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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Election certification Friday


The 2020 General Election will be certified Friday, Nov. 27 by the Alaska Division of Elections.

The most recent update from the division shows 360,684 of 595,647 registered voters cast ballots, a turnout of 60.55%.

Any challenges or requests for recounts will come after certification. The one race that may be most subject to a recount is House District 27, where Liz Snyder leads incumbent Rep. Lance Pruitt by 16 votes. Pruitt or other interested parties have five days after certification to request a recount.

The deadline to complete a requested recount is 10 days after the start of the recount. The state pays for the requested recount if the margin of victory is less than 0.5% of the votes cast or fewer than 20 votes.

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Suzanne Downing had careers in business and journalism before serving as the Director of Faith and Community-based Initiatives for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and returning to Alaska to serve as speechwriter for Gov. Sean Parnell. Born on the Oregon coast, she moved to Alaska in 1969.

Latest comments

  • Minus 16-1 = 15 — the one voting for Snyder who doesn’t even live in that district anymore but still voted for Snyder. A ballot can’t count when the voter no longer has residence residing in that district. Where is that ballot? I hope it got thrown out. That’s outrageous! What is even more outrageous is that lying voter has an employer, who should fire her. Lie and cheat voting, how does her enployer not know she hasnt cheated any of her employers? The risk one party takes when they hire liars and cheaters.

    • Please provide supporting detail for each of your statements.

  • Recount em Lance…..it may not be as close as ‘land slide Bart’ was but every vote needs to be counted before we have a winner….This darn mail in ballot needs to be stopped and we need to go back to showing up at the polls with ID and then voting….it is our duty, our right and it is American….

  • The full, unredacted report from the Lieutenant Governor’s audit of Ballot Measure 2, the ranked-choice voting initiative goes public -after- certification?
    We ask whether BM2 was singled out for audit just because ranked-choice voting may have serious, unintended consequences for the political class and their lobbyist-legislator relationships.
    If the Lt. Guv wanted an audit to restore voters’ confidence, surely he’d want an audit of Snyder’s improbable, eleventh-hour, come-from-behind, squeak-by win over Pruitt, yes?
    We wonder what good a recount does if the ballot chain of custody was corrupted from the start by vote harvesting, unverified signatures, or electronic vote-transmission irregularities.
    Why, in light of current news and whistleblower disclosures, should voters accept any result from Dominion vote-tabulating equipment, especially results which took so long to produce?
    Voters may be unhappy if the audit was conducted secretly, without valid bipartisan oversight,
    …without independent, non-Dominion, non Scytl, non-state controlled forensic hardware and software analysis,
    or if the audit was done by the same state managers, contractors, vendors, and employees who control Dominion machine operation and telecommunication.
    Speaking of contractors, Lt. Guv, why -exactly- is the State of Alaska a client of Scytl, a Spanish firm headquartered in Barcelona and Frankfurt?
    Why should the contract, and cost, -not- be on the Division of Elections website? What precisely does Scytl do for the State of Alaska that can’t be done in America, by Americans, with end-to-end U.S. military-grade encryption, traceable, instantaneous election-result reporting capability?
    Exactly what information about Alaska voters is harvested and sold by Scytl to its other clients? None? What probative assurance have you that can be shared with voters, Lt. Guv?
    Have you, Lt. Guv, commissioned a forensic-data analysis to determine the risk of vote fraud created directly by Scytl or indirectly created from exploitable vulnerabilities in Scytl infrastructure?
    No to all? But it’s okay to certify election results washed through a Spanish-German firm, yes?
    Expect voters will be unhappy if their concern about the vulnerability of vote-counting corruption is dismissed as “misinformation” to cover up evidence their election was stolen at several levels.
    The Pruitt-Snyder race was apparently tabulated by Dominion equipment. Voters don’t know whether it’s the same, or similar, gear alleged to produce skewed results in the Lower 48, or how hackable it is. Division of Elections officials don’t say. But the vote’ll be “certified”, yes?
    Hell, we thought Anchorage’s easily corruptible mail-in vote system was bad, but what we seem to have here looks Really Bad.
    From here, Lt. Guv, particularly after the successful Great Alaska LeDoux Vote Experiment, we’re worried that what we’re seeing is the tip of a Titanic-sized iceberg.
    So it’s the full story we need from you, how -exactly- Alaska’s election system’ is meant to work, -exactly- what you’re doing to assure every step’s transparent, verifiable, and reasonably honest.
    Then –and only then– will your adoring public have “confidence” in Alaska’s voting system.

  • Since you have chosen not to respond to my earlier e-mail and not return my call to your office , I am writing again to implore that you take the following pertinent steps while auditing the BM2 & SH District 27 Ballots.

    I have copied John Espindola who I would request that he brings this matter to the attention of Governor Dunleavy. The use of DOMNION Software and the appalling state of Absentee ballot preparations for Voters that have left the State are obvious causes for concern…

    1. Request a recount. 2. Request at the same time via the head of DOE Fenumiai that the votes cast are first separated into Early & in person. Then the mail in / absentee if possible are split into Mailed and Dropped. Then request that these ballots are further filtered…. Those “Registered voters” that applied for and received a PFD and those that did not receive a PFD.

