Eastman ‘disloyalty’ trial veers off into accusations by ‘expert’ of white supremacism, anti-semitism


The legal team trying to get Rep. David Eastman banned from public office said in court on Tuesday that a photo of Eastman at the Holocaust Museum is proof enough that he is an anti-semite and a white supremacist. Taking a picture by that quote can only mean one thing, the expert on extremism said: Eastman supports Adolf Hitler.

Eastman, an Eagle Scout who is in his fourth term as a state legislator, last year had his photo taken next to a wall-sized quote by Hitler at the Holocaust Museum. Eastman haters on the left have interpreted that to mean that the ginger-headed West Point graduate supports the point of view of the Hitler quote.

But it was entirely off topic to the question at hand on Tuesday in the video court proceeding. Eastman is in court because leftists say that being a member of a group that supports the Constitution — the Oath Keepers — is justification for his being removed from office by the court. The white supremacy accusation was merely a bunny trail.

Eastman, long ago, sent in his dues to the Oath Keepers organization, and thus became a “lifetime” member of the group that is made up of former law enforcement officers and military personnel. The group has as many as 38,000 members. He has no real affiliation with the group other than his dues, according to his lawyer, Joe Miller.

On Jan. 6, 2021, Eastman and tens of thousands of Americans went to Washington, D.C. to attend a Donald Trump rally. That, according to the lawyers for Wasilla resident Randall Kowalke, is evidence that he supports insurrection.

Lawyers for Kowalke argued in court on Tuesday that just because Eastman or other Oath Keepers did not go into the U.S. Capitol, didn’t mean they were not planning to.

Eastman is being accused by Kowalke and the Northern Justice Project of violating the Alaska Constitution’s “disloyalty clause,” which says anyone who belongs to a group whose purpose is to overthrow the government cannot work in government in Alaska. That means, if the argument holds, that Eastman could not even work as a dog catcher.

Judge Jack McKenna is hearing the case, which continues today. It is a non-jury trial that will leave the decision about Eastman and his ability to serve in the Legislature to just one man, a judge who has already said that it appears the plaintiffs have a case. If the judge rules for Kowalke and against Eastman, that would mean anyone who has a membership with Oath Keepers could be denied public employment in Alaska.

But it’s a decision that would likely be appealed.


    • Nutty accusations of the sort do seem to be on the rise lately, CW.

      In addition to what Rep. Eastman is going through, serial scam artist Sam Bankman-Fried even dared to suggest that he’s in his current circumstance due somehow or another to anti-semitism:


  1. Perhaps the exact opposite is what was meant. Perhaps the refusal to get a careful, businesslike standard business certification process due fiduciarily for the two million assembled Americans in what they once believed in error (that their views accounted for something meaningful to elected representatives in what was once the assembled tax payers own political town square which they as tax payers had paid for and were visiting) and not just mere ceremonial certification as later pontificated by Pence and international accolytes for the federal U.S. presidential election. This might have brought hitlerian, authoritarianism into view symbolically as evidently democrats preferred in this instance and forevermore.

  2. If anyone ever wanted to know what it was like to live through the mindless hysteria and mass formation psychosis of the 1690 Salem witch trials, well, here is your opportunity today.

    • You beat me to comparisons with the Salem, MA witch trials. As Christians of earlier times trotted out the devil we see people today trotting out the National German Socialist Workers’ Party at every opportunity. The American Left gets to say who is a NAZI and who is not, and the media then report it as fact. This particular court appears like it might be entirely confused about history and about how to conduct a fair trial, but for the most part if the Left can shop for the right judge they can be sure Judy Woodruff and other news reader will calling someone a NAZI on the evening news.

    • The salem witch trials all started by two preacher’s little girls perculiar behaviors- first the daughter then the foster daughter who came later- which had tell-tale sexual abuse signs.

  3. It seems the precedent is inappropriately set. The accounting is now merely ceremonial window dressing. It has not been regarded by we the people as mere ceremony before. It is undue process, unduly selected process.

  4. Talk about a Kangaroo Court. If Eastman supported BLM, Antifa, and joined the Oregon Anarchists nothing would be said. Eastman needs to file a countersuit and initiate another lawsuit for slander and defamation of character.

  5. A photo at the holocaust museum is proof that he is a white supremacist??? Huh??? What are they smoking? That the judge allowed this type of testimony bodes ill for Mr. Eastman and reflects poorly on the judge. On top now you are to be judged on what someone else perceives as your potential contemplated action? “Minority Report” anyone??
    What an unjust and corrupt proceeding. It will give Mr. Eastman solid grounds for appeal. I hope the division of elections certifies him so he can serve while the court goes through its machinations.

