Elective abortions cut from budget


Rep. Cathy Tilton was able to get an “intent language” amendment into the operating budget that ends state funding for elective abortions, and removed the $334,000 that pays for such abortions from the operating budget of the Department of Health and Social Services.

Rep. Kelly Merrick spoke first in favor of the amendment. She shared how she was born to a 17-year-old unwed mother who, rather than aborting her, gave her up for adoption. Merrick said she could think of no greater way of honoring her parents, who have since passed, than by supporting Tilton’s amendment.

The exact wording of the amendment is:

“No money appropriated in this appropriation may be expended for an abortion that is not a mandatory service required under AS 47.07.030(a). The money appropriated for Health and Social Services may be expended only for mandatory services required under Title XIX of the Social Security Act and for optional services offered by the state under that step plan for medical assistance that has been approved by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.”

The state paid for abortions for 805 women in 2018.

Rep. Gary Knopp voted in favor of the amendment, but not before declaring, “I believe deeply in a woman’s right to choose.” Both Rep. Andy Josephson and Neal Foster voted against the amendment, which passed 9-2.

Josephson said he questions the constitutionality of the amendment, a sentiment echoed by Rep. Jennifer Johnston, who ended up voting in favor of it.



  1. Glory me! I can’t believe that a legislative body could think so clearly of this amendment and its purpose. I’m very surprised. We are better people for this.

  2. Prior to any abortion, have the mother watch the opening of “Unplanned” and see if they would like to continue with the procedure of removing the ‘glob of cells’.

  3. I won’t stop a woman but why oh why do they expect it to be free. Just like so many other elective surgeries, I have to pay for it out my pocket.
    You want an abortion, you pa for it. Don’t make it illegal and don’t make it free. Maybe people will think about exercising some precautions if you have to paid for it.

    • Nothing is “free”. That’s just it. Someone is paying for it. And, it should NOT be the State. But who is paying the most? The baby human that lost his or her life. I would rather people exercise precautions and not get pregnant in the first place, or exercise precautions by if they do get pregnant, exercise their right to examine other options besides abortion. Millions of couples and singles, gay and straight of all walks of life, of all nationalities, want to love and raise those babies. That is what I would want them to think about when faced with an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy. If they really don’t want that baby, there is someone that does. Kind of ironic. Most people won’t throw out old clothes. They ensure they go to goodwill to make someone else happy. But a baby?

  4. Great Direction! I’m sure that Daddy’s Little Princess is somewhat dismayed but, finally some semblance of common sense is beginning to prevail.

  5. Rep. Gary Knopp voted in favor of the amendment, but not before declaring, “I believe deeply in a woman’s right to choose.”

    What a snake in the grass. He’s a big government democrat who misled his constituency.

    I’ve always thought the government should never be involved in paying for abortions, let the dems and libs and pro murder people give their money to pay for abortions, kinda like a GoFundkillingbabies operation.

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