Election Day in MatSu could bring snowy-blowy weather for last-minute voters


The Matanuska-Susitna Borough voters have their local elections Nov. 7 — the second Tuesday of November.

On statewide General Election years, that makes it easier for people to cast local, as well as state and federal ballots on the same day. The cities of Houston, Palmer, and Wasilla hold elections on the first Tuesday in October. 

On the Nov. 7 MatSu ballot, the big question is whether the teachers’ union candidates will take seats away from budget-conscious conservatives that are incumbents on the MatSu School Board.

Conservatives Ole Larson and Kathy McCollum are the targets for the Alaska Democrats as well as the AFL-CIO-affiliated unions that want to flip the school board. The Democrats have poured tens of thousands of dollars into this effort to flip the most conservative part of the state. They have tried to position their candidates as conservative in order to appeal to voters of this red part of the state.

The following offices are on the ballot:

  • Assembly District 4 – three-year term ending November 2026, incumbent Rob Yundt is unchallenged.
  • Assembly District 5 – three-year term ending November 2026, incumbent Mokie Tew is challenged by Bill Gamble.
  • Assembly District 6 – one-year term ending November 2024, incumbent Dmitri Fonov is challenged by Jackson Abney, Kerby Coman, and Stafford Glashan.
  • School Board District 3 – three-year term ending November 2026, incumbent Kathy McCollum is challenged by Sydney Zuyus.
  • School Board District 6 – three year term ending November 2026, incumbent Ole Larson is challenged by Dianne Shibe.

Precincts and polling places for the Matanuska-Susitna Borough are on the borough’s Polling Places & Precincts Page

If you don’t know your assigned polling place, you may find it online by using the Alaska State Division of Elections Online Polling Place Locator, or contact the Alaska State Division of Elections at 1-888-383-8683 (toll free), or the Borough Clerk’s Office at 907-861-8683.

Polls close at 8 pm. Weather in the MatSu could pose a challenge for late voters, as a winter storm watch is in effect for later Wednesday, with blowing snow, mixed precipitation, and heavy snow.

More voter information can be found at the borough’s election website, with unofficial results likely to be posted by 10 pm.


  1. I will walk through fire or freezing rain to vote to prevent the valley from becoming another Anchorage. Please vote and stop the leftist liberal republic hating democrats.

  2. I personally like Ole, he was my Sunday school teacher back in the late 1980s. However, I will not be voting for him. Not because of the Libs, or a Union, or the budget. It’s because he was part of the group that diminished the Student Representative role on the School Board.

  3. The liberals are already there. Conservatives are only lucky they have about 200 more votes than the liberal candidate IF all conservative leaning voters don’t forget to vote. The aging Matsu conservatives have aged and aren’t moving as fast as they should be to increase their conservative base by getting the millennials and GenZ more involved in conservative political activities. They should be reminded they can’t serve forever. Liberals have shown they feel impatient waiting until they can dominate by their teacher and union loud cantankerous protest at the school board. Now the liberals of Matsu borough are getting pushy. They recognizing what I see matsu republicans and conservatives are moving too slow increasing its voting base. L

  4. Howdy Jen. The daily influence of a K to 12 education in Communist Doctrine, and the power of the Liberal Peer Group is not erased by a Conservative political sound bite., or political ad. You are right PRAY TO GOD, to open their eyes, minds and hearts, to His Will, and expose the Sly Serpant that is the Democrat, Party, also, Union members take note as well.The good that is achieved in Collective Bargaining can be offset by an elected Communist Power Structure.. The Anchorage Assembly is the result of the Anchorage School, District, and it’s Cousin, the Public Employees Union.You are right Jen. Both these groups would like to DEFILE the Beauty that is the Valley.

    • “Conservatives are only lucky they have about 200 more votes than the liberal candidate IF all conservative leaning voters don’t forget to vote.” Jen talks a lot of smak. She stays home too much and has no idea how many conservatives there are in the valley. I see lots of young folks getting involved now and it is very encouraging. In this world – including the Mat-Su Borough, the devil has succeeded in creating a lot of meee-ism. The devil likes to play his puppets like a harp and he has many devices. New conservative voices are making their presence known. But, in the end, it is our Heavenly Father’s game and we do as our Heavenly Father commands us…Right Jen?


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