Eastman pulls surprise, but Knopp votes against Talerico — again



Rep. David Eastman, a District 11 Republican, surprised House colleagues today by forcing a vote on the House floor for speaker. He nominated Rep. Dave Talerico of District 6, forcing members to get on the record again.

The vote was an even split, with Reps. Gary Knopp of Kenai, Gabrielle LeDoux of Anchorage, and Louise Stutes of Kodiak voting with the Democrats to make the 20-20 split. Daniel Ortiz of Ketchikan is a reliable Democrat vote as well and has been part of the Democrat-led caucus since he was elected as a nonpartisan.

Knopp said he couldn’t support Talerico because Knopp had been planning to present an organizational plan to Republicans today, a plan that fell through earlier when he said his colleagues said they were not ready to hear it. Must Read Alaska spoke to colleagues who said that Knopp misunderstood.

This is the second time Knopp has voted against Talerico as Speaker. On Jan. 22, he also voted against him.

Reps. Sharon Jackson, Tammy Wilson, and Steve Thompson spoke in favor of Talerico as  Speaker and said the vote should take place because the people’s business needs to be attended to.

Rep. Geran Tarr, like Knopp, objected to Talerico as speaker, saying that backroom dealings were underway and that Eastman’s motion was a stunt that destroyed the “good faith” negotiations that were ongoing and the trust that the Democrats were building with Republicans.

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Although Democrat Chris Tuck nominated Democrat Bryce Edgmon as speaker, he quickly rose to decline his nomination “at this time” and Democrats made no further nominations, but also were unwilling to vote in favor of the one nominee on the floor.

The House is adjourned until Wednesday.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity Republicans had to MAGA!! Unfortunately that opportunity was squandered by three.

    We can’t replace these left leaning so called Republicans soon enough.

  2. As per GK’s website … http://www.garyknoppforstatehouse.com/home/

    He claims to be: ‘ …. running for State House in District 30 to fight for reasonable, conservative solutions to our current budget crisis, that benefit both Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula.’

    And, he says: ‘Our State Legislature has spent their time bickering and finger-pointing and the time for a thoughtful fiscal solution is long overdue.’

    However, he seems to be the common denominator to the current chaos and calimity in Juneau and has yet to take ‘REASONABLE’ actions seeking ‘CONSERVATIVE SOLUTIONS’ that ‘ALL’ of Alaska needed at this time. At best, he’s been an efficient tool and obstructionist contributing to the ‘BICKERING’ and ‘FINGER POINTING’ all to common from Juneau. His alliance with the Democrats will not bring about any measure of ‘THOUGHTFUL FISCAL SOLUTION’ as that’s not their character.

    So far, all that GK has accomplished is wasting a lot of time and contributing to the deviciveness. It is time to get on with The People’s Business, and that needs to start IMMEDIATELY!

  3. Knopp is playing politics, stopping all efforts to help Alaska go forward. Main reason. He does not like our elected,by a large majority, Gov. Mike Dunleavy. Get over yourself Gary Knopp.

  4. The #Resistance movement is alive and well in the Alaska Democrats and the three “RINO”s in Juneau.

    Geran Tarr has some nerve; she of the name calling and in your face crowd from the liberl Alaska Democrats. If she, Tuck, Edgemon had any sense at all, they would realize that Alaskans are taking note of who’s Resisting, and who’s helping the governor with his agenda to get Alaska on track. 2020 likely will see a 27 -13 Republican majority in the Alaska House.

    • Now I like the sound of that! Let us get started now an get the ball rolling. Frst thing is bringing forward someone to replace Knopp! Let us get it done now! This time making sure that we find someone who is a true Conservative.

  5. What a obstructionist!! Can’t Kenai citizens protest or do anything to short-term his office for being deceiving? Can the Republican Party do anything?? Gabrielle Ladouche needs to be criminally investigated and lose her office too. Come on already!! Geesh!!

  6. Why not just adjourn the House for this session and allow the Senate to pass a budget that can be sent to the Governor. No need to keep playing the games that these three dipsh*ts seem to enjoy. It would save everyone money and time.

  7. Gary Knopp should represent his district or resign..we do not respect him. Then let the people’s GOVERNOR select a republican to replace the immature gary.

  8. I sat down with Rep. Knopp on January 31st in Juneau to better understand what he is doing. He explained his plan and then said that there was no real reason for the House to ‘get to work’ at that time since there is ‘nothing to do’ until the budget was presented on Feb. 13th. In disbelief, I asked him if that was the case, did he feel it was morally right to collect his paycheck and per diem (since no work had been done for the first 10% of the session). Knopp said yes.

    As I left, he gave me his commitment to voting ‘yes’ for Talerico the next time the vote for came up. And, today he voted ‘no’. Folks, I’m just putting the facts out there so we all can learn from my experiences.

    Remember, legislators are our employees – so if their ‘job performance’ is sub-par, and they are not doing what they were voted in to do to move Alaska forward, then ‘fire’ them and get someone who is willing to work for Alaskans.

    • Well then. What do you know? Not only does he not keep his word in print, but he also lies right to your face. Thanks for the intel Nona. This guy isn’t firing on all cylinders.

    • If only politicians were “at will” employees that you did not have to make expenditures to justify dismissal.

  9. Knopp is obstructing the entire legislative session. What is wrong with this idiot? Is this just one big game for him so that he gets to see his name in print? This guy acts as goofy as he looks, and that says it all.

  10. Is Knopp hoping that the majority Repubs will cave in to him and offer him a committee chairmanship in exchange for him rejoining the majority? I wouldn’t trust this idiot. These kind of guys are backstabbers and filthy liars. Dunleavy needs to take this pompous little asshole by the scruff of his neck and toss him from the 5th Floor of the Capitol.

    • Have Laddie dangle him around on a paragliding lesson off of Mt. Roberts. Give Knopp a little fresh air. That should wake him up.

  11. Alaskans should DEMAND that no members of the House receive ANY pay until they get their behavior issues resolved. We are being represented by a bunch of children who can’t get their playground tactics in order. Sickening to watch.

    • Sorry Steve. He’s not photogenic to be speaker. He looks like a transplanted hick straight out of Deliverance. And I’m not talking about one of the guys in the canoe.

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