Fairbanks Parks & Rec manager gets salty on social


Touring the Carlson Center emergency field hospital set up, Michael Bork, Parks and Recreation Director for the Fairbanks North Star Borough in Fairbanks, snapped a selfie and had a salty social media message for Fairbanks residents, telling them to “staythef**athome.”

Bork, when not managing parks and rec in the Golden Heart City, teaches laughter yoga and is an international speaker on the concept of happiness. Thus, we’re presuming his missive was meant to be funny. Some Fairbanks residents thought it might not be a tone-perfect communication from a borough official to the taxpaying public. But this is 2020, and so far, the year has been somewhat of a dumpster fire, so perhaps Bork’s coarse message isn’t the worst utterance we’ve heard from an official.


    • Really feels good to be told to stay home from a guy still getting his 6 figure salary. Why isn’t he at home?

    • Went to this fellow’s laughter yoga class one time. He’s a wack job, perfect for head bureaucrat at FNSB Parks and Rec……. another useless department for local government. To that end, he’s perfect for the description of head yoga bafoon of the Interior. I didn’t laugh once in his class, except at his bald head and odd-shaped body. The Carlson Center set-up is another laughing matter. All of that space and equipment sitting idle, under the direction of a laughing yoga dude? While FMH has three COVID 19 cases and many empty beds and Hamilton ventilators sitting idle.
      The real laugh is on the Borough taxpayers who fund this guy’s job (which evidently isn’t affected by layoffs,). Namaste’.

  1. Might one ask when exactly Michael Bork, Parks and Recreation Director for the Fairbanks North Star Borough in Fairbanks, will be fired.
    Yet another Dimwit Dudley Do-Right drone on the public payroll, incapable of containing its contempt for its employers should be what, promoted?
    Maybe it should be the Poster Child, the Face of Fairbanks? Should solve their tourist problem…
    If and when our Peoples Government re-opens the State of Alaska, it might be fun to do another “Carlson Center emergency field hospital set up” picture; see how many beds are occupied by bums or public employees, assuming the difference is discernible

  2. The thought of this weird, bald yogi stuck on his jokes in the downward dog position actually IS laughable.

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