Fairbanks early election results: Borough flips blue, city stays centrist


Unofficial results in the Fairbanks North Star Borough show that in the borough-wide races, the liberals swept the board, while conservatives got slaughtered during Tuesday’s local election. In the city of Fairbanks, conservatives won.

FNSB Assembly Seat D

Liz Reeves-Ramos – 7,358

Tammie Wilson – 6,508

FNSB Assembly Seat E

Nick LaJiness – 7,168

Jimi Cash – 6,561

FNSB Assembly Seat H

Scott Crass – 7,196

Aaron Gibson – 6,356

FNSB School Board Seat E

Tim Doran – 7,495

Michael Humphrey – 6,056

FNSB School Board Seat F

Bobby Burgess – 7,448

April Smith – 5,365

FNSB School Board Seat G

Meredith Maple – 7,479

Maggie Matheson – 6,076

Fairbanks City Council Seat E

Lonny Marney – 1,569

Sean MacDonald – 1082

Fairbanks City Council Seat F

John Ringstad – 1,634

Shoshana Kun – 1,122

North Pole City Council – 2 Open Seats

Larry Terch III – 142

Benjamin Williams Jr. – 118

IGU Seat C

Jim Dodson

IGU Seat D

Pete Kelly – 6,077

Sherri Wall – 5,887


  1. Liberal wackos (Democrats) use all of the familiar electronic communication devices to force each other to the polls. Teachers unions, trade unions, Planned Parenthood, university students, heavy narcotic users, 60’s burn-outs and the Newsminer DEMAND their lemmings to the voting booths. Those not high or in their psychiatrist’s couch can leave their government jobs long enough to go vote. It’s an extended lunch break. Lemmings run this sad little Borough.

    • Julia, you aren’t wrong. Democrats have divided this town over these issues:
      1. Climate Action.
      2. LGBTQ issues in public schools.
      3. Abortion.
      Democrats are experts at dividing people. Pure hate for those who don’t believe. And when I say that, I mean it like a religion. They DON’T believe.

      • We fight for freedom’s for all, not just a few. Every American has the right to be free with how they live, think and raise their kids. Freedom is the key word here, not HATE. Period. Home school your kids if you don’t like the public school system. Isolate yourself and your kind from the big world out there and live and let live.

        • AK Grandma;
          I can tell you this, I’m glad I’m not YOUR KIND. You sound like one of the wackos Democrats that Julia is talking about. You sound like a selfish old woman who doesn’t care about the future of our kids or this state. Go back to your alcohol or whatever inducement you choose to escape reality. I wouldn’t trust my kids with you for an hour.

          • Most of these “people” are likely either bots or trolls paid by the left. The names they give themselves are meant to incite people – AK Grandma is probably a 20 year old humanities graduate “working” online trolling people from NYC or Beijing. Must Read is certainly attracting a lot of them lately, especially in the “election” stories. It’s how the left tries to bully people into believing common sense is in the minority.

        • Freedom from the moronic insistence of fearmongers that anyone, including kids need to wear masks? Freedom to believe that there are only TWO genders? Freedom to believe that the only constant is change, and that is true for the climate? Those kinds of “freedom’s”?

    • And corrupt election workers. I would be surprized if any Republican or Conservatives are allowed to be election workers. Also the outrageously bloated ‘volunteer fire departments’. Fairbanks Northstar Borough is turning into one big pig farm.

      • We’re busy praying and planning how we’re going to homeschool all of our kids. What happened? Too many of us stayed home, disgusted with politics, not understanding that if we stay home, we’re giving up to the other side. I voted – how about you?

  2. Congrats Fairbanks. Enjoy gay Weimar stuff and infinity billion illegal aliens taking your housing while you pay for it. Shout out to Alaska Prepper who’s gonna talk about this tomorrow on YouTube

    • All that just changed. First Juneau & Anchorage, most of Bush Alaska, now good old Fairbanks. I loved Alaska and the 25+ years I lived there. Now I’m glad to have left, sadly. I don’t think I could bear to see what’s going to happen now.

    • It never was. A conservative fantasy of rugged individualism often comes here to retire. They spin yarns for the family back home about how Davey Crockett everything is, but they don’t do anything, no one knows who they are. This State has been for freedom, liberal, that is, since it started. Decriminalized cannabis in the 70s. 3 Universities.

