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Exclusive video: Congressman Don Young told Alaskans that Jan. 6 was ‘not a riot, not an insurrection’

Congressman Don Young, who died March 18, told Alaskans in Wasilla in February that the Jan. 6, 2021 rally at the nation’s Capitol was not an insurrection.

In never-before-seen video taken by Must Read Alaska at the Menard Memorial Sports Center, Young can be seen discussing the events of Jan. 6, when thousands of Americans flew to Washington, D.C. to hear President Donald Trump speak and to protest the certification of the Electoral College by the U.S. Senate.

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Young told Alaskans at a Republican district convention that on Jan. 6, 2021, when a few people at the Capitol became unruly, he took out the Colt 357 Python firearm that he had in his office and kept it in sight.

“I went to the office with my wife, and I locked the door, and I told my staff, ‘Don’t you let anybody in this office period, unless I say it’s all right.’ I got out my Python and put it on top of my desk. And that was my answer to the so-called … it was not a riot. It was a large group of people with about 100 troublemakers.

“Do you go to an insurrection if you don’t have a firearm? It’s not an insurrection,” Young said. “They were there, but there was no violence in the heart of the major part of the group.” He said there have been insurrections throughout history “but it wasn’t that ground that day.”

The Select Committee to Investigate the Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol in the U.S. House has characterized the events as an insurrection. The mainstream media has repeatedly called the events of Jan. 6, 2021 an insurrection, something that irritated Congressman Young, who said, on the video, that police in the U.S. Capitol knew about the events in advance.

Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing
Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.


  1. Hey, Mary Peltola:

    While you occupy and care-take Don Young’s old congressional office for a couple months, make sure you play that video to Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Don’t bother trying to show it to Liz Cheney because she won’t be having much interaction with you. And please make a copy of the video and send it over to Hart Senate Building so Lisa Murkowski gets to have a peek at it too.

    • The Department of Justice, led by AG Merrick Garland is prosecuting Jan 6th law breakers. Joe Biden unlike Trump has a hands off approach to the DOJ. Nancy Pelosi has zero to do with the DOJ as does Mary Peltola. I recall Don Young saying a lot of stupid things, like the Corona Virus was a beer hangover.

      • A “hands off approach” by Joe Biden? What are you drinking this morning, Frank? Merrick Garland was Joe Biden’s personal favorite for the Supreme Court. A no go! That’s why Biden picked Garland for AG, so he could rubber stamp the Biden agenda. Besides, Biden has no time to fondle old men. He’s too busy doing that to little girls. A sick pedophile runs the White House,……when he isn’t sleeping or drugged-up.

      • Frank you are correct Nancy Pelosi has nothing to do with the DOJ, HOWEVER it is my understanding that security of the Capitol falls under her jurisdiction and responsibility. Yet nowhere has she been questioned as to her actions or in-actions. The committee declared her “off-limits”. If you really want justice, let’s bring out all the facts and let the proverbial chips fall where they may.

          • Don’t be absurd, Frank. Clearly with tensions high in the country, security should have been beefed up and hardened. Washington had ample reports of large crowds expected and with it the element of trouble. We do live in a post 9/11 world. It has been reported that national guard troops were authorized, but rejected by Mrs. Pelosi and Muriel Bowser. Since it is my understanding that the speaker of the house is the commander of the capitol police (who are responsible for physical security) her decisions should be part of the whole story.

          • Yes. Many Antifa were there. Yes, Antifa were the ones doing the damage. Yes Nancy Pelosi denied President Trumps request for additions security. Yes Nancy Pelosi is complicit. Do you get it know?

      • Frank: you should look up how many judges the Obama/Biden administration appointed. Here’s a hint. It was significantly more than Trump. This is why your news sources pretending to be objective and comprehensive is making people like you obnoxious fools that are actively polarizing the nation. And by the way, Biden had to approve the raid on president Trump and did have a hand into the DOJ. Didn’t Trump get impeached for such actions against a political opponent? Oh it’s different if Trump actually did something unlawful? Consider how a completely unqualified son got onto a Ukrainian energy board and why. And why is the FBI “leaking” photos of an on going investigation? Shouldn’t Biden be asking that the people involved with that leak be held accountable? Oh that’s right, he has “hands off approach”.

