Dunleavy wins Parnell endorsement



Gubernatorial candidate Mead Treadwell compared his experience with that Mike Dunleavy today by holding a press conference, saying he is a “workhorse, not a show horse.” He outlined his extensive resume and said he is most qualified to be governor.

“I don’t have anything negative to say about Mike but ‘Where have you been?’ He wasn’t there for a vote on the Permanent Fund Protection Act. He wasn’t there to be a cosponsor for a repeal on SB 91.”

Treadwell said his research shows that when people know he has a business record and Dunleavy doesn’t, then he is neck-and-neck with Dunleavy in polling. He played a radio spot that will start soon.

On the same day, former Gov. Sean Parnell issued a statement saying he is endorsing Mike Dunleavy, a man who he has worked with when he was governor and Dunleavy was in the Senate.

Dunleavy is a person who will keep his word, he said, in contrast with Gov. Bill Walker, who has not.

Parnell said, “We need a governor who will once again look out for Alaskans’ interests, make us safer, create opportunity, and be a governor who will create a climate for more Alaska jobs. Mike Dunleavy will be that governor.”

Parnell said he found him honest, thoughtful, and passionate about protecting Alaskans and Alaska’s interests.

“When Mike Dunleavy tells you something, you can believe it. He doesn’t tell you one thing in a campaign and do another. Mike Dunleavy puts every Alaskan first. That’s why I’m voting for him,” Parnell said.



  1. Governor Parnell was a steady hand on the throttle during a relatively tumultuous era so his endorsement is very important, especially 5 weeks before the primary. Sean Parnell was ready and able to step in on very short notice. Mike Dunleavy is now ready and able to step in when a return to intelligent leadership is most needed. But all of us must work together and work hard to elect Dunleavy even as Vince Beltrami and people in Juneau furiously slap together a ticket that slakes the egos of Walker, Begich and Mallott even as it forsakes Alaska and our economy. President Reagan said, “It is rather to make it (government) work with us, not over us; to stand by our side, not ride our back. Government can and must provide opportunity, not smother it; foster productivity, not stifle it.” I think we know why President Reagan didn’t receive many votes in Juneau even as he did very well across the rest of Alaska. It’s now up to Alaska to elect Mike Dunleavy across Alaska.

  2. MIKE DUNLEAVY does not sound or act arrogant! We love MIKE DUNLEAVY, feel he is down to earth and we CONNECT with him❣️ MIKE DUNLEAVY has a nice sense of humor too❣️MIKE DUNLEAVY truly has our support & vote! ✅????

  3. Has anyone looked into the relationship between Mead and Alice Rogoff? Alice started Platinum Financial with Hugh Short and that morphed into PT Capital. Mead was a participant during the Platinum to PT capital change. Hugh Short as we recall had dinner with Obama at Alice’s Home. Just wondering because I haven’t seen anyone look into PT Capital, Hugh Short and a the lingering stench of Alice Rogoff.

  4. This press conference was very sad to watch. The small room is nearly empty. Mead’s campaign has failed to ignite and he should have the grace to bow out rather than keep trying to tear down the inevitable nominee. Mead is a talented guy but this race is over.

  5. Two strong candidates. Both on the right side of important issues. But we need the man with the best chance of beating Begich and Walker. It’s become clear to me that is Mike Dunleavy.

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