Dunleavy’s former family advisor tells his critics to ‘f*&k off’


Jeremy Cubas, who served as a photographer for Gov. Mike Dunleavy before being promoted to the position of a policy adviser making over $110,000 a year, posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday in response to critics of his controversial views: He wants them to “Do everybody a favor and f*&k off.”

A long story Tuesday in Alaska Public Media chronicles the bizarre views of a man who was in the inner circle of influence with the governor. It shocks the sensibilities to read that he feels women want to be raped, and that rape is part of the marital contract.

“I don’t think it’s possible to rape your wife. I think that’s an impossible act,” he says on his podcast, which can be found at this link.

Cubas is also an adjunct professor at University of Alaska Anchorage, where he has taught philosophy as late as this year.

His expletive-laden on-the-record comments about his firing follow. Be advised: Content is spicy:


  1. So, is he still being paid by my tax dollars? He is a nut case and should be in a psychiatric institution to be helped. Otherwise he is a threat.

    • He is still listed as an employee of the governor but our understanding is he has “resigned.” – sd

    • This is why we need to forcefully push back against broad-based taxes, especially a state income tax! Can you imagine any politician who would tax working people to then take that money to hire a fool like this at a six figure salary? Government has no concept of the value of work, nor of the value of money. This is why and how taxes destroy an economy.

      There are both sales tax bills of legislation and income tax bills of legislation moving through the Alaska Legislature. When the second session convenes in January, or earlier if there is a “fiscal plan” special session called by the Governor we will see strong advocates, including the public employee unions and the Alaska Municipal League, pushing for the income tax. This Cubas idiot needs to be the poster child for working Alaskans who overwhelmingly do not want an income tax. This idiot best shows us how bad an income tax would be for our state economy. Remind Governor Dunleavy that in 2018 he said at every debate and forum that he would allow no new taxes without the people voting on it.

  2. Speaks again to Dunleavy’s judgment.

    Hard to believe he was in Dunleavy’s inner circle and Dunleavy had no clue of this kind of attitude.

    • To be fair he was a web designer and a photographer. So he many not have gotten the same vetting as a close adviser

      But I’m sure they media will try to taint Dunleavy by painting this guy as a “close adviser”

      He worked on the “pro family ” website not the pro family advisor

      • Is that why his title is Policy Analyst, $110,000 a year? Bureau of Labor Statistics says a policy analyst is defined as a worker who concentrate on researching, evaluating, and shaping public policy. Not websites. Nice try. Also, goes to same church and went to same college as Mike Dunleavy. Keep digging.

        • Lol. Right. Well while they are digging, they better pay attention to the China spies in AK.
          Maybe he can go take a picture of that.

    • Lots of things are hard to believe in todays uncivil neocon world, but most are not surprised at all. To top things off, he is/was one of DoneLevying’s Valley Church buddies. Hypocrisy is rampant.

      • Lincoln (and it is telling that you choose to take as your handle here the name of a murderous tyrant), it is a hoot that you dare to claim incivility and hypocrisy for your opponents, rather than properly identify those traits with the radical leftist extremists such as yourself who almost monopolize both of those characteristics nowadays.

  3. Sometimes I just have to shut up and realize that some people have some way out views. It is America after all and being crazy/stupid is not illegal. Then I read that this clown is a professor at UAA. What? Was Charles Manson not available?! Who, at the HR office thought ‘oh, this guy will really fit in on campus!’?

  4. Professor Cubas–University of Alaska Anchorage “philosopher!” There you have it. As he’d tell Chancellor Parnell and the UA Board of Regents: “Philosophically speaking, choke that down!”

  5. Gosh, I’m seeing a pattern among religious Republicans: lying, vulgarity racism, white nationalism, anti-gay, theft and hypocrisy.

    • You’ve confused them with your average democrat.

      I’d say nice try, but it wasn’t.

      • You know what story you commenting on, right?

        But, please, share with me democrats who are pro-rape? I really do want to know.

        • I can rattle off a pretty good list of high-level Democrat political types who had they not been high level Democrat political types would have been charged with rape. We can start with the current Drooler in Chief.

  6. Hey everybody, how about a little MRAK poll? Who’s worse: Jeremy Cubas or Sam Brinton?

    Chime in below!

    • Two sides of the same coin I’m afraid. You have people like Rashida Talib and Chris Constant and we have people like Sarah Palin and Lauren Boebert.

      • What’s wrong with Lauren Boebert? Oh, she loves America, supports American energy independence and the Bill of Rights. Thats enough to make democrats hate her guts with a passion.

        • Boebert said that “the church is supposed to direct the government”. You don’t have to be a Democrat to have a problem with that viewpoint. After all, it stands in direct opposition to the very Bill of Rights which you claimed she supports.

  7. I’ve never heard of the guy, but he sounds like exactly how leftists think. They tell us what they think and how they think and they do not apologize for what or how they think. Leftists are open, honest, and in your face with their beliefs, so is this guy. It sounds like he holds some pretty “out there” beliefs, just like leftists do.

    While I probably don’t agree with what this guy or leftists believe, I think they have a right to believe it. I also believe they have the right to suffer the consequences of their beliefs and sharing their beliefs so openly. It’s easy to tell who you want to associate with when they tell you who they are, Governor Dunleavy might not have been listening to this guy before but he’s heard him now.

