Dunleavy unleashes state sanctions on Russia


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued a list of state actions and proposed federal actions to pressure Vladimir Putin to end the war on Ukraine.

“As a response to President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine, we all need to do our part to support countries and people who believe in freedom,” Dunleavy said. 

Dunleavy directed state agencies to identify Russian products and contracts and divest of the relationships, and called on state-owned corporations to do the same. The governor included the Alaska Permanent Fund, directing his comments to the independent board of trustees for the Permanent Fund.

Dunleavy called on President Joe Biden to create an expedited process to permit energy projects of all kinds, and to declare a national energy emergency for all forms of energy. He asked Biden to stop buying oil from Russia and to ban Russian seafood imports.

He also reached out to Alaska businesses and entities to do the same.

“I call upon all Alaska businesses to divest from Russian companies. I call upon businesses to stop selling Russian products. I’m calling on all Alaskans to not purchase Russian products or services,” he said. He asked Alaska sister cities to cut ties with Russian sister cities and for Alaska universities to stop any cultural exchange programs with Russia, and to cut all ties with Russian contractors.

“I will work with the appropriate agencies to identify Alaska as a place of refuge for Ukrainians who pass the appropriate background checks,” he said in his statement. “The United States and our allies must become independent of Russian energy, and we must accelerate that process immediately. These decisions are not meant to hurt our Alaskan friends of Russian background or to put blame for President Putin’s actions on the people he is violently silencing.”

Dunleavy said he will work with the Legislature on any additional measures to put pressure on the Putin regime to end the war against Ukraine.


    • Let’s be honest here…..Biden has done an awful lot to get us here, in fact – pretty much everything. Why isn’t anyone talking about the Biden and Clinton crime family roles in this mess? Or how Biden shut down our energy independence to fund Russia’s oil enterprise and now looking at buying oil from Iran?

      The US needs to stay out of this. People like Dunleavy are being led by emotionally charged narrative from the same sources that have been lying to us for years.

      • I’d love for the U.S to be able to stay out of this. Unfortunately, we missed the chance to set conditions where we would be able to do that. Putin has made a move noticed that we are unwilling to do anything to stop him and with that in mind it’s doubtful he will stop with Ukraine.

      • You are correct, once again we are dancing to the rhythm of the Neo-cons media narrative to convince the American Citizen that we need to go to war with Russia. Like it or not, due to the idiots running this State and Country you are now a combatant in declaring economic war against another Superpower. The corrupt globalist establishment wants to punish Russia because they will not join their corrupt centralized banking system or allow evil people like George Soros to interfere in his country. Putin understands that Ukraine is the financial system for the Deep State and they are laundering our money through that country. On top of this, corrupt elements within our government (Obama) allowed the Dept. of Defense to spend our tax money on building Bio Weapons Labs in Ukraine to conduct dangerous research on the worlds deadliest viruses. Have you heard 1 politician ask why? Does Russia have a justification for being there and using force to protect his people from illegal labs being next door? This is on top of the fact Ukraine cutoff the water to Crimea and have armed Neo-Nazis using Ukraine as a base of operations against Russia. I’m no Putin fan but he has a very good reason to defend his nation against the criminal elements in Ukraine and we should butt out and stop talking like he is the monster here. I blame the Bush, Obama, Biden and Clinton crime families for what they have setup there for their own gain. I also blame all the American politicians that are being paid off to sell us out everyday as China just laughs at us. Schumer, Pelosi, McConnell, Graham, Rubio, Thune, Barrasso, Murkowski and the list goes on and on. They are all snakes! Now our Governor is falling right in line with the narrative, very stupid!

  1. Thank you Gov Dunleavy. We need more of an awareness campaign. I feel many Americans and the world are unaware of Alaska’s resources. Reading some blogs there was a big debate on the Keystone Pipeline and its merits. Nothing is said about our state or pipeline so help get the word out about Alaska. Sadly, most of these sanctions only hurt the Russian people and not Putin.

  2. What an absolute shortsighted virtue signal. Yes, punish students and small business owners while generating hostility towards Russians living in the state. So there Putin.

    • “These decisions are not meant to hurt our Alaskan friends of Russian background or to put blame for President Putin’s actions on the people he is violently silencing.”

      I would hope Alaskans know better anyway, considering we’ve interacted with Russian people since the beginning.

  3. Dunleavy wants to jump in on any election year bump that being tough on Putin may provide. Heck it might even work for Buffoon Biden?

  4. Thank you governor! This (and much more) is exactly what is needed. BTW…I have long experience in Russia and LOVE for the Russian people. They are victims along with the Ukrainians of this new Hitler: Putin.