    • What “judge” allows irrelevant testimony and pure conjecture to remain part of a trial? Said testimony should be thrown out, the testifiers prosecuted for perjury, the judge impeached – and the taxpayers reimbursed by Kowalke. Hang in there Rep. David Eastman!

    • One must ask the question, “So why is the museum there?” I propose that it is there to promote the anti-semitic sympathies of the left, and to highlight the atrocities of the Nazi’s on the Jews. Afterall, that is just as plausible as asserting as proof that a picture taken beside a quote somehow defines the nature of an individual. Pulleez!

  6. So the think police know what we are thinking and going to do. So why dont they stop all crime. What makes and expert? Being a democrat

  7. The context for the judge saying the plaintiff “may have a case” almost certainly came up in the context of Representative Eastman trying to fend off the case, as is Eastman’s right. That the judge didn’t immediately dump the case because there may be factual issues in play is not only common, it is required.
    The plaintiff is getting his day in court and it seems to be spinning out of control with extraneous evidence that is likely not relevant to the underlying claim. That will work against plaintiff and in favor of Eastman, probably, in the longer run.
    The judge is more likely than not to rule against the plaintiff in this case based on the information available in the press. The case was filed well after the Division of Elections made a final ruling that Eastman was eligible to run for office and should have been dismissed because the plaintiff didn’t file a timely appeal. But even though this case has lurched into a trial, odds are the judge will find there was no showing of intent on Eastman’s part to overthrow the federal government. And if the judge rules Eastman is ineligible to serve, the Alaska Supreme Court more likely than not will let him serve in the legislature.

  8. My understanding is that this is a bench trial because it is not a financial matter. The State Constitution requires a jury trial if a financial matter over $250. Selecting a jury for this would probably put citizens at risk, the responsibility of ruling on this is with an elected judge.

    • The U.S. Constitution gives a guaranteed right to a trial of a jury of twelve (12) of the accused’s visonage for every accusation. The accuser must appear. No whispering campaigns. The government being a created corporation without a human body cannot “accuse”. A living harmed man must accuse. Like this guy who is so visibly and terribly harmed. It is piteous; isn’t it.

    • Frank, please explain how selecting a jury would put citizens at risk?
      In my opinion Frank both the judge and Kowalke know that a jury trial in the valley will called them out as the political hacks they both are. The judge by allowing conjecture testimony has proven to be biased and I hope Mr. Eastman will ask to have him recuse himself.
      As an aside judges in Alaska are reconfirmed by the voters, but are initially appointed via the judicial council selection.

    • I’d love to have sat for this trial as a juror. I don’t believe the plaintiff had a case to begin with. I’d love the opportunity to find for the defendant and dare anyone to take offense with it.

  9. Pence indicated that the unexpected presence of Americans had caused the counting time interference. It’s unclear how much time would have been allocated to necessarily certify any questioned jurisdictions and there were a few. It was asked when, exactly was this certifying done and how many billable hours did it take? “Zero”? With ceremony only? There were people who came early while President Tump was still at his podium. His supporters were staying near to hear his remarks. Rioters with new hats/actors were clear to see as NOT Trump supporters. They were scaling walls breaking windows etc while President Trump was till delivering his speech. We SAW that on TV.

  10. Because political sniveling is so compelling that it must be heard at Christmas time in a home with small children because Mr. Whats his name said so. HERE YOU GO. Mr. What’s his name is repugnant.

    • Thought crime is less Orwellian than it is biblical. Recall the 10th Commandment?

      – Thou shalt not covet

      Goes particularly well given the context of a prior reference which was that humans are born into sin. From that you would infer that we are imperfect and that next step into the realm of being punished for a thought that might pass through your head for a moment… that’s love right there.

      Best bet’s to buy an indulgence and keep it in your pocket at all times.

  11. While Representative Eastman may or may not be a white supremacist and anti-semite, isn’t this trial about his supposed connection to a group who tried to over throw the government? There are plenty of open anti-semites in elected office (the Democratic Party is full of them), there are plenty of (pick your race) supremacists in office. Is a court of law where elected officials are supposed to be judged for their beliefs or is that in the ballot box?

  12. Well, it is for access to all the marbles that one may believe in error are possibly, dreamily available to any; to be latently “kind”.

  13. When McKenna rules against Eastman, is he gonna order his immediate execution?

    This is so profoundly corrupt its aftermath has the potential to change laws forever.

    Even progressives should be ashamed of this.

  14. Eastman a US Army veteran and honorable. Man is being attacked by lesser people. People that quote Radical leftist groups like the SPLC should never be taken seriously or given any position of power.

  15. The only anti-American group that has displayed evidence of overthrowing the US Constitution is the Democrat Party! I’d love to hear that judge’s opinion on that charge! Any Juneau Yanker want to weigh in on that one?

