what they are.

  • If it was a conservative making comments like that we would be on every news channel. Double standard. That’s ok this conservative wont be afraid to speak his mind.

  • There is no neutrality in Human Rights. You are either for them or against them. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. The Mayor undermined the majority of the council women’s passing of the ordinance and the council men continued the veto by failing to step up and protect equal rights for all. It’s disgusting that these old straight white men are so cought up in their own ego and privilege that they can’t see beyond their own self interests. Their condescending and patronizing commentary towards the council women and the community was gross.
    These ‘men’ are now
    co-conspirators in the oppresion of human rights, dignity and safety.

    • Can my wife and daughters be free from having a penis waved in their faces while using public accommodations? Or will the establishment get sued if they try to enforce decency and call the police?

      • Seriously? Is this what YOU do when you go in to use the restroom? I always wondered why men either lingered a little too long or came flying out of a mens restroom…

        • Nope, I don’t but I’m not that confused. Seriously tell me how this law allows for the prevention of indecent exposure. Because that is a thing, and certain people are all about negative attention and have made that abundantly clear.

        • You were nonresponive to my question. We both know why.

          Businesses need to be prepared for lawsuits,

    • “equal rights for all ” , but the law didn’t deal with “all”.

    • BS…

      Isn’t your mantra “the will of the people”?

    • Their human rights are already protected by our constitution. This is nothing but agenda driven control of other people by the LBQT community. What rights are not protected? The right to behave vulgarly? Behave like a responsible respectful citizen and you likely would not have any perceived discrimination to worry about. No one will likely even notice your sexual identity.

  • I don’t see any threats of violence or hate. What I see is anger and civic engagement.

    • Perhaps you should put your glasses on before reading?

      “Jim has such a punchable face”

  • Wow, way to complain about people paying attention.

  • Troll

  • The language coming from these attention seekers is stuff I heard in while serving in the military, hopefully they don’t kiss their mothers/fathers with those filthy pieholes.

  • Mindy L. O’Neill is a Fairbanks North Star Borough Planning Commissioner

  • A poster stated- (It’s disgusting that these old straight white men are so caught up in their own ego and privilege that they can’t see beyond their own self interests.)

    The other side of this issue Sounds the same exact way.

    Just let people be themselves and treat each other like you would like to be treated. With Respect and Fair.

    • What if that poster had a few words replaced and said “it’s disgusting that these old queer (brown, black, asian, native,….) men are so caught up in their own ego and privilege that they can’t see beyond their own self interests”. I wonder what the narrative would be then?

  • This was a power grab by those who already have the same protections under the law as everyone else. It isn’t enough to be treated as equal. They wanted protection from being disagreed with. They wanted to right to destroy the lives of any who dared to disagree. with them.

    • Great comment about their attempted power.

    • Exactly how I see this, the LGBTQ people are already equally covered by the same protection as everyone else in the City of Fairbanks. In all of the publicity about this issue I still have not seen any statement of the specific prejudice or biased treatment any of these people have received or been subjected to that has prompted the demand for additional legislative protection. Pure power grab to give them the right to destroy the lives of any who dare to disagree with them, is exactly right.

  • This entire issue started with the election of two transexuals into Fairbanks local government. This is the only issue they pursue with a vengeance, then assault the public with this CRAP.

  • Don’t think I’ve met a more hateful, angry, and intolerant group of people than the LGBTQ crowd. Most selfish bunch I’ve seen.

  • Since when does white=privilege? Someone appears white they are automatically privileged? And when did human rights NOT cover everyone? Does it matter who you sleep with? If you use pronouns or not to identify yourself? Whether you dress in men’s or women’s clothes no matter what “junk” you might have underneath? This rabid BS is so nasty and uncivil. Bully tactics to shove garbage down everyone’s throat – white or not. Simmer down Fairbanks hrrl Girlz. Your rights are already protected. Enough with the “special classes” of citizenry. Be very, very, careful about what you are wishing for. Try acting mature, respectful, and like adults and perhaps something good might happen for you.

  • Good for mayor Matherly. Such important matters should not be decided by just a few votes. Identity liars are liars! Let the whole people vote on the matter.

  • LGBTQ represent a small fraction of the community, but they always seek the headlines and front end of the political discussions. This is WAY out of proportion. Fairbanks needs to get its collective act together and vet its candidates better, or this kind of stuff will happen again. LGBTQ is nothing but trouble to mainstream communities that want to raise their families peacefully.

  • I think it is right for the residents of Fairbanks to vote on this issue.

    I would like to know if all of these un civil people who testified in favor of this LGBTQ ordinance and are now acting up in protest are registered to vote in city elections. I have a strong feeling that many of them do not live within the city of Fairbanks boundaries.

    I checked with the Fairbanks City Clerks office, the people who testify on any issue at a city council meeting do not have to say where they live.

    There should be an ordinance to fix this issue. It is not right for a bunch of people who live outside the city to try to influence the council members by showing up in large numbers and making the council members think that there is overwhelming support for something that these people do not have the right to vote on.

  • I thought we are supposed to be the tuff hardy folk of the north, to busy fighting the elements and nature to worry about trivial cosmopolitan fads. We have bigger issues at hand than doling out extra rights to degenerate self-styled victim groups.

  • Alaska is a tough place to live and has mostly men here. Even the women are mostly men. Think about that.

    • This is for Mike: That was a very short but awesome comment. It was my “laugh” of the day. Thank you!

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