Dunleavy: Vaccines on the way to Alaska, no mandates



Appearing on the Must Read Alaska Show podcast, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy said that Alaska would receive close to 100,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine within the next two weeks.

Dunleavy detailed the state’s initial vaccine allocation, including:

  • 35,100 doses from Pfizer-BioNTech
  • 17,900 doses from Moderna
  • 20,000+ doses for U.S. military personnel
  • 30,000 doses for U.S. military dependents

The state’s distribution process will not include military service members; those will be handled through the military branches, but their allocation was included in the state’s overall vaccine dose count. 

Additionally, Gov. Dunleavy outlined the first-phase distribution priority list, which includes the following recipients in order of priority:

  • Hospital/Frontline Workers
  • Long-Term Care Residents and Staff
  • EMS/Fire Personnel
  • Community Health Practitioners
  • Personnel administering the vaccinations

The Alaska COVID-19 Task Force will begin the distribution process for Phase 1A recipients in December and January. With doses expected to arrive shortly, a state task force is working out a logistical process.

In Great Britain, the first COVID-19 vaccines are being administered today, approximately a year after the virus began circling the globe, killing more than 1.5 million people.

Doses of the vaccine will continue to trickle into Alaska until all vaccination requests have been fulfilled. Many of those vaccinations are expected to be administered by Native health organizations; Alaska Natives are experiencing a high mortality rate associated with the virus.

“Alaska will get a tremendous number of doses of this vaccine, and we will continue to get doses until the folks that wish to be vaccinated will be vaccinated,” Dunleavy said.

The governor shared his thoughts on state-mandated vaccinations:

“There will be no mandate to get a vaccination. I don’t believe in mandated vaccinations. Ever since I was a senator, and before that, when I was a school official, I don’t believe that people should be forced to get a vaccination, those vaccinations will be available for those who want them. So, rest assured – people of Alaska – there will be no mandating vaccinations from my administration or this government.”

For many Alaskans, the state’s economic fragility is of grave concern as 2020 comes to a close. And as daily COVID cases continue to rise, the prospect of an effective vaccine is a glimmer of hope.

Dunleavy understands the importance of a vaccine and the effect it will have on next year’s tourism season, and other aspects of an economic rebound in Alaska:

“The efficiency of these vaccinations is surprisingly pretty good — 90%. This [vaccine] is going to help us put the worst of this behind us. Because again, what we are planning for at this time is how we are going to get our economy up in time, especially tourism in the spring and summer.”


  1. Before everyone rolls up their sleeves for the COVID 19 vaccine, please research the side effects. There are a number of prominent scientists, doctors, politicians and legal professionals from around the world that have spoken up about the malfeasance that has been taking place world-wide. Unfortunately, they are being censored. You must ask yourself why is that? Why is an active debate not being allowed? Please carefully consider, should any medical treatment ever be more dangerous than the disease? What about the Hippocratic Oath that doctors must take, “Do no Harm”? What if you actually found out the mRNA vaccines intervene directly with your genetic material, and therefore alter individual genetic material, which represents genetic manipulation, which was already prohibited and hitherto considered criminal? What if you found out this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, but also in terms of genetic damage which, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable? What if you found out that these groups of prominent scientists, doctors, politicians and legal professionals are pursuing crimes against humanity? Time for critical thinking!

    • What if you found out your tin foil hat conspiracies are exactly that ?

      Get off Infowars and read the research behind the development of these vaccines.

      • Wow.
        Let me guess — you implicitly believe everything you hears from CNN and MSNBC, also, right?
        Ken, it is undeniable and inarguable that not only do mRNA vaccines have a history of frequently triggering severe and even fatal side and long-term affects in those inoculated by them (both human and animal), but these vaccines have NOT gone through the normal, 5 to 10 year evaluation process. By definition, they are experimental.
        Go ahead and take the vaccine, blindly and naively, if you like. As for me, I can’t help but notice that I do not see a guinea pig when I look in the mirror.

      • I suggest you read Phizer’s own paper on the vaccine. There is no claim that the vacccine will actually lead to a lower death rate. There are no claims that the vaccine is effective for more then two months and there are no claims that there are no long term detrimental effects from the vaccine. The Phizer report is 52 pages long but is surprisingly easy to read.

      • Why did Dr. Wolfgang Wogard and Dr. Yeadon on December 1, 2020, file an application with the European Medicine Agency for the immediate suspension of all SARD COVID vaccine studies for the protection of the life and health of all volunteers, due to safety concerns? Treatment should NEVER be more dangerous than a disease!

    • You are correct I read today in London two such individuals had extreme adverse side effects (allergic reactions). Animal RNA is spliced in to your DNA with these vaccines.