  16. If Rep. Eastman has a case merely by having paid for membership in an organization which had some members involved in the January 6th insurrection, then by definition, Judge Jack McKenna should not be able to serve on the bench because he is part of the masculine sex, equipped with a penis, some of whom have sexually assaulted women. Studies have proven that men think about sex repeatedly throughout each day, which adds additional risk and therefore, Judge McKenna should be disqualified. Just sayin’… SHEESH!

  17. Kayak, You are part and parcel with the American left when you beat up on ‘Christian’s’ in your misguided and falsified reference to ‘ earlier times’. Try using the word bigots and it might start to make sense.

  18. What is the Northern Justice Project and just who is this Randall Kowalke? Who funds this organization? How many people are involved in it? What was the Hitler quote doing in the Holocaust Museum? Was there something else with the quote? The fact that Eastman visited the museum said he was not anti-Semitic. If all are convicted for what some do in any organization, then we are all guilty of something. How totally Orwellian. When I read Animal Farm and 1984 as a teenager in Olympia, Washington, it never occurred to me that I would be living through it. How times have changed. The judge should have thrown out the case.

  19. Judge Jack should be disbarred for letting this expensive show trial proceed. Even if, and that is a BIG if, Eastman is convicted it will almost surely be overturned by the higher courts. Again, causing even more needless spending because of Jack’s virtue signalling!

  20. Another leftist witch hunt, because they can’t stand it if you stand for the Constitution and the right to freely assemble and have your grievances heard. Apparently, if you go to a museum and stand next to a quote by a madman, you are the same as the madman. What a bunch of lunatics we have in this State! This is the same as the illegally assembled January 6th commission witch hunt run by conjecture and made up BS. Any Judge that convicts a man by association means no matter what conservative organization you belong too; they will judge you whether backed up by facts or not. This is not equal justice under the law, this is accusation without basis of facts. Kowalke should be sued for defamation because this is a frivolous lawsuit that should have been thrown out. The leftists that currently govern our nation without the consent of the American people are the ones that should be on trial for overthrowing our government by stealing an election. Treason and sedition abound in D.C.

  21. To quote John Dutton, Season 5, episode 5, of Yellowstone, “Cowards rule the world these days, Rip. Coward’s rules with coward’s customs. To succeed today, all you gotta to know is how to blame and how to complain”

  22. Direct quote from the second paragraph of the United States Constitution.

    That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.

    The Left is very busy labeling people and groups who oppose their ideology. If they are truly interested in those who have violated their oath of office, they need to look within.

    Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.
    Insurrection; rebellion.
    A factious commotion in a state; the stirring up of such a commotion; incitement of discontent against government and disturbance of public tranquillity, as by inflammatory speeches or writings, or acts or language tending to breach of public order: as, to stir up sedition; a speech or pamphlet, abounding in sedition.

    Obama, Holder, BLM, Antifa, Maxine Waters, et al….

  23. We should ALL join the Oath Keepers, in solidarity. What’s not to like? they support the Constitution. Register to vote, and Join the Oath Keepers. Two birds with one stone….

  24. Piece in Daily Mail this morning. 5 AntiFa arrested & charged with domestic terrorism in connection with an autonomous zone in Atlanta. With that in mind, should the Eastman trial go south, Forrest Dunbar is next up to bat. He ought to be up to bat regardless, as he is being positioned to run for governor in 4 years. The left really isn’t going to like playing under their new rules. Cheers –


  25. From the article, “Lawyers for Kowalke argued in court on Tuesday that just because Eastman or other Oath Keepers did not go into the U.S. Capitol, didn’t mean they were not planning to.”
    By pure logical extension, just because Kowalke has not sexually abused school children doesn’t mean he is not planning to.
    I hope the people of Alaska realize they are paying real cash for this gong show the players call a trial.

  26. The Judge McKenna has taken this too far…..look at his background before being appointed a Judge. Second rate colleges in California…..jobs no longer than a year or two but not longer. Appointed by the leftist judges of Alaska under Dunleavy….That is telling as to why he needs to be famous. His extreme school education in California ought to make person wonder why he needed to put on a show and this was the perfect case to do it. Take a look at what Dunleavy put into the Judicial system…. YUK!

  27. This expensive and disgusting “Dog & Pony ” show brought on by Kowalke, is an excellent example of abuse of the judicial system. We now apparently have entered into the realm of the “Thought Police” I have visited the concentration camp at Dachau in fact twice. Does this make me an anti-semite because of what I may have been thinking at the time? Fortunately having avoided the jab I have not introduced any insidious substance into my bloodstream that may allow the “Thought Police ” to tune in on my frequency. 100% support David Eastman in this ridiculous situation.

  28. sedition is a federal crime. the leader of the oathkeepers was convicted of it by a jury of his peers. this is the basis of our criminal justice system, and it worked as intended.

    he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison, justifiably. the oathkeepers are traitors.

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