    I am highly suspicious that there may be a high number of Non PFD recipients in the dropped mail category (ie emptied from an official drop box such as DOE 2525 Gambell St. These are very likely “harvested Ballots” that may never have left the DOE… A simple follow up call from DOE officials for these ballots will reveal the authenticity or otherwise. Ie Did the vote get cast by the “registered voter” was he / she a resident in AK only and did he/she vote in another state… The PFD filter is a very useful one for DF&G when investigating fishing & hunting felonies… no reason why it shouldn’t be used on District ballots too….

    And lastly…. If you need to go after the unwitnessed ballots that were never verified… they are technically illegal. As I am sure you are well aware.

    Please address these concerns and advise specifically what you intend to do about Ballot Measure 2 and the state house seat between Pruitt & Snyder.

    • You should consider that there are some valid residents who do not claim a PFD. I know of several, although, admittedly, they are not common. They believe that the PFD is socialism.

  • Thank you for your email regarding elections. I am committed to overseeing fair and honest elections in the State of Alaska which includes ensuring one person has only one vote. As we have received similar questions regarding the election.

    It is important to understand the Division of Elections is bound to follow election law as defined in state statutes and the general election was conducted in accordance to state law. In Alaska, the State Supreme Court is the ultimate interpreter of those laws. Every state statute is subject to the rulings of the State Supreme Court. The State of Alaska representing the Alaska Division of Elections fought to defend the witness signature requirement. The State of Alaska Fought to defend the witness signature requirement ? But Did they prevail or rollover and accept a Lower Court ruling from a Liberal Judge ??? Who interpreted the law according to his views ? There really is no excuse for anybody failing to get a witness signature, either by a family member or else a postal worker or somebody that knows the voter at the grocery store. Using COVID 19 as an excuse is not acceptable. There is also no excuse for Mailin Ballots to have been prepared for “Registered Voters” who never requested them and are no longer resident in the State of Alaska. I have provided you with names of 6 People that I know had ballots prepared and are no longer in State. I know that two people voted in person in California & two people voted in person in Texas. Why were ballots prepared for them if these people did not specifically request them ?? The Californian Resident , who still owns a property in Anchorage called the DOE to enquire the status of his ballot …. Had it been received ? Had it been counted ? The DOE hung up on him…. Isn’t that suspicious ??

    As per Alaska Statutes 15.15.420-.440, we are currently conducting a hand count of ballots from one randomly selected precinct in each of the 40 house districts and so far there has been no problems reported verifying the accuracy of the machines. And a statewide hand count audit of Ballot Measure 2 will also be done to provide feedback as to how the machines performed during this election. A hand count ballot such as you describe will not solve the potential issues that I have described. This is not a machine issue. The machines will not detect a falsified ballot by a person or voter representing an invalid “Registered Voter”
    The division’s systems and processes to tabulate and certify votes are protected by several safeguards that help ensure the accuracy of election results. The division performs all programming and our equipment is tested prior to each election by bi-partisan boards to ensure the election software is tabulating correctly.

    This same system was used in the August 2020 primary election. DOE conducted two recounts and the results came out the same as certified by the SRB. A third recount was conducted by hand and the results were the same as certified by the SRB. The integrity and accuracy of Alaska’s election process is of utmost importance to the division. Our system of checks and balances has proved essential and effective to Alaska elections. I have made some studies into the Statistically Improbable nature of increased voting and am happy to share my results with you. According to Alaska Labor Stats @ Alaska.gov there were 731,007 residents on July 16, 2020. There are supposedly 594,966 “registered Voters” which leaves 136,041 Minors aged 17 & under … a quick check of the Average daily Student enrollment accounts for 128,796 throughout the State. Which means just 7245 children in the State aged 5 & under that are not enrolled in school or are being homeschooled. Doesn’t this strike you as a very low number ??? Doesn’t 594,966 Strike you as a very high number ?? Do you really think that many Alaskans have bothered to register even if they are eligible ??? I have also looked specifically at several Districts in Anchorage… District 27 had an increase of 20.41 % over the 2018 Election, District 28 had a 27.52% Increase in same time period. Admittedly 2018 was not a General Presidential election year…. but in District 19 Where Geran Tarr (D) was running unopposed the increase in voter turnout was just 9.9% in another unopposed District 26 Laddie Shaw (R) was returned with just a 2.55% increase in voter turnout If we consider the importance and huge increase in voting for the Presidential, Senatorial & Congress candidates , why did this not translate uniformly across the House District Seats ??
    As I have stated publicly, we have been presented with no evidence of widespread voter fraud in our General Election. If you have such proof, please provide it and we will be happy to forward any substantiated claims to the Department of Law. The Alaska Division of Elections has posted numerous FAQ’s and link is here:

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