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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Fagan: Anchorage’s Leftist Assembly is the result of mail-in elections



It’s as if we’re different species.

Anchorage Assembly members Christopher Constant, Kameron Perez-Verdia, Felix Rivera, Meg Zaletal, Forrest Dunbar, Pete Petersen, and Suzanne LaFrance are clearly wired differently. So is acting Anchorage Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson. 

But so are most hard-core Leftists. It’s difficult to understand why they believe the way they do. It appears to me Leftists typically take whatever is true and believe the complete opposite. Up is down and down is up with this crowd. How can one possibly relate or reason with such a creature? 

For example: During an ABC News town hall meeting in October, Pennsylvania voter Mieke Haeck asked former vice-president Joe Biden if elected, would he reverse actions by President Donald Trump that could negatively impact her 8-year-old transgender daughter. 

Biden told Haeck he would change the law and then responded: “The idea that an 8-year-old child or a 10-year-old child decides, you know I decided I want to be transgender. That’s what I’d like to be. It would make my life a lot easier. There should be zero discrimination.”

Whether Biden actually believes an 8-year-old child’s life would be easier if they identified as the opposite of the sex they were born into is unknown. The media never challenges Biden, so we’ll never know.  

Biden most likely condoned transgenderism for an 8-year-old knowing full well those now controlling the Democrat Party are hardcore Leftists like Constant, Perez-Verdia, Rivera, Zaletal, Dunbar, Petersen, LaFrance, and Quinn-Davidson. 

One thing we know about the Hard Left, there is no wiggle room when it comes to disagreeing with their madness. If you question the wisdom of allowing a child to change their gender, you are a backward, bigoted, unenlightened hater of all things deemed sacred by Leftists. 

Constant, Perez-Verdia, Rivera, Zaletal, Dunbar, Petersen, LaFrance, and Quinn-Davidson made sure there’d be no disagreement in Anchorage when it comes to children changing sexes. They passed a law signed by former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, fining any counselor $500 per day if that counselor discouraged children from pursuing a new gender identify.

Apparently, Constant, Perez-Verdia, Rivera, Zaletal, Dunbar, Petersen, LaFrance, and Quinn-Davidson fancy themselves better-trained counselors than those actually trained to do the job. 

The most insidious part of this law is it offers cover for pedophiles molesting children. If a child knows they can’t get help from a counselor with unwanted gender confusion or same-sex desires, they’d be less likely to reach out for help. It’s no secret many children with gender confusion issues and same-sex attraction developed those desires after being molested by an adult. It’s not politically correct to say such a thing but we all know it’s true. And since it’s true, a true Leftist must take the opposite position.

The good news is the 11th Circuit Federal Court in Florida ruled as unconstitutional a ban for counselors to help children overcome same-sex attraction and gender confusion. Other federal jurisdictions have upheld the ban. The matter will most likely end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.  

The idea Anchorage is now run by such crazies as those believing it’s healthy for a child to transition to the gender they were not born into raises another question: Is Anchorage now a loony town? I don’t believe so.  

Radicals currently running the city is a relatively new phenomenon. It coincidently began after the Assembly enacted mail-in voting.  

We know mail-in voting led to the stealing of the presidency for Biden. Anyone with any sense knows that. Whether the Trump legal team will be able to prove it during the ever-shrinking time frame allotted is another question entirely. 

Anchorage Assembly Member Jamie Allard told me she’s working on a ballot referendum prohibiting mail-in voting in Anchorage. She’ll need 14,000 signatures by the end of February to get the measure on the ballot in April. Allard says that seems unlikely and will shoot for the fall of 2022 instead.   

Allard says approximately 31,000 municipal ballots were undeliverable this past election. That’s a lot of loose ballots floating around town. Allard says she received four ballots at her home. Two for her and her husband and two more for their former tenants. Allard says she and her husband could have voted twice if they wanted to. They did not.  

Allard says her friend down the street got five ballots this year. One for her and her husband. The rest for former residents of the address.  

One woman called my show this year telling me of going to the post office and while waiting in line seeing several ballots sitting on top of a trash can. The bottom line is mail-in voting floods the city with ballots. Of course, those who cheat will use it as an opportunity to do so.  

We know why Democrats work so hard to make it easier to cheat during elections and are obsessed with mail-in voting. Their policies are crazy and aren’t palatable with the majority of voters. Cheating is the only way they can win. 

We have to go back to showing up at the polls, providing an ID and then walking into the booth and filling in the bubble for the candidate of our choice. Enough with the mail-in voting that is ripe with fraud and corruption. If we don’t change the way we vote in Alaska’s largest city, Anchorage will remain Crazy Town. 

Dan Fagan hosts the number one rated morning drive radio talk show in Alaska on Newsradio 650 KENI. Dan splits his time between Anchorage and New Orleans. 