  8. So this guy is in Dunleavy’s ‘inner circle’ but Art Chance was no go 4 years ago??? What bullsh*t.

    • Art would have told Dunleavy what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear.

  9. If the entirety of the the episode was listened to, readers would quickly understand that Cubas’s issue is with the #metoo movement, and the changing of the meaning of the word “rape” as a result of it to mean a wider variety of things than the act itself. Instead, one quote was taken and sensationalized. Do your homework, people.

      • Might be shocking due to my rational and calm nature, but I am a woman. I do not have a wife, of course.

    • What about when Cubas praised Hitler? Are you going to claim those comments were merely “taken and sensationalized”, too?

      • Yes. Again, if one listened to the entirety of the recording, it would be fairly clear.

        The idea that a family man with two masters degrees, ABD, the child of immigrants, etc is a neonazi and supports rape is a little fantastical.

        The article downplayed his background and outright misquoted him and misrepresented everything that was said.

        It’s more accurate to report that a pro-life guy gets cancelled by liberal reporting outlet, is smeared as a Nazi and rapist. Where have we heard this before?

  10. This POS is the exact reason my children absolutely hated attending UAA! They could not believe the screwed up people they hired as professors. The entire UAA system needs s**tcanned and start over with some credibility in the people hired or just plain give up on indoctrinating youth. I used to listen to my children complain all the time and this is the perfect example of WHAT they were complaining about. Upon graduating my oldest used to brag about surviving five years of University of Alaska without becoming a liberal idiotic fool. This is how we end up with arrogant fools like Chris Constant! They are taught by our educational system. Its a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. UAA cant even support a teacher certification program.

  11. Every high school graduate in the state needs to listen to this idiot before making a major decision on which university to attend. His words are a testament to the goals of UAA.

    • UAA, and most contemporary universities, are little more than expensive communist indoctrination camps. Best to attend a Christian university, or find a good trade.

  12. Let’s take another poll here:

    How many of you who’ve commented have actually listened to the entire podcast?

    And really, if he had blue hair and told his students at UAA they could be unicorns if they wanted to and they will only be truly happy with themselves once they mutilate their sex organs and take opposite-sex hormones, he’d be celebrated as a hero.

    Tell your students pixie dust is real, life is all about your next orgasm, and drag queens will save the world, and your career as an educator is secure.

    But get it wrong about when it comes to heterosexual marriage? You’re done! For life!

    This man has a wife and children. Think twice before you call for his head and deem him unfit to teach or unfit for public service.

    • NotAnymore says that the man as a government employee can say whatever he wants, even when others get fired for it-because he has a wife and child.

  13. Did anyone ever wonder whether Cubas talked this way in front of the governor at church, or was he putting on an act? People are seldom what they really are in a public place like a religious institution. As for UAA, I have to remember that it is in the land of the Comintern, and subject to that environment.

  14. Seriously calls into question Dunleavy’s judgement, and his fitness to occupy the Governor’s office.

  15. It’s Dunleavy, are we really suprised. Dunleavy is either feckless and spineless or dubious and disingenuous… either way, he is an enemy of the people for sure.

  16. Well! What we need is just more good ol’ fashion teaching and showing biblical values to display if you aren’t following God you really have no morals, and you live for Self. The video speaker here displays he no less no more than an unrepentant sinner as the unrepentant sinners whom he feels attacked by their own immoral and abusive behavior. Maybe this man will find his way into a decent Bible teaching and believing church or listen to 89.3 fm cause they’re some better preaching going on the radio than our local churches. Despite his ‘arrogant’ facade he seems wounded and hurt to me.

  17. Well! What we need is just more good ol’ fashion teaching and showing biblical values that display in believers if you aren’t following God you really have no morals, and you live for Self. The video speaker here displays he no less no more than an unrepentant sinner as the unrepentant sinners whom he feels they attacked him by their own immoral and abusive behavior, so he retaliated back. Maybe this man will find his way into a sweet congregation of a Bible teaching and believing church or listen to Kabt 89.3 fm cause there some better preaching going on that radio than in our local churches. Despite his ‘arrogant’ facade he seems wounded and hurt to me.

  18. Moreover- Office of Family Life is more wasteful government spending. We have the churches! The churches are and WERE supposed to be the Offices of Family Life . Governor Dunleavy is trying to help I know, he can really help by himself attending a bible believing/reading/teaching church and catching up on his Jesus homework listening to KATB 89.3 fm radio through its internet broadcast to get himself started reading his own Bible if he owns one!
    And By the way why did boy spill ketchup on his bible?

    To Catch-up on his bible reading! Hahaha

  19. One more thing- Cuba’s mouth and lack of: self control, patience, kindness, love, humility, peace, and joy , is a blessing as it brought to light this newly formed office to me and others less informed reliant on writers and few readers like Suzanne more informed and better readers than the average Alaskan what’s been revealed through Cuba’s sin what Dunleavy did. He not only wasted more state money he also further took the responsibility away from what our Alaskan Churches and what they are Supposed to be and be doing improving families by Jesus through us as the church and churches – our offices. Our churches don’t need to be continued being enabled that someone else will do our work if government leaders can step in start an office to attempt to do our work cause they can’t improve families, if they could then other government services families received would had solved all our families current problems. I give all the thanks to God for his careful watchful eye over us and his churches allowing Cuba to slip up.

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