Elitist on attack: Murkowski’s top legal ally bullies working-class man waving campaign signs for Begich


Scott Kendall, the lawyer and architect of the ranked choice voting method (Ballot Measure 2) Alaska now uses in its elections, is a well known supporter of Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Mary Peltola, and Kendall’s former boss, Bill Walker, the failed governor who left office in disgrace in 2018. Kendall represents all-things-Democratic Party. He supports all the Democrats on the ballot and actively works for their elections.

But Kendall didn’t do any of his candidates a favor by bullying a working-class Anchorage man who was simply participating in democracy and waving signs as a volunteer after work for the man’s preferred candidate, Nick Begich for Congress.

A member of the Young Republicans Club, the young man is 22 years old and works four jobs to help his family out, especially since his mother’s house burned down. He went straight from work with his warm “security” jacket on and waved signs for Begich at the corner of Northern Lights Blvd. and New Seward Highway with about a dozen other citizens.

The working man who was picked on by Scott Kendall for having a job.

Kendall commented on Twitter, “Good thing @NBegich has a security detail for his sign waving! Shades of Joe Miller…?” referring to former Senate candidate Joe Miller and his famous entourage of Drop Zone security personnel.

Ryan McKee, president of the Young Republicans, noted that the young man took it in stride, and after finding that he was attacked by Kendall, decided to go make get-out-the-vote phone calls all evening for Gov. Mike Dunleavy. The working man with four jobs said that with “the little time I have, I do what I want.”

“But Bill Walker it would be great if you kept your staff under control and refrain from these petty attacks on really great people,” McKee commented on social media.

In Alaska, Kendall represents the “elitist cabal” that former Democrat U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard was referring to when she quit the Democrat party last month. Disdainful of working people who hold jobs and try to support themselves and their families, Kendall typifies the divide between the snarky, Twitter-obsessed lawyer class and the workers of America.

Kendall is behind a group that has been harassing the campaign of Gov. Mike Dunleavy with “law fare” legal complaints to try to tie up Dunleavy’s campaign in court and prevent them from being effective against Kendall’s favorite candidate, Walker.


  1. Lawyers are the scum of the earth. They do no good for anybody but charge top dollar from their clients. There should be a law no lawyers involved with politics.

    • Not all are Scum Mark. And there may come a day when you will really need a lawyer. Then you might understand that they often do “ good”.

      • No they are the reason we are in this mess. Twisting the meaning of every word spoken to their benefit and charging people like doctors because they can. Scott is using his law degree to change Alaska to his liking and the hell with the rest of us.

  2. Dr. Dobson has a guest michelle bachman on katb 89.3fm radio tonight at 9:30 speaking on just this issue how democrats like kendall use prejorative terms/lies/accusations about us (christians, conservatives, republicans, maga) stealing our true identities.

    • Jen, very interesting and powerful, the whole subject of accusations. As you know Satan is the father of lies and accuses the brethren before the Father continuously. How do we as Christians respond? Do we deny or agree? How to we dismantle the accusations of the enemy here on earth (eg, Scott Kendall) and in the heavenlies (eg, Satan in Zechariah 3:1-2). Very importantly: accusations ALWAYS have destructive power even when they’re FALSE. Kendall, a tool of his father knows this. In casting false accusations Kendall also agrees to be cursed with the sin of bearing false witness, but evidently the trade is worth it to Mr. Kendall.

      • Jesus said: “You are from your father the devil and you wish to do his will.”…”Outwardly you appear beautiful but in your skirts is the blood of the saints! You are like whitewashed graves!” I think they should be called out. ‘Course they are uncomfortable with that. He upheaved their money and physically beat them in broad daylight. Now, that he is “back” completing His conquest for His Father he chose to share with repentant ones I suppose His righteous indignation might flare up even more against unrighteousness, shortly.

  3. Scott Kendall is a petty little communist troll. He is evil. That opinion is coming from my personal interactions with him and his failed leadership attempts in the Walker administration. Everyone needs to do your part to and vote evil out of power, and keep evil out of power. Vote, and RANK THE RED!

  4. Here the democrats say they are for “democracy.” But what do they do? Bully some poor guy expressing his opinion, as is constitutionally guaranteed. And make no mistake, Walker is not and never has been a republican; that was only to get elected. The fact that he keeps choosing democrats for running mates should have given that away by now. As for Scott Kendall, he keeps sinking to new lows. Hopefully tomorrow he will sink the rest of the way, once and for all. Please! Rank the Red!

