Facebook poll draws copycats: Results


Hours after Must Read Alaska posted a 23-hour Facebook poll on how Alaskans view the “proper” amount for the Permanent Fund dividend, both a big union-backed website and a liberal pollster posted copycat polls using the exact same language on their own Facebook feeds.

The results were all over the map.

In the original Must Read Alaska poll, 29 percent of participants chose the $1,600 PFD, while 71 percent of participants favored a $3,000 PFD. Over 4,000 participants took part.

In the leftwing/union copycat poll, the split was closer, 43 percent for the $1,600 option, and 57 percent for the $3,000 PFD. That poll is still running, so results may vary.

Ivan Moore’s copycat poll, however, was hidden from sight after only a few hours.

Moore, too, used the exact same language as the Must Read Alaska poll, and his poll at his Alaska Survey Research company Facebook page was originally set to run the poll for six days. It went 28 percent for the $1,600 PFD and 72 percent for the $3,000 option. The results were evidently not what he expected.

Although Alaska Survey Research made the poll disappear, several people were able to get a screenshot of it:

Warning: Foul language ahead:

Ivan Moore, who positions himself as a legitimate pollster, was having a particularly rough day, and ended up cussing out someone on his Facebook feed regarding some possibly questionable polling he’d been doing on Facebook about the presidential race:


  1. Apparently Jason forgot that by definition, he is a racist.

    Racist: Anyone winning an argument with a liberal….

  2. I support a full PFD. I also support budget cuts. One option for budget cuts within the k-12 system, is that it needs to be to cut down on the number of districts to no more than 10.

    That will drastically cut the budget because of less admins and their assistants, nearly all of whom never step foot inside the schools. But cutting districts/admin down by 40+ districts, that will free up a whole lot of money. Instead of cutting all that money saved out of the budget, cut it by 60ish% and use the remaining 40% to get more GOOD teachers, teacher’s aides, and get smaller class room sizes. Ideally, 10 children in a classroom would be best. 10 children in a classroom, each with a damn good teacher and a full time teacher’s aide? I can already see alaska’s education ranking shooting from bottom of the barrel to the top of the list.

    You know what happens when you have 10 kids per classroom and the “list” says the students are incredible to teach? You get a LOT of teachers fighting for positions. A lot of qualified teachers. Teachers with experience. This can only lead to good things for the children of Alaska.

    I can already hear the whining of “but that’s soooo many jobs!!!! Alaska will fail!” No it will not. The people in the admin buildings with teaching degrees can go back to teaching. The admin assistants can become teacher’s aides. Everyone else can be shoved out of the nest and learn to fly. If they fly (and most will, despite their whining), they can go and be productive in other areas of Alaska.

    Everyone in our legislator seems to think that throwing money at problem areas will fix it, but the truth is that cuts need to be made within broken systems in order to fix them. If you had a mosquito who decided to live on your arm and it gave you West Nile Virus would you treat the virus and continue to ignore the mosquito? No. Because it would continue to make you ill. Too much admin and not enough teachers is making our schools ill. We need to get rid of the virus causing mosquitos and treat our teachers and admins within the schools with respect for all of the HARD work that they do. And it can all be done without touching a single cent of the PFD.

    • I so agree! I haven’t heard any legislator proposing combining school districts. Even if it was cut in half to 25, that would be something. Like why does Prince of Wales Island, population around 6,000 need 3 school districts? 7 of our 53 (54?) school districts house 80% of the students! That’s a ridiculous statistic!

  3. The ultimate poll is an election, we just had one less than a year ago, seems that the people chose a fellow talking a full P.F.D. But I suppose the voters were just too stupid to know what the ramifications of a full P.F.D. were. Thank goodness for the political class and organized government labor and their affiliated organizations for saving us from ourselves!

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