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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Fairbanks assembly passes Black Lives Matter support resolution


The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly voted unanimously to support a resolution in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Introduced by Christopher Quist, who is running for State House District 1, the measure acknowledges that black lives, indigenous lives, and lives of marginalized and oppressed people matter. It all says that all lives matter, but no lives can truly matter until black lives matter. The resolution calls out the murder of Floyd George, who was killed while in police custody in Minneapolis.

The resolution goes on to say that systemic racism is endemic in government, policing, and the economy, and it has caused incalculable human suffering. And there are the requisite words about solidarity with the concept of Black Lives Matter, rather than the organization, which is associated with lawlessness and rioting and is a funding mechanism for the Democratic Party through the ActBlue funding program.

“…the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly stands in solidarity with those fighting for equality, and justice in the Black Lives Matter movement which is neither an endorsement for or against the Black Lives Matter political organization,” the resolution reads.

The Assembly “stands in solidarity with those calling for reform of policing, and those calling for increased social support for the most vulnerable members of our society.”

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • What a hole.

    • What murder? Innocent until proven guilty in this country. And this guy wants to make laws. Leader of a lench mob he is. Using a cops misfortune to better himself.

    • Well said.

  • If you supported them anymore, they would live better than most of the people working for a living. I can’t wait for someone to develop a little drop down drawer on the ass of their pants so these political hacks can just walk up behind them and kiss their ass while the woke are taking a knee. WOW! To live to see this BS, it boggles the mind.

  • Is Luke Hopkins behind this? No one in Fairbanks is better than Luke at starting a civil war.

    • The true Confederate of the Interior.

      • Neither Hopkins or his goofy kid is taking away my wood stove. Come and get it.

        • Hopkin’s goofy son-in-law is also trying to take away Gov. Dunleavy’s fairly-elected status. That is Mr. Kendall, who was Bill Walker’s lapdog assistant. Who are these Hopkins folks anyway?
          How did they get their political status up there in the Banks?

          • Democrats. Hopkins was on FNSB Assembly, then mayor for two terms. Bill Walker put him on his program to get Ports of Valdez, Fairbanks, and North Slope as revenue collection points for a gas pipeline. No gasline under Walker. Bill Walker was former mayor of Valdez and attorney before he became the worst governor in Alaska with a child molestor Lt Governor at his side. Hopkins brother-in-law, David Guttenberg, was state representative from the Left-wing, radical University District. Guttenberg and his sister, Elise, paved the way for Hopkin’s son, Grier, to take Guttenberg’s seat in the state house. Meanwhile, Hopkin’s son-in-law, Kendall went to Juneau to become Bill Walker’s chief of staff, and after the disgraced Walker left the governor’s office, Kendall led the charge to recall Dunleavy. Dump Grier Hopkins in the House race up in Fairbanks and help send this radical family back to the hills.

          • Grier Hopkin’s Republican opponent is McKINLEY. Easy enough to remember, and this name won’t change.

          • Glad to hear that someone is finally exposing them.

  • I believe is was Mark Twain who said, “Moderation in all things. And don’t forget anything.”

  • Hard to believe “no lives can truly matter” was added to this resolution. Bunch of frigging idiots. Until everyone quits making a special catagory for different races there will never be equality. Fortunately for us the fnsb has made it easy for us to never worry about other lives unless everyone agrees that black lives matter more because “no lives can truly matter” at the same time.
    Hey idiot assembly members “All lives matter” not just the ones you decide to pick because of skin color or race.

  • Systemic racism is endemic, all right. It’s not white people who are the culprits. This entire episode in unqualified pity for blacks, unequaled racism against whites, and complicity by “elected” officials and ‘big business’, stinks of “systemic stupidity”. Black people who don’t live in America, with all the benefits of being black, say, to a person, that black people in America are the most fortunate in the world. People, black, white, yellow, red, you name it, are indeed, fortunate to be in America. No amount of racist accusations will make any race more competitive, more accepted in business or in American society. It is the individual, whether black, white or any color, that makes American society. Not a group or groups of unhappy, lazy, communist wanna-be illiterates demanding what other Americans have worked their entire lives for, in many cases.

    • Woah. Woah. Really? Slavery existed in the US in 1860, but not in Britain.

      • Yes and no…slavery wasn’t ended in British India until 1861. Interesting to note that slavery wasn’t abolished in a quite a bit of the Middle East until the mid-20th century (1926-1962) and was abolished for the final time in Mauritania ( in Africa) in 2007.

      • Slavery existed in British colonies into the 1840’s (last in India). Considering India, especially Bengal, the people were essentially serfs after that. How slavery ended made the difference. Britain bought the slaves freedom while US abolition movement didn’t and would force economic ruin. It would have been interesting if the push to end slavery had gone the British way rather than the Civil War.

  • Is Quist a Democrat? Bet he is, with his racist remarks.