  5. “Attacked?” Haha. The guy mentioned on Twitter that there’s a security guy waving a sign. C’mon Suzanne. There’s gotta be some real news to report.

    • Do you prefer look down on. Belittle? Ridicule?

      I thought your side was “words are violence”. Doesn’t matter. Once again, progressive distaste for actual working people rears its head.

      But it’s probably not a bad idea for Begich to have guards at his events considering the level of violence the left has resorted to throughout history.

    • If a conservative did EXACTLY the same thing to someone waving a Peltola for Congress sign, would you be so quick to make that comment?

  6. “Attacked?” Haha. The guy mentioned on Twitter that there’s a security guy waving a sign. C’mon Suzanne. There’s gotta be some real news to report.

    • You like henchmen for Bill Walker and Lisa Murkowski. You like bullies. You like mean lawyers with twitchy Twitter fingers. We get it. You and Scott Kendall are two peas in a pod, or very likely the same person.

    • It was a snide petty remark that is innocuous by itself but not when coming from someone that has a lot of political influence and ill intent. Kendall is not a good person, and used his power and influence to being us the RCV disaster. Sadly too many people have been influenced by his words in the past.

  7. Lisa-M and her crew of misfits and miscreants! Emblematic of desperation and undesirable character flaws. Lisa-M should’ve been been replaced with Joe Miller but, the cancer has been hard and tricky and elusive. For Lisa-M, it has never been ever so clear that this is “only” about feeding her ego and never about delivering on behalf of Alaska and Alaskans. “NOW” is the time to free the patient (ie – Alaska and Alaskans) from the devastating cancer.
    Vote “KELLY-T” and don’t even rank Lisa-M on the ballot.

  8. Voted early. Put Kelly first and another person other than Lisa and the Democrat. I only ranked two. Didn’t like the last two options. Lisa doesn’t stand up for Alaskans. She stands with Washington DC. Consider that when voting today.

  9. Even if he HAD BEEN security, is there a law about them holding a sign too?
    P.S. I wouldn’t vote for Begich – first, his father e-mailed me, slammed the sht out of Palin. Then, he made some stupid ad about a “bridge to nowhere” slamming Palin for it (is that all you got?) then, he went on to say it was a good project & STILL is a good project. Oh, no, he’s going to blow money trying THAT again? Just to buy our votes? How about ASKING what we want….

    That guy had CLEARLY never been to Ketchikan.
    100 mph winds every year – the bridge would have lasted maybe a year, & no one would use it in bad weather.
    The bridge would have turned a 5 min ferry ride into an hour+ long drive over TWO bridges just to get to the airport. A long drive through town & out the road some – a big U turn.
    TWO spans of bridge.
    It would have had us driving all the way across TWO islands.
    Turns out it was to create a hard link to an island across the water — & NOT the airport island (for more cruise ship docks, $$ for those landowners – Murkowski had been one until then. She since sold it.) that was 2 minutes across from downtown – to allow more giant tour buses (so – from 1.2 million a year to 2.5 million a year?) that we do not have the infrastructure for. I know. I drive one of those buses. 12 minutes now to go 1/4 miles in summer.
    What Palin did was right – that was 1/2 a Billion (3/4 now?) of FEDERAL taxpayer money – & Katrina ppl needed it more than we needed the bridge.
    Ppl hated her for that. Misinformed; she didn’t kill jobs. There WERE NOT GOING to be any jobs – they were planning to hire from down south to build it.
    That’s when they began chasing her down the halls of the capital with subpoenas & lawsuits, bought the house next door to hers & she had to build that 18′ fence to keep the photographer out of her daughter’s bedroom windows. she didn’t just quit. It got bad, she couldn’t do her job & she was trying to save her family.
    but, I digress…….

  10. You know if “Anne Anybody” with 35 followers had tweeted this, it would be tasteless but also not worth a mention.
    Yet here is Scott Kendall an official member of a campaign sending out unsubstantiated misinformation. Scott Kendall supportes candidates, who see themselves as defenders and supporters of “our constitution” and “democracy” However when his chosen individuals or causes do not win at the ballot box, he is the first to attempt to litigate them to power, demonstrating repeatedly that he and his clients never care about the will of the voters or democracy.

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