Facebook survey shows Knopp out on a limb



A 24-hour Facebook poll asking readers if Rep. Gary Knopp is on the right track show some startling results that would normally get any politician’s attention.

Fully 93 percent of the poll participants say Knopp is not on track in his power-sharing plan for the House of Representatives, which would give 50 percent of the power to the Democrat minority in a sort of “Caucus of the Whole” plan.

While not scientific, the poll stands in stark contrast to what Knopp wrote to the Republican Women of the Kenai in a letter he sent to them, claiming that letters from his constituents are running 10-to-1 in favor of his leaving the Republican majority to form up a bipartisan coalition.

The poll results are here:


“For every letter of frustration that I receive, I receive tenfold in support of my efforts,” Knopp wrote to the Republican Women of the Kenai.

Knopp’s claim of overwhelming support for his position has been challenged by a Kenai voter who wants the representative to prove that he actually has those letters.

Danny Dykema sent a letter to Knopp a week ago, but received no response.

Today, he sent another letter to him, asking him to prove his 10-to-1 claim.

“This week you claim to have a 10 to 1 ratio of emails supporting your plan and that I am a minority with other republicans in criticizing your plan.  As a voting constituent in your district, can you provide me any proof of this 10-1 ratio of support or for your radical plan in Juneau?” wrote Dykema. He copied the letter to Must Read Alaska.
Have you sent a letter to Rep. Gary Knopp the went unanswered? Use the comment section below to let MRAK know.


  1. Regrettably Rep Knopp is, by any standard, lying and will not be able to prove his 10 to 1 assertion. For that alone he should not be able to serve his constituents. People on both sides will not forget that he is a traitor and it will be very difficult for him to get anything done.
    Time for him to admit his exaggerated claims, apologize to his voters, the house, and all Alaskans and then caucus with the republicans. That might salvage his career. Without taking those steps he will lose the next election, and by a large margin. And he will be merely a footnote in Alaska politics.

    • Finally,
      Why is so much of politics based on “reelections”?
      This “session” has not even got up and “running” and all the R’s can say is “he will never get reelected”…
      Maybe this is the point, our country was not founded by career politicians and maybe career politicians are part of the problem and not part of the solution to the problems our society is faced with?

  2. Interesting commentary. Just be ready to hold everyone to that standard. Specifically I wonder if you’re giving some people a pass. I happen to be in the minority and support Knopp and agree with his thought process on this issue.

  3. A Facebook poll?….. Facebook is the epitome of evil!
    Anyone that uses Facebook for a lynch mob promotion such as this should be banned from the internet.

  4. A 24 hour Facebook poll? How scientific! Suzanne, I assume this is YOUR poll?
    That is nothing more than ginning up a lynch mob!
    BTW I am ambivalent on the actions of Rep. Knopp. Though I think the House deadlock is apropos for the current divide we have in the House.
    So what is it that divides the R’s and the D’s preventing a majority? Is it simply naked power?
    Or is the divide over taxes? Dividends? Deficit spending? Cutting government?
    In my view, a responsible plan should be obvious to both parties by now.
    Since neither party gets it – they have the government they wished for!

    • There’s no assuming… assuming you can read! It clearly states “Suzanne Downing created a poll.” I have not heard anyone threatening Rep. Knopp’s life (lynch mob), but there are a lot of people that are very frustrated with his action. These people have a right to be heard. Whether on Facebook, by phone, by email, by postal letter, or in person, people need to be heard. And if facebook is so evil… then maybe you should get off of it.

      • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Of course I meant lynch mob in the context of social media and mob mentality.
        I see Rep. Knopp’s success/failure wont be measured until we do achieve a majority and what will be the result.
        Neither faction is correct or incorrect. They have to fight it out. Although I am an R.
        But I do believe the Dividend is the problem and the Senate will shut down all of Mike’s major proposals.
        My overall plan is much simpler and I am trying to sell it to both sides of the aisle.

  5. Too bad you have to wait until the end of the session (120 days) to file the recall petition. District 30 is not my District, but we know that Mr. Knopp is not representing the R’s that elected him the first time, and allowed him to run unopposed the second.