    • Very well stated. People have had 9 months to utilize using their own mind and independent thinking past the push of this experiment. Sadly, most want to just follow the guidelines to move forward. This is tragic as the push for these vaccines is indeed a bioweapon that many are willing to race to the front and roll up their sleeves. FDA has not approved these vaccines, they have only approved the fast track process. See pg 9. fda . gov/media/144413/download

      It requires an ignorant mind to spout out using terms “conspiracy theory” or “tin foil hat” as a response to others dismissing them. Those terms were implemented by the government as countering actions to keep free thinking individuals from rising up questions and concerns for exercising their sovereign right as a human and resisting the governments mind manipulation to push agendas that do not benefit the public.

      Millions in the USA and billions through this world are going to die from this vaccination. History is repeating right now except this time, it’s every nation’s top leaders on board with a global agenda that is not for humanity.

  2. “No mandates” is because they are not allowed to mandate them under the Emergency use authorization. Once the emergency use authorization ends, and it gets authorized through normal channels, guess what? Mandates will materialize. Time to start having a serious discussion about LIABILITY. After the EUA disappears, we will still have a situation where neither the government, nor the pharmaceutical companies, nor the healthcare systems will be responsible for damage that results from these vaccines, as will inevitably occur (the only question is, how many people will be seriously harmed?). So, if your employer attempts to mandate a vaccine of any kind (but especially mRNA vaccine), you must hold them liable by forcing them to sign a liability agreement. This will make such mandates disappear over night.

  3. Good on Gov Dunleavy for not mandating the vaccinations, too bad he can’t persuade Anchorage to let up on their unconstitutional mandates.

  4. So will this be like the normal influenza vaccine where one gets it not to protect themselves but to reduce the spread and to protect others? I understand that one can still get the flu if vaccinated so will this be the same? You see folks, the establishment hasn’t touched on this yet because they want you to get the vaccine to ease the burden on hospitals, front-line workers, etc… i’ve never gotten the flu vaccine and I more than likely will not get this one.

  5. And, still not one word from the government or the media, both of whom are pushing panic over this virus…..about the simple steps people can take to improve one’s metabolic health, which hugely improves your chances of survival.
    Neither of the two above mentioned entities are going to give up the opportunity to politicize this China virus.
    As long as they continue to push for masking up, anti social distancing, and closing businesses, but keep silent about metabolic health, you are assured that this is all political and not medical……

  6. Maybe there will be no mandates for vaccination from the state government — but what about from our other rulers, the corporations? It won’t mean much that the state of Alaska won’t mandate the vaccine, if we end up being forced to show proof of vaccination in order to fly, enter any public building, attend a concert, cross the border, enter any governmental office, shop for groceries, enter the post office, etc. etc. etc. I suspect that we WILL effectively get a vaccination mandate, just ‘through the backdoor’.

  7. We have the second lowest Covid fatality rate in the country. We have the 2nd or 3rd least restrictive statewide mandates in the country (currently just the test mandate for out of state travel- which has been cut down significantly), and according to Forbes, we have been a model of getting CARES money to its communities. Almost all of those communities, other than Anchorage, have actually gotten that money to their businesses and citizens, but regardless, the state itself got the money to its communities with expediency. We manufactured our own ppe and made deals early on to get our own ppe from overseas when the federal government was short on supply. We have one of, if not, the highest testing rates per capita, in the country.
    All Told, This state has been a model of maintaining civil liberties while taking modest reasonable steps to slow the spread of the virus. This approach has extended into the vaccine, which will not be mandatory, but which will be made readily available.

    So we have a Governor that has acted with reason and maturity. Most tests. Least deaths. Near least restrictions/mandates. Least state imposed economic harm.

    Cue the calls for his resignation…

  8. This vaccine is a crime against humanity. When you start to research about these trials the efficacy and how they came up with the absurd claims of safety you should take a step back before you make a decision. The RNA sequencing in this vaccine has never before been placed in any vaccine and it will forever change your DNA. That alone should be enough for you not to take it but there are claims out there about women will be unable to have children because it will render them sterile. Research very carefully before you make this life altering decision.
    Some great resources are:
    The health ranger
    Dr Mercola
    The truth about vaccines
    Dr Sherry Tenpenny

  9. I wonder how many of our courageous public servants (satirical comment #teachers) are going to jump the line. Every minimum wage grocery store clerk should get preferential treatment before any public employee.

  10. Despite all the pronouncements about older people, I expect that I will amongst the last to be offered the vaccine. Undoubtedly every member of every oppressed special interest group will be vaccinated first. Felix Rivera and pretend Mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson will sneak in the side door for theirs. Second in line will be any remaining Biden voters. The non-favored will be granted access to vaccines sometime next September when they are waiting in food distribution lines.

