Fairbanks parent records encounter as principal prevents 7-year-old student from attending class without mask in Fairbanks


A Fairbanks parent recorded his encounter at a school in Fairbanks, where he was trying to get his 7-year-old daughter into her classroom without her being forced to wear a mask.

The encounter didn’t go well.

Pearl Creek Elementary School Principal Shawna Henderson can be heard describing the school board policy to the man, and then physically blocking the child from entering her second-grade classroom.

The recording is all audio, with a black screen, and the parent didn’t identify himself or his child, but a Must Read Alaska source in Fairbanks said he talked to the superintendent, and she was refusing to back down.


  1. Oh my God, this parent is using his kid as a pawn for his political agenda. How sick. Perhaps he should move to the valley. He needs to follow School board policy or mask up or homeschool or move to Eagle River. Where do these people come from? Wait I know Seattle.

    • If there is a written policy, you have a point. He asked for a copy of the written policy several times. The principal could not, or would not, produce it.

      But hey! A school denying access to an education is what we pay taxes for! We should all expect by now to be disappointed with the quality of our government services.

      • I doubt the policy of it is written in a book anywhere. More than likely since it’s a recent event, it was discussed and voted on and some recent board meeting and the guy could probably read it in the minutes.

        • Recent event as of September 8, 2021.

          https:// drive .google .com/file/d/1d-twm87YZd8G967d8laW_ba8KGw3_20p/view
          abbreviated release below *(see link for full text). Pretty obvious to me.

          Date: September 8, 2021
          Subject: FNSBSD Mandatory Masks
          North Star Borough School District Board of Education voted 5-2 in favor of requiring masks for the first semester. Mandatory masks will go into effect on Monday, September 13, 2021.

          Amended motion: Require masks for the first semester, with the school board reevaluating the matter for the setond semester, at its December 7 Regular Meeting, with the 2021-22 Operational Guidelines regarding masking to include the following:

          Mandatory mask wearing for students, staff, AND visitors (age 2 and older) when indoors.

          The district continues to review and update our “Maintaining In-Person Learning During
          COVID-19” document to assist schools and families. Families should follow the Wellness Check for Students and Staff when determining whether or not to attend school or work.

      • Principal: “It’s school policy.”
        Parent: “I’m fully aware of that.”

        Then wants a written policy, but is also aware the School Board passed it, which makes it a policy, since that is the authority vested in them as elected officials. This parent was totally trolling and being intentionally difficult.

        • My grandchildren attend that school. Knowing that a raving maniac was in there screaming profanities and physically fighting women, well it does make me want to show up at the school, but for different reasons than he is claiming we should.

          How funny that this clown thinks he’s part of the solution, and not just some loser using his child.

      • There was a written policy. It was emailed to all parents. Throwing a fit in front of an entire second-grade class like this is nothing short of psychotic. He has mental problems.

      • The policy is very well known locally and widely publicized, and this father clearly knew the School Board adopted the policy in light of skyrocketing local cases and hospitals forced to implement care rationing (“death panels” thank you anti-vaxers!).

        The staged this confrontation was because he knew the policy and wished to trigger an event.

        He did not merely ask for a copy of the policy, he repeatedly demands a copy of it “on letterhead” with a “person’s signature.” No doubt he would reject a mere photocopy or a logo that he didn’t think was sufficiently authoritative or the signature of a mere administrator carrying out the School Board’s directive.

    • Children this age do not have problems with covid unless they have underlying health issues. On the other hand masks are proven to have negative health affects on the user. Children this age would be unlikely to wear a mask in a way that could possibly stop aerosol covid droplets.
      This parent was very professional, and the type I’m proud to share a free country with.

      • @ Reed – you’re completely wrong in everything you say in this post, but I realize you’re part of the “facts don’t matter” crowd. That guy was an immature jerk to do that to his child and harrass the school staff.

      • When you consider the fact that the local hospitals are full, you might rethink your stance.

