Editorial: Anchorage Daily News editorial board disgraces itself again


In an editorial filled with factual errors, the Anchorage Daily News has said that the administration of Mayor Dave Bronson is dishonest.

It’s the same editorial board that remained silent when former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz couldn’t keep his pants up. The editorial board that never said a word when Berkowitz spoke to the “Sea of revolutionaries, and it makes my heart glad.” The editorial board that gave former disgraced Gov. Bill Walker a pass after he folded his tent upon the publicity surrounding his rogue best friend and lieutenant governor.

This time, the editorial board spared no words. It wasn’t your normal 500-700 editorial, but instead ran over 1,100 words to explain just how dishonest the mayor’s office is, in their mind.

Only the proof is just not there. The entire string of emails that the Anchorage Assembly received in a public records request only shows that the early days of the Bronson campaign had some of the foibles one could expect from a guy who had never before held elected office and was learning the ropes. One thing Bronson learned is that no deed goes unpunished by the Assembly or the Anchorage Daily News.

Hilariously, three ads for Forrest Dunbar for Assembly popped up into the middle of the editorial. Dunbar was the Anchorage Daily News’ endorsed candidate for mayor in 2021; they lost and Dunbar lost. You cannot make this stuff up.

The ADN has jumped the shark, looking for a boogyman who doesn’t exist, and so it has made one up. There’s no reason in the world why the mayor or his representatives should bother returning calls from the newspaper at this point.

Here is what else the newspaper didn’t tell its readers: Moments after the Assembly Chair Suzanne LaFrance and Vice Chair Chris Constant received the copies of the internal emails from the mayor’s office, the phones started ringing. The reporters from the ADN wanted copies of those emails, too. They got the tip from LaFrance and Constant. It was all a set up by the leftists on the Assembly and the lapdog newspaper.

The emails showed nothing they had hoped for: The police chief left for a better job. So what? The fluoride was turned off briefly for evaluation. So what? The city manager has cracked down on leaks to the media. Good for her. The city manager did not, in fact, order the video monitor of a chaotic Assembly meeting to be cut.

The one thing the editorial got right was that it asked the mayor to fire City Manager Amy Demboski back in December. And the editorial board didn’t get its way. It’s now pitching a fit. But we all know that it’s trying to create so much blood in the water that the mayor will be damaged and unable to return the city to its formerly inhabitable condition. The newspaper has been after Demboski since before she ran for mayor.

This is why so many members of the public now consider the mainstream media the enemy. And the editorial board of the ADN has not learned a thing but has decided to dig an even deeper hole for itself.

First rule of hole-digging: Just stop.

The editorial board of the Anchorage Daily News showed on Sunday that its transition is complete: It has become the leading alternative press in Alaska. The Anchorage Press should be very upset with the well-funded competition for the left-leaning news consumers.


  1. ADN = Anchorage Daily Nonsense. I cut my subscription to the ADN long ago when I realized the stack of money I was paying for the subscription was bigger than the actual number of pages in the paper… including the ad section (which was usually bigger than the news section 99% of the time)…

  2. I think you have the sense of the attitude of the ADN E- board correct, Suzanne. They are looking for any possible way to attack the Mayor. This thing with the fluoride is particularly stupid. Many other local governments have simply stopped adding it to the water because this toxic compound should not be in the water we drink. Its already in toothpaste.

    The E- board should focus on the way the spendthrift liberal assembly has massively increased spending- and property taxes to our extreme detriment.

  3. this is the same crowd who can’t make up their mind how they feel about their political enemy, then in death they say all kind of nice remarks. I don’t like the dishonesty coming from among leaders, you all maliciously spread lies about one leader from another then turn around say nice remarks about one another after their death. Its crazy! Loco! Y’all inner circle crazy making games
    confuses the american sheep to the point we start saying you are all bad! Be best! The american sheep stick to the bible and the work in front of us that keeps the country going, and the leaders and media can fight without an audience. By the way! I think the adn are talking to a smaller audience, they should rename themselves ‘the voice of democracy’ for democrat voices, cause thats their small audience.
    . The general majority population is unaware they even produced such
    a hit piece. This is my first time hearing about it too.

  4. So far Mayor Bronson is doing a great, responsive job. ADN is out of touch with Anchorage sentiments as usual.

  5. Even people who lean left are seeing the trend of propaganda pushing and lying in order to narrate their agenda. I’d love to see a talk show episode hosted by Gutfeld with Bill Maher, John Stewart, Russell Brand, Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens.

    • Russell Brand has been hitting it out the park lately, and that’s why the corporate media have been gunning for him. Anyone who doubts this, watch, listen and learn:


  6. Thanks for this report Suzanne. Although the information is not important to me as I took Fagan’s advice two years ago and cancelled our subscription to the ADN as well as returning our cable boxes to GCI and have not watched a TV news Channel for almost two years as well….I normally get to the office before Dan starts his morning show. between the two of you I get more news than I need each day….

  7. Ms. Downing, I very much appreciate this excellent rebuttal to the ADN, which reflects my thoughts on each of these matters. The ADN has veered so far off into prog hysterics and fake news that it must be roundly condemned by all good people of this city. Another contribution is “in the works,” and thanks again!

  8. The ADN publishes obvious propaganda. It’s like they’re hellbent on outdoing themselves with outrageous lies. Hopefully some Saul-to-Paul experiences will inform them to have better judgment. I believe the truth will win out, not their fake news.

