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Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Fagan: It’s time to call evil, evil again

Former President Ronald Reagan spoke with great authority in West Germany in 1987 when he demanded Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev tear down the very symbol of 20th Century Communist death and oppression. 

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” demanded Reagan. 

Two years later, the Berlin Wall crumbled under the force of liberated and united Germans.  

Four years prior, Reagan had dubbed the Communist-run Soviet Union as the “evil empire.” He described the U.S.S.R. as “the focus of evil in the modern world.” 

We don’t hear the word evil much anymore from conservatives. 

The Bible warns of a time when many will call evil good and good evil.

Communist-run China is currently every bit as evil as the former Soviet Union. China has forced countless mothers to involuntarily succumb to the cold steely hands of murderous abortionists ending the life of their babies. Imagine the grief, pain, and heartache of living in a country that targets your child for execution. 

China has since amended its one-child policy forcing abortions to allow for a second baby, but not a third. But back in 2011, the one-child policy was still in place. 

It was 2011 when then-Vice-President Joe Biden spoke at Sichuan University in China. In reference to the one-child forced abortion policy, he told Chinese college students: 

“As I was talking with some of your leaders, you share a similar concern. You have no safety net. Your policy has been one of which I fully understand. I’m not second-guessing of one child per family,” said Biden.  

Most Americans would agree forcing a mother to abort her child is evil. Apparently not the man poised to be our next president. 

Biden has moved even more pro-abortion recently as he worked to secure the nomination of the party of death. His Left-wing base will tolerate nothing less.  

Biden says he now opposes the Hyde Amendment, a 40-year-old measure prohibiting the use of federal taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions. 

Sixty percent of Americans favor the Hyde Amendment and Biden did once too. Biden justified his flip flop on forcing Americans to pay for abortions by saying “circumstances have changed.” 

What’s changed is the Democrat Party has become increasingly pro-death. 

And then there’s Biden’s chosen running mate, Kamala Harris. Harris has voted against every pro-life bill she’s had before her.

The National Review described her as “without question the most radically pro-abortion candidate to run for president or vice president in the history of our country.” 

As California Attorney General, Harris targeted pro-life activists conducting a sting catching Planned Parenthood on tape in a ghoulish scheme to sell body parts from aborted babies.

Harris is so pro-death culture she ignored the evil Planned Parenthood body part peddlers and instead went after the activists who caught them on tape. 

Earlier this year, Harris and every Senate Democrat filibustered the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The bill would have required doctors to give the same degree of health care to newborns who survive abortions as any other child born alive.

In half the states, doctors are not required to provide health care for babies who survive their planned execution at the hands of a cold-hearted abortionist. 

With that filibuster, Harris is now on record as favoring infanticide. 

In 2019, Democrats established themselves as the party of death when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law allowing abortion up to the moment of birth and even after the child is viable and able to live on their own. 

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam also supported legislation in his state allowing for infanticide. In what can only be described as the most chilling words ever to come out of an American politician’s mouth, Northam said this in defense of ending the life of a baby after they survived an abortion: 

“If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen. The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.” 

What Northam was literally calling for was keeping the baby alive on the medical table after he or she was born while a decision was made whether to let the baby die. Only the hardest of hearts would see that as anything other than evil.  

Many of the 70 plus million voting for Biden and Harris may not realize they’ve potentially put in the White House two of the most morally depraved candidates in U.S. history.

Most Democrats voted for Biden/Harris more out of a deep disdain and hatred of President Donald Trump than anything else. Trump is the most pro-life president we’ve ever had, and that’s why he’s so hated by so many. 

Too many Americans have seared their conscience when it comes to the genocide of American babies enabled by the Democrat Party. 

Democrats were the key defenders of slavery, segregation, the KKK, and now they are the party that’s the guardian of the death culture in America. 

The 2020 presidential election was not a fight between conservative or liberal, left or right, Democrat or Republican. It was a battle between good and evil. 

It’s time to call evil, evil again. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio show in Alaska weekdays on Newsradio 650 KENI. Dan splits his time between Anchorage and New Orleans.   

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  • Right on, Dan. As a teacher, I am disgusted that the NEA (National Education Association) supports abortion on demand and always endorses the democrats (the party of “shout your abortion”) in local, state, and national elections. Always. Why does the NEA support the killing of our future students?

    • You make the mistake of assuming that the NEA cares about kids. They only care about their enrollment numbers and the money they receive from their members. If everybody was against abortion, nea would be against it too. This is why NEA protects the pedophile teacher and he gets moved to a new location. I never needed a union to get me anything that my hard work and sweat didn’t get for myself. Don’t make the mistake that NEA is for kids. It’s all about money and power like most things are these days.

  • Batman comics are a good resource when looking for references to evil as well. About the same level of veracity and authentic authorship you can actually reach out and touch.