    • This is simply a continuation of the trend that began after 6 Jan 2021. Since then, far fright-wing nuts who denied or questioned the 2020 election and have backed overturning tRump’s loss have not feared as well as they had hoped. November 2024 can’t come soon enough.

    • Oh come on, Alaska is nothing but a resource extraction colony that’s fed by government and corporate welfare, always has been, always will be.

  3. Of course FNSB will turn blue. We use voting machines, bloated voter rolls, and corrupt and/or stupid election officials to tell us that we have !

    • Nooooo, I know for a fact that they used bloated, voting machines!! Or was it, bloated officials and stupid voting machines. Please, someone help me, I’m so confused.

    • Thats right. Those ‘vote tabulators’ are the same black boxes that hardly anyone has an authoritative understanding of their components and capabilities. There are people that will insist that they do, but the majority of them can’t walk anyone through a comprehensive piece by piece review of these machines and their capabilities, and will fight off any insistence that they have to do so, in the same way they have been for years now. Trusting in those machines to reveal the truth of the actual voting record is unwise and why voting can no longer be relied upon by the citizens who wish to take exception to the status quo, and try to change things for the better on the federal, state, or local level. It could work, but those in control of the computers have other ideas, and growing their power is central to their thesis. At a certain not to distant point, voting will no longer matter, and maybe we are already there.

    • This was a fake election? I better call the Gov right now and tell on Fairbanks!! Holding fake elections, how dare they. I’m holding an election at my house tonight. I think I’m about to become president of the US!! Nice!

      • Granny, you exactly like the Arabs who danced and celebrated the violent deaths of 3000 Americans on 911. You’re one sick puppy.

      • Party over what?? More blatant corruption? More piggish greed from the unaccountable communist leftists? More theft through sky high property taxes on the middle class? More babies murdered? More children groomed into an adult sex cult? You cause good honest hard working people to vomit from your presence.

        • Lol. “Communist leftists” I didn’t know we were in the 80s. This is why people don’t like the ARP, they aren’t giving us anything new

  4. Money determines outcomes. In the assembly races the unions spent thousands of dollars to buy seats to ensure a rubber stamp for expensive union contracts for borough employees. They’ve done this for decades. This is why the compensation for borough employees exceeds $100,000 for many of the employees, and why employees have more than a month of time off, and nearly free medical.

  5. I worked FNSB elections yesterday. The few that came to vote in my precinct voted red all the way but we ended up only having 13% of our precinct showing up. They think this election wasn’t important. Now we pay for it.

  6. Congratulations to everyone! Change in this country comes from grass-root elections on up. Everyone has a right to vote and it is one of our most important part of being an American. Fight for your right to vote, don’t let anyone ever take that away from you.

    • Change is all Grandma is going to have in her purse when this bunch of Left-wing radicals start running up the public bills. Have another beer on us, Grandma.

  7. Conservatives in Alaska failed again to organize. This is a sad but reoccurring fact. As I witnessed as an election observer in 2022, the Left are tens times more together than the Right.
    Simple as that. So get used to the color Blue.

    • Trump and his fear mongering enabling autocrats are a drag on democracy. Like Trump, they are their very own worse enemy.

      • I keep saying this too. He mobilized the worst people in the GOP, and now we are left with a schism. In the FNSB race, the loudest supporters of the conservatives were the zaniest, and that’s a problem. Having good candidates is a start, supporting them would help.

        But we keep getting stuck with April Smiths and Michael Humphreys. They base their entire personality off opposition to one thing, and so if a voter doesn’t care about Matt Walsh, a femboy closeted gay man who is singlehandedly cutting up our party, you don’t care about Johnny the Walrus, and that’s all Michael could talk about, to the point of sounding like a creep, chances are the nice old gentleman who answers every question politely is getting the moderate votes.

        Who is selecting these candidates? How do we get better people running? No more stay-at home Facebook moms, no more unemployed DJs. They fail to address long-term solutions and go for quick attention grabs instead.

  8. I was smoking pot in my “dry cabin’ when it dawned on me ….. it’s election day, time for some free candy!

  9. Sigh. Say what you will, but turn out was the driving force here. less than one in five registered voters bothered to cast a ballot. This allowed ten percent of the voters to dictate public policy to the entire borough. The left turned out its minions to vote, and they won. Shame on conservatives for not being bothered to take the time to vote. Shame on conservative organizations for not helping fund our candidates. Shame on the candidates for not moving their campaigns into the 21st century. Shame on the “silent 80 percent” for not participating! When you are facing motivated segments – teachers’ union, gay organizations, and excitable youngsters – you need to actually turn out your base!