        If you have a heart attack, if you’re in a car crash, there is a high likelihood that you will not receive care because the hospitals don’t have the staff.

        Read up on what the crisis level of care is at hospitals and get back to me. If you were over the age of 55 or if you have any underlying health conditions, you will most likely not receive care at the hospital. They have switched entirely to crisis mode.

    • Maybe you should move to Venzuela where socialism/communism is practiced and you dont have freedoms! The liberal progressive communist movement is killing this country and its sheeple like you that further it along!!

    • “Oh my God, this principal is using this kid as a pawn for his political agenda. How sick. Perhaps he should move to the San Francisco. He needs to follow federal HIPAA laws and respect constitutional limits on governmental authority. Where do these people come from? Wait I know Seattle.”

      You are being kinda intolerant.

        • What are you, a 5th grader?

          If you can’t make an adult argument (you can’t) then be quite while the grown ups talk.

          “Like it or lump it”. Jesus.

        • Parents need to flood the school board and or run for the seats. Greg as usual you allow your mental inabilities to shine through. Better yet parents need to home school and watch the school districts whine as they keep loosing finances per student

          • I’m not sure how you misunderstood but I’m saying but I’ll try to type slower so that you can comprehend it. The guy staged this event as noted by his demeanor and response, used his kid as a pawn without thinking of their feelings, then demanded documentation at the spur of the moment during the start of a busy school day when he could have easily called members of the school board to verify the decision. Am I typing slow enough for you just let me know.

          • Oh thank you spelling cop Elle, unlike you and Greg I am working full time and don’t get to closely scrutinize my replies. Let me type as slow as possible for you Greg. This was not a set up, it was a parent looking out for their child. The Dems are trying to push the mandates in Fairbanks, there were none here last year. I know because I work here 6-7 months a year in construction. Parents need to stand up to elected employees period, they are not rulers. Parents need to take their kids out of public schools and home school and teach theses socialist school districts a financial lesson. Loss of kids equals loss of funding. Do you get it yet

      • Don’t be a sexist. He is a parent bringing his enthusiastic kid to school. The system disregards parental rights of primary care and the kids need for it’s free public education. “If you don’t wear this mask obediently kid cuz we said so; get lost kid”.

  2. When I was 7, over 60 years ago, my teacher wanted all of us in class so we can all get chicken pox, measles, etc. with no conditions, no mask! This girl will remember this day for the rest of her life.
    This was wrong and she should have been allowed into her class without a mask. 7 year olds are .000001 % susceptible to this virus. Masks inhibit learning and social interaction.

    • I am going to be polite and just say the dad should never have used her as a pawn to try to conjure up a lawsuit to win money….or… he should have gotten a babysitter instead of putting her through what he knew was going to happen

  3. I am proud of that man trying to reclaim the authority his peers have given over since that period when feminist and ERA movements reached its authority power. He and his pack of men can either continue fighting reclaiming their authority that generations given over unto Jezebel women or men can use their authority to disenroll, which I see the disenrollment won’t change much as long as the public schools continue receiving more refugees and illegals.

    I wouldn’t trust leaving a child alone with teachers who couldn’t control a parent. After the parent is gone the school staff will only single out and humiliate the child.

    • “Jezebel women or men”? ROFLOL…are you kidding? Lady, you need to look up the definition of a Jezebel…you aren’t even close. If you’re going to moralize, please at least get your arguments straight and coherent…and logical.

    • You aren’t a good judge of what’s wrong or right, you have made that clear.

      A lot of women who have been abused often excuse and overlook abuse, Jenny.

  4. Henderson is another “woke” idiot who needs more oxygen. Love this parent sticking up for his daughter. Thank God for recorders.

    • Thank God indeed. I imagine it was added to his OCS cas this morning, and that he won’t be in custody long.

      • Henderson should be in custody for abusing her entire school with masks. Oxygen deprivation is pure child abuse and actionable by OCS.