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Latest comments

  • 1. Every citizen votes in person. For those truly unable to leave home, a proper government representative can go to them AND maintain full chain of custody. Most severe penalties for fraud.
    2. For citizen voters who cannot poll in state, such as military, notarized sealed chain of custody.
    3. Maintain proper ID and chain of custody for all legitimate votes.
    Voting is a right and a privilege and all should have opportunity to vote. BUT every illegal vote cancels out one honest vote and gives us dishonest buffoons like the assembly and Gabby Ledoux. I saw fraud first hand as the child of a democrat activist and probably was used as a tool to enable it. If we want honest proper representative governance there is no room for fraud. Strip their citizenship and prohibit them from ever participating in government or voting again (and from reaping any benefits thereof).

  • Agree 100%!

  • Please make your posts shareable in Parler?

  • Mail in voting should be illegal. Period. For the entire state. If one is traveling, than do early voting. If one is incapacitated, there are provisions for that as well in the form of a special ballot. Mail in voting has destroyed states, primary case in point, Oregon. We need to rid our selves of this wide open door for corruption.

  • The Bottom-Line (IMO) … In order to realize change, Anchorage ‘Republicans’ need to care enough to show up to vote the conservative ticket.

  • Can someone explain to me why Conservatives are such vitriolic disgusting creatures? I am usually a humble person, but I am enjoying the Hell out of watching Trump and his supporters flail around like a fish out of water. After the way Republicans have handled this election’s aftermath, I will never respect another one in my life. They are all corrupt fools who parrot fake patriotism!!

    • so say the socialists…

    • And you are an uninformed, mind numbed parrot, who is unable to read or comprehend anything other than spoon fed liberal talking points. To call the roughly 75 million American Trump voters such names truly shows your ignorance.

    • Chris, you display typical leftist behavior by accusing conservatives of what you actually are. You always know what a leftist is up to by what they accuse conservatives of. And “humble,” really?

  • Fagan, your army may be larger than you expect.
    Hope your next essay discusses in as much detail how productive Anchorage residents –not elected or unelected officials– can solve this problem.
    For example, Eaglexit should help by shrivelling the city’s tax base to the point that Those Left Behind can’t be taxed enought to support elected and unelected officials plus an overpriced, failing education industry in the manner to which the lot believe themselves entitled, which means some of them might be have to eat their own just to survive.
    Another weakness is that Anchorage doesn’t have and, under present management, doesn’t seem likely to attract, an economy that’ll support productive residents along with bums and socialists.
    Recall our Constitution’s Fourteenth Amendment, Section One: “No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”
    … relevant how?
    Mail-in voting does -not- provide equal protection under the same law and precedent that established traditional on-site balloting.
    So who or what will fix the problem?
    Surely not a ballot intiative relying on the same corrupted process to pass… not Anchorage’s Assembly whose members who forced this perversion on residents… not Alaska’s judges, whose job security depends exclusively on Judicial Council approval, the same judges seemingly more concerned about leniency toward violent sex offenders and impeaching the Governor…
    Fagan, we got to find, maybe take up a collection for, a lawyer to petition a federal judge to strike down Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in voting process and restore traditional balloting, with traditional bipartisan oversight.
    Seems like a reasonable start, yes?

  • I think California has come up with the perfect solution concerning mail-in ballots. They confirmed a large majority of Leftists winning seats and better yet they set it up for the felons to receive unemployment benefits amounting to nearly a billion dollars. After all who would have thought to cross check names of incarcerated felons with an unemployment application. Must the same process as the process used (or not used) to verify voters identities. A nearly perfect score for the Left. Now just release all the felons on the general public.

  • As 2016 candidate Trump said,”yes I love the poorly educated.” 02/23/2016.
    All these waste of time state lawsuits brought forth by the “dream team”,
    but no real evidence presented.
    What was that famous PT Barnum line?

  • Let it play out. Half the country thinks the election was stolen!

  • R or D needs to be placed back in the ballots. The absurd claims for removing party affiliation in the beginning as a moved toward ‘ending divisiveness’ is an absurd motive for honest intentions. An election is intrinsically DIVIDED. Removing party affiliation is/was a means of meddling with the voters tendencies to trust one party over another. Which is THEIR RIGHT. That was purposefully taken from them.

  • The liberal cause is to take advantage of the sweat and accumulation of wealth by those willing to work hard for something in order to facilitate the decimation of a society. It is a true story though, that sooner or later, you do run out of other people’s money. The mail in voting scheme is just one tool to attempt to enslave those of us that would rather take our chances in a free society.

  • So you cite an anecdotal conversation from a person who cannot be identified, so we have no knowledge as to the veracity of her allegation. Additionally, you mentioned that multiple ballots being mailed to one residence. How many of those ballots were certified. You may malign our good election officials and workers, but I trust that they verified the mail-in ballots. Your inane suggestion that we know that mail-in balloting led to Biden stealing the election. First, no evidence. Second, how do we know that Republicans did not submit fraudulent ballots?

  • TB, kindly name one instance of a conservative caught cheating at the ballot box. This is democrat behavior. Democrats have to cheat to win, as their policies are so abhorrent. And there is a plethora of evidence showing the magnitude of mass cheating in this presidential election. But you probably listen to Pravda radio and watch the alphabet news, so you will never be exposed to the truth.

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