  10. Every single flyer I got in the mail for every single liberal whacko candidate that won was listed as being financed by groups in DC, associated with NEA or other large out of state entities. Its no wonder they won, they had 10 times the coverage. I’m getting sick of this garbage, local elections, local funding, period.

    • I got one from Aaron Gibson posing with Scott Kawasaki, who is an avid LGBT guy. That didn’t help. He was running against a guy who made his own rocks and roll ad. No chance.

    • Hey I am all for that.

      But would that include Federal Senate and House seats as well as Governor? Because not only did Mary Peltola and Lisa Murkowski receive out of state funds, but Kelly Tshibaka, Sarah Palin, Dan Sullivan and Gov Dunleavy received much of their funding from out of state donors.

      But to institute those rules, local election, local funding, we need to have a state legislature who will pass said rules. Good luck with those foxes watching the hen house

  11. Alaska thrives on government dollars and always has. And not just government paychecks or private sector paychecks paid for with government sourced funds. Welfare is huge in this state. The oil bonanza and the attendant PFD just brought more dependence and a heightened sense of entitlement. The myth of the hardy, independent, self reliant, anti-government individualist is nothing more than a fiction those with their hands out love to spread to assuage the self hate that always comes with a life lived on the earnings of others. And even if Alaska had started out with the kind of people we imagine our population to still be social evolution made sure that those types went extinct because it’s the nature of all societies to move from individual freedom to government bondage as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness give way to safety, security and a life of ease purchased with money taken from those who earned it. We long ago passed the tipping point where the beggars overwhelmed the productive class so we’ll never vote back our natural rights even if elections are totally legit. America is in the Tyranny of the Masses stage that the founders feared most of all because the people want that and the guardians of our constitution all got replaced by pandering politicians and bureaucrats who know how to buy votes with public funds. Face it…it is over.

  12. Could be the whiners here don’t realize something: the candidates that won were considered better than those that lost.

  13. The plain and simple fact is that Fairbanks conservatives ran inexperienced and bad candidates, while progressives ran extremely strong and articulate candidates. School board candidate Michael Humphrey, aka Walrus Man, had no social media outreach except for a handful of posts on X/Twitter in which he begged for money from Outside Matt Walsh fans. In his candidate bio, he threatened that he would use military force a la Marine style to prevent “radical gender ideology” from entering public schools. Threatening LGBTQ+ children is not a good look in Fairbanks. Then we had April Smith, an incumbent running for school board, who let fly a series of lies about a vocal citizen, and got caught. And she unleashed a barrage of accusations against teachers being “evil,” and schools being “tools of the devil.” Along with that, she launched an attack against school and public libraries, falsely claiming that librarians were hording tons of pornographic materials. And Maggie Matheson, also a school board candidate, who said little in her campaign and raised the least amount of money among the races. (All of it local, BTW.) Maggie was a loyal shoulder parrot for April, and by the last few days of their campaign(s), she plagiarized April’s letter to the editor and claimed the word as her own on her surprisingly sparse social media page. All three conservative school board candidates ran conservative Christian nationalist platforms. Their religious zealotry, I believe, is an important reason why they got trounced in this election.

    Meanwhile, the progressives ran smart, articulate, and experienced candidates who gained wide support because they simply weren’t spouting crazy rhetoric from the Outside culture wars.

    If conservatives hope to win back seats in Fairbanks on the school board and Assembly, they must field better candidates who have messages that appeal to a broader base and who promote issues important to local residents, and not the craziness of Trumpworld and the Outside culture wars.

    • Sometimes a voter has to unite and vote for other guy not radicalized by LGBT, climate change, and public school despite their campaign weaknesses. Its called loyalty. The Democrats are better at loyalty than most other voters. Just look at their candidates they support, complete yo-yo’s . They don’t care who they are or what type of campaign they have as long as they are a Democrat.