    …and if you do away with planned parenthood guess how many more democrats will roam the hood in a generation? This nation needs leadership that will force America’s underperforming layer to work for their EBT card and if they can’t get that the next best thing is making sure the pool of those reliant upon welfare isn’t growing any faster. Unusual examples aside, planned parenthood has been good to you.

    • Dream on in the clouds with your weirdness but don’t claim any practical aspects to your nonsense. All those aborted children would now be contributing to the economy , social security , Medicare and building our nation as it was meant to be !! We are importing students from China and other nations for summer work because there simply aren’t enough young Americans to fill those low paying summer jobs.
      Many jobs unfilled because the people simply arent there to fill them. The birth rate is falling drastically, the marriage rate is declined greatly. Schools and colleges are fighting for students . Here in Alaska we have a net loss of population!! Peddle your garbage somewhere else but not among rational,people who can add and subtract!!

      • Contributing to the economy you say?

        In the same way that our fine BLM friends are contributing when they loot a Walmart perhaps. Not sure how much they’re contributing to social security either but something tells me you’re certain of a number.

        Here’s the deal Slone, the largest users of planned parenthood are not from hard working strata. Sure, there’s the occasional young gal that doesn’t otherwise fit the demographic but to assume the fine folks at PP are culling America’s finest spawn is nonsensical. As nonsensical perhaps as it would be to assume the looters we’ve all been overexposed to have a similar work ethic to your rare and lowly paid Chinese laborer.

        I hate to curb your enthusiasm but when is a net population gain a goal? If you’ve learned nothing from watching your TV recently at least take away one thing; it’s quality, not quantity.

        Alaska is a state where people come to work. When the work shrinks, the population shrinks; That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Over the course of the next few months you’re going to see a significant shrinkage and it’s natural.

        50% of BP’s employee base were put in the wind when the keys were tossed to Hilcorp. Those people are on their way out though some may not know it yet. Sleepy Joe the hair sniffer guarantees that he’ll end America’s reliance on fossil fuels. What might that mean to a rational person that can add and subtract? Cipher a net population gain from that and you’ll be in line to run UAA next.

    • Trouser Bark, on this I disagree. Turns out that if you look at the statistics , crime, mayhem and quality of life have actually gotten worse ” in the hood” since Margaret Sanger has had her way. I understand that this seems counterintuitive to your mercantile theory but appears true. One explanation might be that when human life is devalued all life is worthless?

      • It’s an honor to be contradicted by such a clear thinking person, Older. I wonder though, might the effect have a different cause? Is it possible that Ms. Sanger is responsible for American decay or is it that she’s simply working on an aspect of social decay that she can’t claim ownership of?

        I believe that what we’re looking at is a prime example of what happens when disparate social norms meet. For example, were you raised in a different social setting where family responsibility were viewed differently, looting was a way of calming yourself, drugs were a part of daily life, investment in one’s self was non-existent, ambition was for others and both food and shelter were a free ride, what’s the likelihood that you’d be anything like you are today and more yet, what’s the likelihood that a service provider such as Ms. Sanger might be responsible for your having arrived at such juncture?

      • BTW Older, the divorce rate is now at a 50 year low according to the Institute for Family Studies (link here):

        The key is that it doesn’t apply to the demographic described above as they were more baby daddy type and less ‘the marrying kind’ then and they haven’t invested in themselves much since; there’s just a lot more of them happily riding along in the wake of your income stream. I could be wrong but I believe Ms. Sanger has been fulfilling Lyndon B’s vision and without her there would be tens of millions more of them riding along on your income stream.

        I’m actually not a rabid fan of the practice but I’m less a fan of supporting another 20 or 30 million hood rats. There is an at least mildly offensive wisdom in Ms. Sangers words many years ago when she said “The most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective.” I’m not sure she was referring to that layer of society best known for criminal behavior, drugs, irresponsible breeding habits and looting but I’d wager she wasn’t excluding them.

    • Thank God there’s eugenicists in government, huh.

  • Amen.
    May God have mercy on us all.

  • Keep writing Dan, you are making a difference….The raw evil hatched and displayed by the Clinton/Obama Crime families as distasteful as it was will pail to the evil forced on us by a Biden/Harris/Polosi ticket…if allow to proceed and gain control of our government. Our Senior Senator was quick to step forward ‘on behalf of Alaska’ and congratulate Biden but really was her support from those merchants of death at planned Parent Hood and her supporters on the left that prompted the move. I still believe President Trump will us the tools he has to win this election but we must all be working toward taking the house back in two years as well as increasing our strength in the Senate…

  • The reason planned Parenthood was started was to keep the black numbers in check. I don’t know if the Johnson administration thought the blacks were breeding like rats or what but they wanted to keep control over their numbers and they do this by allowing the parents to kill their own babies. Unlike China who tells you how many kids you can have and kills them for you. What is ironic is a black woman, who wants to be vice President of the United States and aspires to be president someday, is for killing black babies now. I can’t figure it out. You’d think she’d want more of her own and eventually more leftist voters out of them. It probably has something to do with the hypocrite mentality of the left. I don’t think that she was raised black if there is such a thing . She married a white man, I’m beginning to think that every one of her actions are simply political and she has no spine of her own with which to stand up on.

