Fairbanks hardware store employee draws on bicycling bandsaw bandit, no shots fired, man runs off


Employees at a Fairbanks power tool store chased down a man who had stolen a bandsaw kit from their store.

By the time employees caught up with the man, he was already on his bicycle fleeing the scene. Employees chased him down and while attempting to recover the merchandise, the suspect grabbed a holstered firearm from his backpack and tried removing the gun from the holster, according to the report by the Alaska Department of Public Safety.

One of the store employees was conceal-carrying his own firearm, drew it, and pointed it at the suspect.

“The suspect considered his decision, then put the firearm in his backpack and ran away on foot. Investigation on-going,” the Troopers reported. The suspect has not yet been arrested.


  1. Home of the brave. Not home of the cry babies who sit on the couch and listen to tv all day and pour gas on the fire. Citizens of integrity will stop the madness.

  2. The Fairbanks Daily Screwminer has yet to report this incident. Left-wing rag is still trying to catch up with the gun toting thief to get the real version of the story. Dermot Cole on the assignment. 😆🤣

    • Though we have an assembly straight out of 1958 Moscow, the employee would be praised by the citizenry. The perp would be out on his own recognizance in order to pull together enough loot from people’s mailboxes for his ACLU defense.

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