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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Fairbanks City, North Pole candidate review

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In addition to Fairbanks Borough Assembly and School Board seats on Tuesday’s ballot, the Fairbanks City Council and North Pole City Council have an election for those inside city limits.


  • Sue Sprinkle
  • Lonny Marney

A 20-year resident of Fairbanks, Sue Sprinkle’s platform centers on the revitalization of downtown Fairbanks. She desires a vibrant, affordable downtown experience for families and young professionals. Her contention is a regenerated downtown area will provide economic and population growth in an otherwise vacant area of the city. Sprinkle is a registered nonpartisan.

Lonny Marney is a fiscal conservative who desires a balanced budget, protections for the PFD, proper police staffing and keeping Fairbanks debt-free. Marney pledges to be a voice for the conservatives within the city and have an open mind to ideas and legislation. His focus is on lowering taxes and dispersing CARES Act funds, and increasing the Fairbanks attractiveness to potential residents.  Marney is a registered Republican.


  • Robert Howard
  • Charles Foster III
  • Montean Jackson
  • Jim Clark
  • David Van den Berg

Jim Clark is running to ensure conservative values are represented and not forgotten on the Fairbanks City Council. Clark will focus on city spending, providing a small government mentality while in office. Clark sees the city council as an ally for local businesses and first responders. He is a Republican.

Charles Foster III sees running for office as his civic duty. After looking at the city budget, Foster is recommending the suspension of open positions to move money to higher priority departments. His vision is to build a convention center to replace the Polaris building downtown. Foster is a registered undeclared voter.

Robert Howard‘s platform focuses on the homelessness problem, substance abuse issues, and police funding. Howard believes increasing the police force and presence in Fairbanks will help with morale and curb many of the issues surrounding homelessness and drugs. He is a registered undeclared voter.

Montean Jackson sees public safety, workforce development, and fiscal responsibility as the key to her city council run. Jackson sees tough decisions ahead as she pledges to maintain a balanced budget. Jackson is a Democrat.

David Van den Berg is a 30-year Fairbanks resident and former business owner who believes in conservative fiscal policy centered on target goals. Van den Berg values credibility, especially in government, and wants to focus on parking enforcement. He is a registered Democrat.


  • Aino Welch

Aino Welch is running for reelection and is uncontested for North Pole City Council Seat 1. Welch is a business owner and paraprofessional for the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. Welch is a strong supporter of the police, including participating in a local “Back the Blue” rally. Welch is a Republican.


  • DeJohn Cromer

DeJohn Cromer is also running for reelection uncontested for North Pole City Council Seat 2. Cromer is a registered Democrat.

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