  • ‘Til we call it “history”
    because we made it “history”,
    ‘Tis but rhetoric,.
    worth little more
    than deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • Dan Fagan, good article, stay here in Anchorage we don’t have a Bourbon Street, but the street addicts are fun to watch. As far as Pro-Life or Pro-Choice why should taxpayers pay for some ones stupid mistake. It’s not a “””pre-existing condition””” any more than being obese and/or crippled for ones own choice of too much food or motorcycle. Misplaced compassion is a major problem. Don’t feed what you don’t want to grow. Leave my money alone. Where’s MY-CHOICE. I didn’t cause it; don’t make it my problem or concern. If eugenics comes into play, good. It works for all manner of livestock and mother nature, let the chaff winnow itself away. Feeding those, “who no fault of their own”, most will agree, is compassionate and a virtue, a true charity. Feeding street addicts and welfare rats, especially through government ((TAXES)) stupid. Generations of welfare recipients, food stamps, Beans Café, Golden Lion Hotel SCAMS, more like a tumor politicians like to use for re-election, to ply on the sympathies of old women and political missionaries seeking another hand-out, instead of a hand-up. Broken promises that don’t work, like ALASKA’s number one campaign promise ,” protect the PFD”, that’s obsolete. Pro-Choice is “women’s health”, like” pre-existing condition”, ALL bovine feces- ALL the time. Get pregnant, that’s on you and your — whatever; get fat walk more and don’t expect a handi-cap placard or Walmart electric chair, get a BAD-habit — dry-out. DO NOT expect taxpayers and workers to pay for Bad-Choice you made having FUN. (( not you Dan )). Kermit Gosnell got rich plying on “Planned Parent-stupid”, selling baby parts, from live birth victims. Cameleon Harris got elected(maybe) promising to spend YOUR money, Lying Biden collected Hunter Bucks and once again taxpayers got the broom-stick enema. They fall off a cliff- I sure as perdition, am not going to jump after to save an idiot.
    ASK ANYONE RUNNING FOR OFFICE , “what tax are you going to repeal”? like ” ROE eating WADE” watch the mealy mouth’s squirm then. As for me, I’ll keep MY-CHOICE, and the free loaders can keep theirs away from ME.

  • “The Bible warns of a time when many will call evil good and good evil.”
    I really don’t think of DF as being a biblical scholar, but this bit to which he refers, Isaiah 5:20, is a double edged sword. Let’s not get into what is good and what is evil, or even what is true and what is false, but Dan seems to have failed to read other parts of the Bible that say such things as found in Matthew 25:37-43. That seems pretty direct to me. Look out for the disadvantaged.
    We’re coming out of a four year period where the President seemed to think that taking children away from their parents, …hmmm…let me think, he really didn’t do much of anything else while President, other than repealing many of his predecessor’s edicts, to little effect, and passing a big tax break for his buddies. Oh, and of course, setting American against American by stoking the fires of human conflict.
    Dan sets it down in black and white. Liberal is evil and conservative is good. Nothing like taking the complexity of a situation and boiling it down to X and Y. No nuance, no subtlety, just good and evil. Simple, concise, you know who the enemy is and to whom you will show no quarter. Insures that when you are in control the good people’s kids are taken care of and the evil people’s kids, and the evil people themselves, are, well, “taken care of.” That is, until the winds of change shift and you become, in their eyes, evil and they become virtuous. Tribe against tribe. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The whole world, blind and toothless.
    Be afraid.

  • Men are the head of home. The absence of a Good Father figure throws the mother and child into confusion. He provides the discipline, the direction, and discernment in the mother and child. Since the LBJ welfare programs set in motion an increasing father-less homes when good men became the dependents on the state instead of the bread-winners providers and protectors over their own families. While too few mothers were not able to create a balance between the home’s father absence lacking his discipline, direction, and discernment with her innate qualities of consideration, submission, and intuition. Contrary to all the feminists and LGBTQ the woman can’t raise a family all her own like a man can’t raise his family without a mother. The confused single mother raises jezebel daughters and weak sons. The confused single father raises his sons and daughters lacking the sweet consideration and submission that they learn from living around good mother. Extended family and close friends can help be a surrogate opposite gender spending quality time around the single parent family providing a positive example of the missing parent. Sometimes a single Father or a Single mother alone without any surrogates can fill the absence by regular attendance to a good a bible church raising their child reading bible and surrounded in a faith community body of believers men and women. But. nothing takes the place like a child having a complete Nuclear family of a Father and Mother holding themselves accountable to teach and correct the children between Right and Wrong.

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