  14. To expand on David Hume’s statement “This allowed ten percent of the voters to dictate public policy to the entire borough”, it’s not just turnout. Last year, FNSB voters allowed themselves to be taken to the cleaners yet again on the Assembly apportionment question. It reminded me of Charlie Brown about to kick the football that Lucy’s holding, and we all know how that goes each and every time. If you need a clue, look up AS 29.20.070. Then, ask why the Assembly has refused to consider offering any of the choices listed in (b) of that statute, or even entertaining a discussion on the matter. This has gone on for five consecutive decennial cycles, or in other words, for 40+ years. Supervoters in the northwest corner of the borough (such as the Guttenberg/Hopkins mafia and their ilk, rabid followers of Dimwit Cole, etc. etc.) have an unnatural sway over other parts of the borough. In boroughs where they adopted a form of district-based apportionment, this problem doesn’t exist or it isn’t as severe.

    • @Sean
      The Guttenberg/Hopkins Mafia is real. Don’t forget it’s not just Luke and Dave, both a couple of idiots. It’s Luke’s son in law, Scott Kendall, who runs the show.

      • Sometimes, I’m tempted to reply to oft-repeated facts with “Tell me something I don’t know”. Well, here’s something that’s probably not well-known, given how seldom it’s been mentioned. Isidore “Joe” Guttenberg, father of David and Elyse, had a long-term, late-life relationship with Gloria Fischer, first wife of Vic. In the historical context of Alaska Democrats, that’s akin to marrying into the British royal family.

  15. I’m not surprised. Fairbanks you are i. your way to be the North’s Hoboville while Anchorage is Southcentral’s Hoboville. Wasilla-Palmer and Nenana you are about to get more residents running away into your communities now from fleeing Fairbanks.

  16. I’m not surprised. Fairbanks you are on your way to be the North’s Hoboville while Anchorage is Southcentral’s Hoboville. Wasilla-Palmer and Nenana you are about to get more residents running away into your communities now from fleeing Fairbanks.

  17. I’m sad about the loss of conservatives in the Fairbanks Borough Assembly and school board elections.
    But I’m joyous that the 2 conservative candidates for the Fairbanks city council were re-elected.
    For me, this was the most crucial race, because if the left ever gets another majority in the 6-member city council (like they had in 2019), they could try to push for another massive anti-discrimination ordinance that would target Fairbanks businesses. We do not need another intrusive, authoritarian ordinance like Ordinance 6093 (in 2019). Fortunately, former mayor Jim Matherly decided to veto 6093, and saved Fairbanks.
    Because Fairbanks is a “1st class” city, which has more powers than our “2nd class” borough, a berserk left-wing majority can do much more damage when in control of the city, than in control of the borough.

  18. There are several possibilities of why the Fairbanks election was a slaughter. The unions, two different Washington DC Pacs and another from Colorado spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat the conservatives. The AFL-CIO was involved. All of the union money spent is illegal as union dues deprive union members of their free speech rights. Alaaka Watchman disclosed a lawsuit in the works to correct the unions’ stealing money from the rank file. This money enables several mailouts and other ads. The unions put out their voter card two days prior to the election with several messages: “We are the Community.” “Vote for those who work for you.” “We care about working families.” The labor unions follow the NEA which is the “communist party in America.” Many of our Christian ministers are still hiding under their pulpits afraid of the courts, or they are still asleep and avoiding politics altogether. The Dominion Voting Machines are still in place and we do not know what is programmed into them. These machines were put in place by Lt. Governor Mallott serving under Gov. Walker, who was later kicked out of office for immoral behavior. Mallott could easily have been paid to accept the machines. These machines are still a question mark and we have no ability to check the algorithms. Our newspaper Fairbanks Daily News Miner is controlled by the University types, including the Cole brothers, the librarian union, nationwide sources like Chicago, and Los Angeles. Letters to the editor are censored against “right” thinking and Christians.
    We still have an obligation to vote. It is patriotic and a civil right guaranteed to us. All Alaskan voters need to petition the Lt. Governor and Governor to remove Dominion machines thus eliminating one of the many possibilities for “Fairbanks’ finest” loosing this election round.

  19. If the Fairbanks election process is as easily corruptible as the Anchorage election process, the results are hardly suprising.

  20. Conservatives are shocked that their hyperbolic “goberm’nt gonna make your son gay” rhetoric wasn’t the big draw they thought it was. Lol

  21. Looking at the replies from the hateful leftists here, it is obvious we can never be a united country ever again. Those on the left hate America and her people. We need to wake up and realize that leftists and democrats are not our friends, family, coworkers or neighbors, they are the enemy.

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