Exclusive video: Dunleavy talks about White House visit


Must Read Alaska has obtained exclusive video of Gov. Michael Dunleavy debriefing on his 40-minute meeting with President Donald Trump on Oct. 30, 2019. This was his fifth meeting with Trump since Dunleavy took office 11 months ago. The meeting took place in the Oval Office.


  1. Effective messaging is critical for our governor right now. I can’t help but feel he doesn’t have the right people around him to ensure that happens.

    So many parallels between our current president and Dunleavy.

    Not sure why, but they both surrounded themselves with high-level people who do not have their best interests, nor their primary political agendas, in mind.

    It might be wise to turn to their early grassroots supporters, because right now they are literally sleeping with enemy.

    • Not sure how someone can be seen a great leader but at the same time be absolved by their supporters of the responsibility to pick effective staff. In other words, if they’re so great then why do they surround themselves with ineffective people? Trump time after time calls his own appointees losers, or the equivalent of turncoats. When will he take responsibility for hiring losers and turncoats? Same with Dunleavy. And why aren’t they being held accountable? In the business world a leader is only as successful as the people they put around them. Why is it different here, especially if Trump and Dunleavy both encourage running the public sector in a similar manner to the business sector. This is a real question, because this issue drives me nuts. Same goes for Democrats too — it’s an across-the-board problem.

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