  5. He asked for the policy. She couldn’t produce it. Absent that, he did the right thing. He made the attempt, she physically blocked the child. There is now actionable cause to go forward with a lawsuit. Good for him. More parents should be as responsible as this parent against these tyrants. Masks have proven to be worthless, and in fact damaging to health. Lemmings don’t understand this, they just blindly do as they’re told, however they then become just as culpable for enforcing or participating in unlawful activities.

    Too many folks don’t understand where all the BS is really headed. They just blindly follow the crowd and listen to all the other ignorant lemming talking heads on TV. What a shame, the ignorant leading the blind over the cliff. Wake up folks. Stop cowering. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you don’t wake-up and stand-up now… you’ll be kneeling soon. Mark my words.

    • He missed all of the part where this policy was made. Him asking for it written was absolutely childish. If he was an involved parent he’d known about it like every other parent did.

  6. What a joke of a parent. This kid obviously does not want any part of the confrontation this parent is imposing on the kid. The fathers language and actions is why the child is crying… borderline abusive.

      • School board members are over paid, elected, public employees. Quit with your socialist nonsense. These people work for the communities, and are mainly elected out of ignorance and non informed voters. You really are getting to be a pain in the azz spreading propaganda

      • No she did not, for a school district that did not require it 12 months ago. Are you a Nazi? Requiring children to keep breathing in and out their exhaust continuously? Children are not as susceptible to the Wuhan, stop spreading socialist conformity lies.

  7. We need to overwhelm these schools with parents visiting the offices and requesting that the principals meet with them and go over the policies. One parent after another going in with the same thing and just tie them up all day long.

  8. This parent should be ashamed. Believe what you like about masks but understand that it is a school board policy.

    The principal is doing her job.

    Shameful parenting.

    • He asked 12 times. Congress votes on bills, and signed into law by the presedent. Borough assembly votes on ordanances, and signed by the mayor. School board votes on policy, and signed (presumably) by the superintendant.

      Anyone take civics 101?

      If there is no written, signed, and availible to the public policy, it effectively does exist.

  9. My 8-year old son goes to this school and my political views run well to the right of this blog and Alaska’s Republican party. I pretty closely monitor my son’s school work, and the principal has consistently run a politically neutral school. When masks were not required, she did not push masks. Now that the school board has mandated masks for all students, the school requires masks. The principal is pretty easygoing; you really have to seek and generate a confrontation with her. And yes, there is a written policy that has been sent multiple times to every parent and was reported on after the school board vote in every local news outlet. This parent knew what the policy was.

  10. Sadly, the moat important vote people can cast is school board. Yet it’s the one that gets the least attention.

    And this is what you get. An adult physically blocking a child from entering a room. Moron should be fired for that alone

  11. Parents have to fight to get their kids educated in Alaska. When someone takes a right you get remedy $$$$. That is what makes it a right. There is a strong belief in fake rights in Alaska. No one has any special rights to take other peoples’ rights for free!!!!!

  12. Well the pandemic stopped the flu, too bad it seemed to have the opposite effect on child abuse; by which of course I mean this poor excuse for a father. Hope you get PCSd to a community that can provide for your needy family. Feel sorry for your little girl. Feel sorry for Shawna and the school staff who are doing their best to keep school open for the community.

  13. So where is the MRAK story about the current crisis at the Anchorage hospitals, and the desperate cry by the physicians for people to get vaccinated and wear masks?

    Responsible news sites (like today’s ADN) publish such stories, but not a single word here. God help you if you have a medical issue in Anchorage this week (or month?).

    The anti-mask and anti-vaxxers are to blame, and MRAK fans the flames and gives them all airtime.

    If you have a conscience over there, I hope it is keeping you up at night. MRAK is culpable.

    Enough said.