        • Justin. I think you have a case of Trump Denial Syndrome. You make the claim about Hunter’s presence on that board and I suspect you’re correct that there is something fishy there. Its then fair to wonder why Jared Kushner was given top security clearance in the Trump administration and was appointed to positions for which he had no skills. And kinda a fishy, don’t you think, that MSB, the dismembering murdered from Saudi Arabia “invested” TWO BILLION dollars with Kushner.

          Also, you’re comment about Trump being impeached for illegally trying to extort dirt on candidate Biden is not at all the same as President Biden following the rule of law with the investigation of stolen documents by Mr Trump at Mar A Lago. Private citizen Trump is not a political rival of President Biden.

    • Pepe, I don’t know but there is signicant leeway granted to members of the House of Representatives by way of Parliamentary Privilege. Essentially they have immunity from prosecution for any number of things. Unless the House removes that Privilege from a particular member.
      So yes, I’m certain that Don packed a heater. A Colt Python is an old weapon however, ( I see somebody is making them again though) and it wouldn’t surprise me if Don purchased his prior to metal detectors!

  2. There was too much of a ruckus inside the Capitol Building, and some things were criminally damaged, and a woman was needlessly – nay, criminally – shot and killed by a sociopath with a badge. But as Don said, “Not an insurrection.”

    Video recordings clearly show that the doors of the Capitol Building were held open by some of the Capitol police officers for protesters to enter, most of whom were entirely peaceful. NPR’s continuous use of the word ‘insurrection’ is simply one of many examples of corporate news media propaganda.

    A true “insurrection” occurred during 2020 throughout the months of murders, rioting, fire-bombing, looting, and terror that followed the unintended and arguably the self-inflicting drug-overdose death of a certain felon in Minnesota. Most Democrat Party governors and mayors then failed to perform their sworn duties to enforce laws and suppress that widespread insurrection. Never forget that these same politician-malefactors, including Joe Biden, are tirelessly working, like termites, to weaken the clearly-worded rights of the people that are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Rest in peace, Don.

    • Very good comment, hasalaska, and all true.
      I might add, though, that the one real, and incredibly damaging, recent and ongoing insurrection is the willful destruction of this nation by the illegitimate regime of Usurper Xiden and his demonic cabal, who stole the 2020 election and are determined to undermine every good, honest, decent and stable aspect of this nation for their own evil ends, whatever those may be.

    • Don’t forget the other woman killed that day at the capitol, Rosanne Boyland. I don’t hear that one mentioned much.

  3. Denial after denial is all that I read here.
    Don Young was NOT the sole legislator present on January 6th. His narrative and headcount of those present.
    When you start pushing past police barriers and use these barriers to climb the walls or when you start breaking windows to climb inside or when you attempt to break down the solidly locked wooden doors to gain access to the US Congress, that is an insurrection.
    If Republicans win this time in November 2022, is the opposition supposed to show their disappointment by carrying out the same sort of mayhem???
    Kelly T has already declared that she will not accept the results of 2022…meaning if she doesn’t win.
    This is insane, childish behavior which is unacceptable for an elected official.
    What about preserving the basic premises of American democracy, whatever political party you prefer????

    • Goodness Catherine. Did Don Young say that people that were violent and broke into the capitol initially shouldn’t be prosecuted? Everyone agrees that people that busted into the capitol and attacked police should be prosecuted. Democrats and their controlled media wants you to think people disagree with you about that. It’s simply not true. They want you to think their political opponents are made up villains. Although, you seem pretty invested, and may also want to believe people are villains so you can flatter yourself too. I hope not. That’s toxic divisive behavior.