  9. When I heard that the ADN had been a McClatchy paper, I knew it was a useless lefty rag immediately. Their library at the paper had nothing but socialist tomes. It’s what they are!!!

  10. I am not surprised. For the ilk that make up the ADN, truth is relative, subjective, and what ever they decide it to be. They are a political mouthpiece of the left so this just seems what is to be expected. I would never pay to read anything from them and I would not call them a news-anything. Sadly they do have some great cooking and gardening articles, but I will do without rather than support their delusional or dishonest realities.

  11. Suzanne- Thanks for your terrific, accurate reporting, craft with the English word and natural talent in being a leader in honest Alaskan news that actually matters.

    ADN, as usual, is grasping at straws… they are drowning in the deep end because they are weighed down by all those democratic (dramatic) liberal ideals.

    Must Read Alaska is the leading news in the households of our Alaskan family members, including our own.
    I recognize that if we want to continue hearing the truth, we need to be sure we are supporting the truth. The more ADN prints lies, the higher your readership will go, and the more we will choose to support what you are doing.

    You can expect a donation from our family. Keep up the good word. (And work).

  12. Why do we put prescription drugs in potable drinking water anyway? Oh, it’s good for people’s teeth they say? Well what about those of the “Geezer” generation suffering from Erectile Dysfunction? Would it not be beneficial to put Sildenafil in our water as well? Look at the benefits, a happy bunch of geezeretts and it treats high blood pressure too. Think I’m joking? I am not, I am merely following the argument to it’s logical conclusion.
    Oh, and BTW, Fluoride is a deadly poison. It accumulates in your body not unlike Mercury. Studies suggest that consumption of fluoride lowers IQ levels too. Hmm, I wonder if that has anything to do with why Leftist insist on Fluoride in our water?

    • Fluoride occurs naturally in the water in a number of places, particularly the Southwestern United States. Upon studying its natural benefit there about 80 years ago, public health advocates succeeded in getting many areas of the world deficient in fluoride to add this as supplement to their municipal water supplies. Getting more acid resistant fluorhydroxyapatite crystals built into the forming of teeth of those under about age 7 is much more natural & different than having fluoride topically in toothpaste or having the ingredient of little blue pills strengthen the sagging veins of us geezer guys.

      • Jim Case, is Fluoride a natural occurrence in the water coming from Eklutna lake? No? Then it is added as a prescription for health, supposedly. Why stop there Jim? We could add many other therapeutics using the same logic could we not?

  13. The best way to get the attention of the Binkley family ( ADN owners ), is to not buy the paper and never advertise in it. There are many ways to get news. ADN is just one source. And not a good one.
    And if you do not support businesses that advertise in ADN that will help get the message out.
    Can you imagine how different it would be if say, Suzanne Downing was the publisher of an Anchorage daily newspaper?. I cannot think of anyone better suited to run a daily paper in Anchorage. All she would need is financial backing. And I believe that it would pour in if she wanted to give it a shot. And very likely a good investment.

  14. I agree that this whole fluoride situation has just turned into an opportunity to slander the Mayor. I also believe that if you held yourself to the same standards that you are holding the “mainstream media” you would find that same level of bias, just from the other side. Last time I made a comment about this from another article you would not put it up on the website. I am curious if you have the courage to accept constructive criticism. I am not doing this to be a troll. It is just too difficult to see you calling about bias and errors without your own self awareness. That is not to say I do not believe everything you writes is bad and that the MSM is good. The more polarized we become as a society the less we will accomplish. Be a part of the solution. Provide context, be honest, be objective, despite how difficult it is to do in todays hyper polarized world.

  15. The Food and Drug administration (FDA) requires all flouride toothpaste sold in the USA to be labeled with a poison warning, instructing those who swallow more than is used for brushing to contact the Poison Control Center. Hmm…

    Flouride is a toxic industrial by-product of the aluminum, steel, cement and phosphate industries. Where to dispose of it? Hmm…

    Arsenic occurs naturally in water in many places, as well. Following the logic of those commenters above, shouldn’t we be adding it to water supplies that lack it?

    • MF, If memory serves Thomas Bay in Southeast Alaska has a high Arsenic level in it’s waters. Isn’t that where the Culp’s encountered the kooshtakah? Coincidence? I wonder? Perhaps it’s a good thing to not drink too much Arsenic or Fluoride laden water, nobody needs those tricksters around. Lord knows we have enough trouble with the political class’ especially the lefties who always want us to drink their industrial waste!

  16. Suzanne I e mailed Ryan Brinkley about this editorial and asked if Kyle Hopkins wrote it for him
    The Anchorage Daily news as I call it Washington Post Alaska Edition has gone so far off the rails I
    can’ imagine it surviving much longer. As I told Ryan Binkley, I borrow my neighbors papers to dry my windows when I wash them . This is the only thing they are good for.

  17. It has been obvious for a long time that The ADN is not a newspaper, but an opinionated-run rag. I don’t understand how it can still be in business. I don’t understand how the people of Anchorage can justify even purchasing this piece of junk, unless they purchase it for their compost pile. Are there some Soros $$$ involved in keeping it in business? Hmmmm, just a thought.

  18. I have read one copy of it, A free one in the mechanics waiting room while my car was bein serviced. I gave up on it after one section. That was all I could handle without puking

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