    • Dog, m r a k has done stories recently about some of those issues. There was the one that was requiring all of them to be masked or hit the highway. The shortage that created as if there wasn’t already a shortage. The editor has her own constituents and her own agenda because this is a private blog. I think she pretty fairly goes across the board on things and she certainly allows free conversation both right and left hand up the middle. You know her resume so there’s no sense in posting that on here, but it’s safe to say that she leans to the right and will always support whichever direction the right wind is blowing. It’s what they do. Yeah I’d like for her to come out and say everybody’s a damn fool for not getting a shot, and although she may I repeat may think it she certainly couldn’t print it.

      • Allowing (or encouraging) people to shout “fire” in a crowded theatre isn’t my idea of legitimate free speech, or Patriotism.

        Real damage is being done, and it’s time to call people to account.

  14. I think the father is between a rock and a hard place. He wants and needs this free public education for his beloved daughter. It is unhealthy to small, active children to have their respiration obstructed. The school is obeying an overreaching dictate. That employee does not have an overarching superseding right to dictate to the child over the parent objections. She is not an md. She can’t practice medicine. God gave that child to the parent, not the district. Natural law is a thing. The district policy is cruel. Cruelty is the authoritarian fad because someone purchased bio-weapons research, conveniently overseas. Pay up school district you don’t get a happy talk, baby talk pass.

    • A mask does not obstruct respiration. Kids were in school with no issues all of last semester. And now they are wearing masks again with no issue. It’s the ignorant and uninformed adults who are the problem.

      • The covid drops hit the fabric evaporate into air and right into the lungs they go. OSHA has a work rule time limit how long a worker on a job can safely work with a mask (that actually filters covid). What do those ill informed science guys at OSHA know. They aren’t half as smart as democrat admin clerks. I see your point. Close down OSHA. Nobiddy works anymore anyways.

  15. Every time something like this happens, we get just a little bit closer to a solution – vouchers – so that parents can make their individual decisions where to send their children for their education. Cheers –

  16. Earlier a hysterical poster made a stupid claim about picking and choosing which laws to follow. This said in defense of an alleged adult who literally blacked a 7 year old from entering the school.

    While it might make some people feel good about themselves and think themselves clever, it has a fatal flaw.

    The Constitution of the State of Alaska guarantees the right to an education. It does not stipulate the requirement to wear a face diaper. No local school board or principal has the right or power to over ride the Constitution of the State of Alaska.

    A classic example of why moms should monitor their children’s internet activities. So they don’t make asinine fools of themselves.

    • Been called a lot of things but never hysterical. School boards are assigned the right to accept and make bilaws for their district. Choose not to follow them and you give up any claim to attend that school.

      • Legislators don’t follow bylaws either you know…$ They are special. If we hire them to fiscal plan but they don’t and make dictates instead I believe they may lose all immunities.

  17. Glad this was recorded. Hard to imagine what kind of abuse this poor little girl is subject to daily under the “care” of this man.

    If my children were in that school you’d better believe he’d get a personal visit from me for throwing a fit and terrorizing children like that. Shameful.

    My questions are: Where was he when we were put picketing mask mandates for the school? Where was he when it was time to testify in front of the school board ? Maybe if he brought this fight to the appropriate place we wouldn’t have mask mandates in school.

    But this guy. Clowning for clout online, recording his scuffle with an elderly woman like he’s a hero.

  18. He would rather abuse his kid for online clout than actually show up at board meetings and maybe he could have made a difference. He’s a burnout.

  19. I firmly believe kids should not be wearing masks. There is zero science that would support this outrageous policy. However, the father should not have subjected his daughter to this fight. Also, he should not have framed it as it was his daughter’s personal decision not to wear a mask. She is a kid. She doesn’t have a say. The father should have fought this battle as he the father would not allow his daughter to participate in mask wearing and he should not have subjected her to a highly charged situation. Stupid dumb parent. Dumb principal.

  20. This parent is supposed to be the adult. However, it appears the 7 year old girl is in charge. Well, in school, the principal is in charge. That means dress codes are enforced, and students who refuse to comply are not allowed exception. Entitled children are treated special at home, but not at school. Sorry. Hope the father can grow up and take charge of his household.

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