    • Well, then, with your definition, the onslaught in Wisconsin by leftists who occupied the Capitol building because they didn’t like the governor must have been an insurrection. The attacks in Portland by Antifa and other leftists must have been an insurrection. The entire summer of 2020 with Black Lives Matter leftist terrorists must have been an insurrection. And naturally, the railroading of innocent people like the couple in Homer because of their travel plans must be an insurrection too, since a door was busted down and people were handcuffed for no reason whatsoever. If you don’t want to go down that path, maybe you should take off the leftist, commie glasses and take a look at what your favorite people have been up to for, oh, about 50 years.

    • 99% of the people there were involved in what was intended to be a peaceful protest. Most were people who were very patriotic and simply wanted questions addressed as to the legitimacy of the election process, which still hasn’t happened. There’s still questions as to the intentions of the instigators of the entrance to the capital, and who they worked for. But it really doesn’t take much to excite such a large crowd, and if it was done intentionally, then legal action is warranted for those individuals. But to punish people for loving their country, even if you think it was misguided, is the Chinese solution. Peaceful protest gone bad, that’s all it was, no matter how hard you try to make something more of it. Happens a lot. Try going down the Glenn Highway at 85 and see how many people follow you.

      • Well Trig, then the thousands of the remaining 1% need to be prosecuted.

        Your diminishment of the worst attack on our democracy ever is stunning. Ideology over evident.

        • What is it that you want Lucifer? Do you want Trump arrested because if that happens that will tear the country apart and I mean literally. Do you want his nuts cut out because you’re a man hater? Do you want his beautiful orange hair shaved off? What is it exactly that you want? Trump didn’t do anything wrong on the 6th.

          • Hey thanks for asking Gregory. I want him to participate in the rule of law. There is substantial evidence to indict him and if the evidence leads to a conviction, good, he deserves it.

            If a conviction leads to violence, it will be because of the anti-intellectual, gun-happy MAGA domestic terrorists, not those, like me, who support the rule of law.

        • What about the BLM and antifa rioters, when’s their days in court? They did far worse than trespassing the j6 people did

        • The worst attack on our democracy?? Really? Hyperbole much? Your shallowly focused obsession is getting embarrassing.
          Let’s see attacks on our representative republic…
          The Brits burned the down the White House during the war of 1812, the Civil War 1861-1865, the 18th amendment (prohibition) in the 1920, the great depression resulting in the New Deal and more government control, Pearl Harbor 1941 and 9/11/2001 sought to destabilize the country, Covid, riots in major American cities against police and federal institutions, leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan…..

        • You might want to rethink your claim that we live a democracy. We live in a constitutional representative republic, dear, but then, you must have skipped civics in school. A democracy is two wolves and a chicken deciding what to have for dinner. We don’t do that.

    • Nobody is saying otherwise. Don Young didn’t say otherwise. But it wasn’t an insurrection and it’s only being called an insurrection by politically motivated democrats that want to repeat that lie so much that it becomes fact. That wild accusation is the offense many people are being prosecuted for, for just being present, even if they were actively trying to stop the crowds from advancing. And it has now been almost two years in captivity without a trial for many. And many of the people that actually broke glass windows, pushed barricades down, and encouraged people to go in have not been identified and prosecuted and I think you and I and the late Don Young want those people prosecuted.

      Then there is Epps that did actively tell everyone he encountered that they should breach the capitol and he took part in pushing over barricades and was identified, yet the FBI won’t tell us anything about him. Either he was an undercover agent that actually encouraged crime or he made a plead deal to snitch and was allowed to get off scott free because of it. That would be like letting a mafia hit man that murdered lots of people get to go into witness protection if they only snitched on who washed dishes for the mafia.

      It’s almost like some force(s) wants us to see two different truths so that we go after each other when in reality we agree that the people that took an active part in breaking into the capitol should be prosecuted but not in kangaroo court. Real court.

      Oh but what all of this boils down to is “orange man bad”, which is 1984’s “two minutes of hate”. Wake up Frank. You are being stirred up to be used. You can dislike trump and not fall for this crap. We agree, I bet, much more than many want you to realize.

    • Well then, Frank, you should be calling even more stridently, and hysterically, for the arrest and prosecution of the vastly larger number of REAL insurrectionists who participated in the mass arson and violence of the BLM/Antifa riots in 2020. Yet curiously, you have never done so.
      I that is called “hypocrisy” and “double standards”, Frank.