  • Supporting BLM is supporting the Destruction of the American Family, as that is one of their main goals. Shame on any politician in favor of destroying the Nuclear Family. It makes them by default Communist sympathizers if not outright Communists.

    • Not just Marxists, but a fundraising vehicle for democrats. The BLM website points to ActBlue, the democrat PAC for all their donations. Suspect that ActBlue is responsible for Biden’s bump in fundraising last month. Cheers –

  • I suspect that the members of the Anchorage Assembly will be falling all over themselves to pass a similar piece of nonsense. Except it will be much worse.

  • Dig deeper and you will find a communist agenda.

  • “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”

    Every Conservative Should Prepare.

  • Well bless their hearts.

  • Embarrassing for Alaska.

  • And these people want to tell you what’s good for you because they know best and you are to stupid to think for yourself.

    Blacks created their own problems by voting for Democrats. Over a trillion dollars spent on poverty since 1966 and no progress.

    BLM doesn’t want equality, they want preferential treatment. Now some are demanding reparations. Taking from those who never owned slaves and giving it to those who never were slaves.

    These radical politicians are falling all over themselves to see who can outdo the other. Anyone recall the last democratic debates? Wait til they figure out how to unite with the enforcement arm of the DNC, the anarchists. You think a zombie apocalypses is bad, just wait. Keep your powder dry.

    • The dollar amount spent on poverty since the LBJ days is over 22 trillion.

  • The only thing ‘systemic’ these days is ignorance.

  • In my opinion, no lives matter if they tear down statues of George Washington and destroy private property and threaten the peace and lives.

  • Let’s hope there is a backlash with these idiots who sit on the Fairbanks Borough Assembly and the residents of Fairbanks vote them out!

    • They support the people who killed all the Chicagoans and that little 8 year old girl in Atlanta. The father said……they killed one of their own this time. So, do what you want but don’t support any group that killed their own kids. Dumber than a box of rocks.

  • I’m not sure why anyone would support murderers. Obviously they have no morals. Fairbanks has become a cult hole.

  • It would be nice if the folks claiming BLM supporters are stupid would learn to spell and use correct grammar… You folks make our side look like the stupid ones.
    I do see a deliberate, well-funded, attempt to foment division in America – designed to help those who “ain’t Black” to vote for the racist Biden. BLM has marxism as part of its charter. The riots are the beginning of the communist revolution in America. Boot-licking BLM from FNSB is shameful.
    Racism will cease in just a few generations if we stop practicing it and stop teaching it to our children – intentionally drawing attention to racism just perpetuates it. Try instead: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

    • You are of course speaking to BLM right? They are who is teaching and practicing racism.

    • I’m my case, I am a poor typer with my giant fingers. It doesn’t make me stupid.

  • Police lives matter!

  • Commies.

    • BLM need to look in the mirror. Are they without faults? They are full of faults. Andrew Jackson was a POW during the Revolutionary war at the age of 14. BLM is still on the teat at that age.

      • They are avowed Marxists. They are loons and commies. There is no reasoning with them. They don’t look in mirrors, they shatter them. They burn books and destroy history and divide nations. This is what they do.

  • 3 fun questions for the Fairbanks Assembly:

    Do you think black lives matter?
    Do you think white lives matter?
    Whose lives do you think do not matter?

    Cheers –

    • They answered that. They said no lives matter until BLM. so them first, then they will talk about the rest.

  • Would it be rude to regard this group as sniveling pieces of (expl del)?
    You lot embraced a Marxist revolutionary group dedicated to wrecking everything you took an oath to represent.
    From this day, you’ve disqualified yourselves from celebrating everything American, ideas and values that kept America free for 244 years, so keep your mouths forever shut on that subject.
    You damned fools just told an armed Marxist revolutionary gang you’ll be standing for the Black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,”, and kneeling during “The Star-Spangled Banner”.
    Yes, you will… You nasty little clowns resolved to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Make no mistake, they’ll call you on it, you’ll kneel and stand when told or face the consequences of their wrath because none of you have the character and courage to do otherwise.
    Members of the Fairbanks Assembly, you’ve reserved your places in Alaska’s history as epic failures of leadership, cowards of the worst order, treasonous disgraces to America, to your electorate.
    Members of the Fairbanks Assembly you should resign your seats immediately and apologize (very briefly) to your constituents for supporting an armed Marxist revolutionary gang dedicated to overthrowing America and your constituents’ way of life.
    No more dribbling cretinous babbling from you wretches, exercise your remaining decency, if any, to say you’re sorry, and get out.
    And keep going.

  • Systemic racism does not exist. The BLM organization is a terrorist group.

    Moving on

  • Goodbye Airport Way Wendy’s, it was nice knowing you….

    • Burger King is better. Wendy’s has good spuds. Both better than Taco Bell which is a cheap knock-off to good Mexican food.

      • Less charcoal

  • Protestors – BLM? Go Away. Nobody cares about your movement. Nobody. Get a life, if that’s even an option anymore.

  • They need to badmouth Cosby for making fun of a fat black kid.

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