  11. Thank God for our Governor. His desire to help all Alaskans by their own choice to either be vaccinated or not. Just like the mask mandate if you wear one you are protected…..right? well if you get vaccinated you too should be protected….right?
    If I do not wear a mask or get vaccinated but those who do, they have nothing to worry about but me not bowing to pseudoscience or inflated propaganda or paranoia. My not bowing to or accepting the socialistic programming must really bother those who automatically bow down and bend over just to be a good conforming citizen.

  12. With just a bit of tongue in cheek, this unproven and experimental vaccine is going to be the largest intelligence test ever administered. Choose wisely, as it consists of only one question, with a simple binary answer: yes or no?

  13. That’s mighty big of the Governor, except that he has no authority to order mandatory vaccinations with a concoction that has been rushed through clinical trials & has blanket immunity from lawsuits given to the manufacturers because, hey, it might kill you.

    • I’m guessing he felt the need to say it wasn’t mandatory, because people were running around screaming that it was going to be mandatory. So, he cleared that up and still you want to take a shot at him?

      Who the hell would want this job?

  14. I have very strong opinions about all of this … but since I have zero formal medical education or experience, I’m keeping my opinions to myself.

  15. Regardless, there ultimately will be – as is part of this deliberately under-engineered pathogen crisis syllabus – an imposed segregation process to IDENTIFY who has been and has not been ‘vaccinated’. The most amazing thing is the level of cognitive absentia required to not have even a sense of suspicion amid the obvious timing of these events with the most contested election, perhaps, in US history. Also amazing, is the number of people, your neighbors, not only willing to plow under your liberties because they choose not to exercise their own, but who happily endorse any measure of enFORCEment to quell their ‘fears’, whether actual willfully deciding to be afraid for their skins (requiring YOU to alter your existence for them), or feigned, politically convenient claims of fear as a perceived mechanism of forced compliance (I believe the latter being very prevalent.) History always repeats itself, though this time things are uniquely different.

  16. Accept a vaccine that is 90% effective, or “roll the dice” with a virus that is 99.5% survivable.

      • Exactly AK FireFlower.

        There is ABSOLUTELY no way anyone from gov’t or any entity can assure safety or no serious long-term side effects that follow in such a short period of time of producing such a vaccine. ZERO chance. Only a fool will take such as poison shoved by the government. Anything the government touches, it fails MISERABLY.

    • The way they determined the vaccine is 90% effective is extremely suspicious too. Research requires going much deeper than what google & the CDC want you to think that you know.

  17. Let’s make sure all the teachers in our state have an opportunity to get vaccinated so we can finally get back to normal schooling. Just a thought!

    • Then the vaccine can kill our teachers by serious auto-immune reactions and sterilization. Then who will run our schools?

  18. Does his No include Gov. Dunleavy will still protect people’s rights to attend and socialize and use cultural buildings like museums, rent hotels, travel, use fitness gyms, movie theaters without a vaccine? Israel just rolled out a list of exemptions and conditions for and agianst those vaccinated and those opting out taking the corona vaccine.

  19. Even though this vaccine isn’t mandated, it can still be pressed as a mandate if without it, a person is severely hindered and punished from travel and cultural social gatherings.

    So will Dunleavy protect local community members from being coerced into taking it by tyrannical local leaders?

  20. Dunleavy, you are weak and incapable of critical thought on your own.
    Just let Zink keep pouring CDC poison into your ear so you can continue dismantling our state , Anchorage businesses, peoples lives and our economy. You disappoint everyone I know on the grandest scale.

    Wait until Trump wins by re-election and I personally guarantee he will win re-election either with the 12th Amendment or the Supreme Court. . Just be patient… Then this weak governor will be history – as he should be. I voted for Dunleavy and I regret it each & every morning when I wake up. He is not a leader. He follows the marching orders of the CDC through a “controlled” mouth piece referred to as Zink.

    • Indeed, Kevin. Like so many others, Dunleavy appears to allow himself to be cowed, bullied and emasculated by the shrill leftists and nanny-staters with their consistently false claims to the moral and intellectual high ground. He could take a good lesson from Governor Noem of South Dakota, who has refused to knuckle-under to the COVID hysteria and manufactured crisis.

  21. And with every wicked deception directed against those who are perishing, because they refused the the truth that would have saved them. 11 For this reason God will send them a powerful delusion so that they believe the lie. In order that judgment may come upon all who have disbelieved the truth and delighted in wickedness.… – 2 Thessalonians 2:11

    *** Reminder: 99.9% recover (even if they get any symptoms). Avoid all other distractions and further deceptions by the MSM. This is all about control and power. No longer debatable and its validated by science and medical evidence.

    *** Trump will win re-election.
    Have no doubts. Be patient.

    Those involved and who helped perpetrating this deception at all levels will be held accountable.

    *** Keep praying for the restaurant and other business owners who have been wrongfully and adversely impacted by this Covid reaction.

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