  4. Don Young was correct. This was not an insurrection and what followed with all the committee hearings was never meant to find justice or basic facts. Instead all those politicians, who so frequently quote the “will of the American People” or claim to speak for them from their safe perches in Washington, came face to face with the sovereigns of this country. Americans who did not agree with Washington or appreciated what these politicians had to say. Dissent and protests are a time honored tradition to make your opinion known. (Breaching the Capitol building is unacceptable) I wonder if Maxine Waters’ words were coming back to haunt her, about “getting in their faces…” So in the end this whole thing is personal to them. These politicians encountered the American people, without a filter and in a direct and personal way. The deplorables invaded “THEIR” space. Space they felt entitle to, instead of remembering that it belongs to all. Mainstream journalist having become part of the establishment to gain access and special information, felt their status threatened. Voila the insurrection narrative was born. The added bonus now is to blame the whole thing on the former president.

  5. “riot
    ri·​ot | \ ˈrī-ət \
    1a : a violent public disorder
    specifically : a tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons assembled together and acting with a common intent
    b : public violence, tumult, or disorder”
    The biggest problem in this society is the now moment-by-moment obsession of the lawyer/journalist/politician class trying to manipulate the language in order to manipulate society.
    It was a riot. Nothing more, nothing less.
    And as the lawyer/journalist/politician class continue to tear society apart, riots will morph into events much more destructive.
    And the world continues to spin……….

  6. The use of the term insurrection by the Dems is very deliberate. They’re already using the courts to disqualify conservatives from running for office using the 14th Amendment. I’d still like to know who Ray Epps worked for to incite the protesters to enter the capital. He’s clearly on tape doing just that but not put in jail like so many others at the capital only protesting. It has all the hallmarks of a Dem operation, all too similar to what the Nazis did burning down the Reichstag to cement their power.
    And it’s been very useful in deflecting from addressing the issues those protesting were there for – cleaning up our elections. There were so many deliberate and illegal things done by the Dems during that election to sway the vote that needs to be corrected so we have confidence in our elections but no! Challenge the election and you’re on a list. We have to set this right in the mid-terms with a massive turnout that can’t be swayed by the tricks the Dems played in 2020.

    • It sure does have a lot of parallels to the Reichstag fire whether the flattered democrat voters want to believe it or not. Even if democrats didn’t actively withhold law enforcement (they did) and there weren’t active “provocateurs” (there were) that purposefully damaged the capitol and stirred up rioters, democrats are, without any doubt doubt, using the event to evoke the same response as that one guy did that entered power in 1933 Germany.

    • You must be new here. There are plenty of opposing comments that make the cut and I think the opposing comments actually get much more leeway for insults, swearing, and name calling.

  7. Breach the perimeter of a fenced in gov’t office and you should expect to be shot. That only one idiot was shot baffles me. Were I in that security detail that day all of them would’ve rec’d the same treatment; As Mr. John Lee Hooker might say; boom boom boom boom.

    It’s obviously true what Don said, this not being an insurrection but rather a large group of dipsticks w/ maybe a 100 cretins mixed in. Doesn’t change much though and any that went inside the fence should thank their lucky stars that they’re still here to tell the prosecutor how much of a dumb*ss they are.

    As time goes on there will be fewer and fewer security officers w/ the nuts to take a stand and the reason for it is that woman beating and drug addled cretins with a violent criminal history like George Floyd are being eulogized as angelic and officers doing what they’re trained to do are being convicted of murder. Complete BS.

    • I agree it was “a large group of dipsticks w/ maybe a 100 cretins mixed in”. But these violent cretins were provided intel from Boebert in advance of the January 6 attack, Trump purposely goaded them, there was significant planning for the event by members of the Trump cabal, the dipstick Proud Boys and Oath Keepers (Hello Rep David Eastman!) were armed and sought to hang the Vice President of the United States of America. That is appropriately called an insurrection.

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