Epic: Classic Don Young, locks antlers with ‘Move On’ predator camera


Move On is an organization that began as a group to defend Bill Clinton against impeachment.

Ironically, its activists were stalking Republicans in the Longworth House Office Building to harass them over their impeachment vote, when they stalked the wrong guy: Congressman Don Young.

After chasing and haranguing the congressman down a hall and to an elevator, the Move On activists found themselves literally face to face with the Dean of the House, who came up to the camera and briefly locked horns with it, tapping “hello” to it in the most polite fashion possible.

Watch the exchange here:

The media, in its usual fashion, said Young “head-butted” the camera, but the evidence shows otherwise. It’s almost as if they wanted Young to do something outrageous, but he was pretty mellow, considering the dogged persistence of the fellows following him.

(An observer noted “it was no head butt. If Congressman Young had intended a head butt, the camera would be in the repair shop.”)


      • And Don Young not answering, over and over.
        It might seem like a “gotcha” question, but don’t you think it deserves a straight up answer.
        Do YOU think it is OK for a foreign country to interfere in our elections, and, if so, why?

  1. The Longworth HOB is the Dean’s home. He was merely testing the harrassers to see which of them would be most easily fitted on the wall of his sizeable collection of animal heads.

  2. I request that Alyse Galvin comment on this… In particular, does she approve of the conduct of the “reporter?”

    • The reporter is not a voting member of the House of Representatives. Now, it might be true that all men are created equal, but when someone is a member of Congress, he is definitely more equal than others (well, maybe not Senators), and one would, perhaps, expect a more decorous response.
      What is wrong with the reporter’s attempt to get an answer to his question? Did he physically threaten Mr. Young or his aide?
      Tenacity in reporting is generally considered a good thing, unless you live in a totalitarian state.

      • I can understand why the Move On man/woman/they/being is being mistaken for a reporter by the writer Ronnback. There is no discernible difference between left wing activists and CNN reporters these days except maybe wardrobe and a gym membership.

        This was bird-dogging, however, not reporting. There was not a shred of neutrality to it, so drop the pretending.

        • This was looking for an answer to a question. If that’s bird dogging, let the bird dogging continue.
          As far as neutrality goes, your response seems to indicate that you prefer talking points over answers to real questions.
          Not a shred of neutrality to it.
          Quit pretending.

  3. It’s called “Bird Dogging.” We should use the same tactics. You just harass and corner people till they snap. And make sure your camera is on.

  4. Obviously the delivery was annoying, but it was a fair question asked of Mr. Young.
    “Do you think it’s OK for the president to pressure foreign governments to interfere in our elections?” 
    The logical simple answer was NO!

    • It’s a lot like asking “Have you stopped beating your wife?” type question. The only “right” answer is no answer.

    • But it certainly OK for the president to ask foreign governments to investigate wrong doing by American citizens in their country! Wrong doing like bribing governments to put their. Relative on a company board. Wrong doing like threatening to withhold money if they didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating their relative. Those would be reasons to nvestigate Joe B…….. oh I mean an American citizen who had abused HIS power of office.

      • Certainly it is OK for a foreign country to investigate an American citizen for crimes they may have committed in country. But for the President of the United States to ask a foreign government, one which relies on American generosity to fight an invading horde, to dig up evidence against a person running for elective office, and to threaten to withhold something of value (weapons, a visit to the White House) if POTUS doesn’t get what he wants, and if this is in addition to inquiring about an investigation that had already been undertaken and dismissed, then it starts to look a lot like a QUID PRO QUO.
        You OK with that? How ’bout if George Soros starts using his billions to get foreign governments to dig up stuff on Trump. How much do you think it would take to get the “pee-pee” tapes from Putin? If he has them. If they exist.

    • Steve the simple answer is no! No to our DOJ falsification of FISA warrants, No to our FBI paying a foreign spy for “dirt” on an opposing presidential candadate. Lots of No here Steve.
      Regarding Trumps phone call… did you ” know”that there is a treaty between the USA and Ukraine that specifically directs the other to investigate fraud by parties from their repective countries?
      Seems to me that only simpletons rely on simple answers here Steve.

      • First, MQ the prosecutor the Obama Admin was trying to get fired in Ukraine wasn’t investigating any corruption, he was the corruption and it was the international community united on his ouster. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/10/03/what-really-happened-when-biden-forced-out-ukraines-top-prosecutor/3785620002/

        Second, Older-Here is what is know about the case. From the sworn testimony submitted to bipartisan House Committees from several career civil servants and a decorated armed service member, all with impeccable records, who served this administration and republican admins in the past, we learned that they witnessed Trump extorting their president to publicly announce the investigation himself on TV, which would be a great PR move to benefit Trump not the USA, not you and I, but himself. His stated concern about corruption doesn’t pan out with other policy action taken by the admin. Yes, the Biden situation looks shady, but it was legal, and that is a problem when family members of powerful elected officials benefit from their connection to that power. It was problem then as it is now. Can we at least agree that the Trumps doing the same thing and we as citizens should address it?

        Third as a public official who’s been under the employ of the federal government for 40+ years, that is pretty unprofessional behavior and shows that the man can’t take the heat.

    • It has been done many times President Trump is not the first President to do so and he never asked them to interfere in the election he asked for them to look into the interference that did occur in 2016 and was never acted on by the previous administration. Foreign Governments always do including the United States.

    • Who knows. But everybody knows that Hillary took money from many countries while she was Secretary of State. Uranium One. Clinton Foundation. E-mails proving graft, corruption and pay to play. You Liberal wackos and your media defenders are such hypocrits and sophists. Don Young and Trump will easily be reelected thanks to all of you Democrats. Good day!

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