    His so called strategy has done nothing to aid the process at all. His obstruction goes directly against the Republican Caucus. He can’t be removed soon enough !

  6. He could always resign and be replace.
    Seems he is unable to represent his district face the music a resign and allow our area to be represented!

    That way we can move forward .hi, not wasting everyone time and money…. You got your 15minutes ….everyone knows your name go home.

  7. Okay. I agree that this should be something that the kenai voters should moderate. How about sending a revised online poll where only kenai residents can respond. Use survey monkey or some other systems. Drive traffic through conservative and the liberal media. Anybody interested in me setting that up?

    • I think any social media effort to whip up Facebook users is insanity. We have elections and consequences. Our State fiscal problem is much greater than one Representative’s whims.
      We have a deadlock between the parties! I want to know why? They are both screwed up!
      I blame it on Dividend hysteria…..
      Really People! Stop the greed and self-serving BS about the Dividend!
      I am so sick of this sh–!

    • Your suggestion to only allow Kenai voters is taking the viewpoint that this is only an issue for the Kenai. Knopp is holding the whole stat hostage, therefore making it a state wide issue. Refusing to organize with the party he affiliates with has disenfranchised every voter that voted for a Republican/Dunleavy agenda. If they were organized and he vehemently apposed a piece of legislation, then I would agree that this was an issue for he and his constituents to hash out. But until then, he’s fair game for us all!

      • Probably one of the better post Thomas
        You are absolutely correct, this is impacting all of Alaska. If there was any chance the House could have been done in 90 days, that is out of the window and the window is closing each and every day.
        Your last comment is dead on. Many times we have seen Dems and Republicans vote against or for a bill that the majority of their side of the aisle voted differently. Many times the vast majority, Dem and Republicans have voted for a bill 40-0.
        Historically, this kind of situation has lead to the Democrat-Socialists in charge and getting their agenda through, look at the Sarah Palin era.
        Lastly, his “concern” about the 21 number is BS. Several years, there have been Dem that have caucused with the Republicans, resulting in a majority of 22, 23 or 24. Same could hold true now. Sadly his actions will not allow that possibility to happen.

  8. I don’t happen to live in the Kenai House District, but if you are some rich guy living in the Kenai District that ever wanted to become a politician, your window just opened up. This window is not open in say, District 8 where Mark Neuman serves. He is a run-of-the-mill Republican serving a run-of-the-mill conservative district voting just like a run-of-the-mill Republican member of the Alaska House would vote. There is no window open in District 8 because the voters in District 8 are not going to vote out someone like Mark Neuman. They have no reason to. But in Kenai there is now an opening. Are you rich enough to fund a local campaign? Do you live in Kenai? Have you ever wanted to be a politician? Are you a Republican and willing to vote as an ordinary Republican? If you checked yes to all these boxes then you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become a member of the Alaska House in 2020. Don’t pass this golden opportunity up.

  9. On the survey it shows 693 people completed this survey, so that is less than 10 percent of the voters in his district…this is no where near a “majority” by any means.
    Republicans should stop trying to micro manage every politician within their club and work on “restoring trust in government” like they say.
    Many Alaskans now a days are tired of party politics and Knopp’s idea of a bipartisan group does makes sense.
    Why should the thought of liberals and conservatives working together to solve issues infuriate so many Republicans throughout this state?
    Does the thought of compromise project fear for future corporate profits and current unregulated development in Alaska?

  10. Knopp tied my head in knots when I tried to listen to his excuses for not supporting our new governor on an extended KSRM radio interview.

    Suzanne is always ahead of the curve on these people pretending to represent us.

    Make no mistake. This guy is the enemy.

  11. Hopefully someone in the know in Juneau can start putting out a daily running total of dollars spent by and on the House of Representatives because Mr. Knopp is afraid to try and be a team player! Will these days of no action now be added to the end of the session with more additional costs. Did Mr. Knopp go to Juneau to help cut the budget or was his intent to run it up?

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