  5. I’m all for doing our part to support countries and people who believe in Freedom, I’m just curious what countries you are speaking of Governor? Are you saying we are a country who believe in freedom? Good men and women have fought and died for the freedom we and other freedom loving countries hold so dear. The past two years all I’ve seen from the majority of our representatives, politicians and our current
    President is our so called freedom being stripped out from under all of US here in America along with all other the other freedom loving countries!

  6. The ‘influencers’ that have come forward with their individual versions of “I stand with Ukraine” is very telling. When Klaus Schwab and George Soros (and many other less powerful, but influential people) throw their weight behind an idea, that is an excellent time to take a very closer look. Put forth the effort and do whatever it takes to dig deeper and strive to see the subject from a different point of view than the one that is force fed to everyone.

    Soros and Obama paid for and authorized the take down of a duly elected government in the Ukraine in 2014. They were instrumental in getting Zelensky installed after Victoria Nuland bragged on Twitter about spending 2 billion dollars to take down the Ukrainian government and then paraded in the Orange Revolution. I am no commie lover, but Putin and the Russians seem to be getting worse than they deserve here. I think Putin knows that he will need us as allies when the CCP finally decide that they no longer want to work cooperatively to overcome the free world, but they are ready to to dispense with any power sharing agreements and dominate EVERYONE. Regardless, this issue is NOT black and white.

    • North – I am afraid your very astute observations will fall on many deaf ears here. You are absolutely correct about the bloody hands of the Globalist cartel being involved in the Ukraine.

    • North, good comment! I agree with you. People in our country are woefully underinformed and have been fed a load of Bovine Excrement from the propaganda machine otherwise known as the media.

    • Finally, someone who has common sense….. When these evil people tell you to hate something, the other side is starting to look like it might be right…. Russia is blowing up US Bio Labs, is against Child sex trafficking, and the Neo-Nazi Crack head regime, and the NWO…. There seems to be a lot of confusion about what is going on here (On BOTH SIDES)…. I’m not a big fan of Putin, but before people start hating on the Russian people and the large population here in Alaska…. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH FOR BOTH SIDES!!!

      • I agree with you, but I am a fan of Putin. I have seen him tell more truth than any other leader till Trump came along. We should be thanking Putin right now for doing us a favor taking out those US labs over there in Ukraine not sanctioning his country.

    • I am a simple person, and I absolutely know it’s near impossible to gather factual information on what is going on, r-e-a-l-l-y going on – it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack, without getting poked first.
      While my gut tells me Putin is a fox in a hen house, I know the huge reality is that Ukraine government has a long and very recent history of corruption, which involved US’s very own current resident of the white house with energy company Burisma, not to mention other US politicians who used Ukraine for gains with their own profiteering scams.
      It’s a nasty business from where I stand, there’s more on the table than us common folks know.
      I am NOT comfortable with our governor who stuck his (our) two cents into this mess.
      I won’t follow him – I refuse to take a stance on this. I try to look before I leap.
      AND I will not play the shell game of being distracted away from issues like: COVID19, shot dangers being revealed, border invasion, inflation, and the general sense that there is so much more to come.
      Crazy times.

      • “not to mention other US politicians who used Ukraine for gains with their own profiteering scams.” Like Trump.

    • No, it’s not black and white, and yes, your history is correct. When this first began, all I could think was Biden and his family’s interests. But people are now dying, and Putin is hurting his own as well. He’s gone too far.

  7. We should be fast tracking oil projects on state land and pressuring the feds to reopen our lands that they’ve shutdown. This is a matter of national security, global importance, and local prosperity. We can produce energy here more environmentally friendly and cleaner while supporting Americans instead of getting blood stained oil from Putin. Ukraine and all of Europe needs someone to stand up and support them, we could be that and we don’t need to send a single American soldier into harms way to do so.
    Why is our president waiting to take these simple common sense actions that are required and the vast majority of Americans support?

      • Because intermittent and unreliable solar and wind energy cannot be, and never will be, a replacement for fossil fuels. That is physics and reality speaking, not my own bias or opinion, either.

      • And what would Barrow do in the winter? What would most of Alaska do in the winter? Solar isn’t going to cut it.

        What green energy source infrastructure do we have in Alaska? Pretty much none. Wind would only work in certain areas, and not all the time. Solar, only in summer, and not even all of summer. Geothermal also would only work in certain areas. And each of these types of green energy would require its own system of infrastructure. There would be little standardization, meaning it would be extremely expensive and require specialized maintenance. Right now, we can’t even find enough workers for many everyday jobs. And it would take years to set these up. People would die from lack of heat, etc., before the required infrastructure would be built.

        The only green energy I’ve heard about that might help are the mini nuclear reactors based on NASA’s builds. They’re too small to melt down, and are currently being tested at one of our bases. If they run as hoped, we could standardize this energy in Alaska, but we’d still have to acquire enough of them, build a network, and set up a maintenance plan. That would also take years.

        Do you have any suggestions to overcome these hurdles? Or should we perhaps drill while working that long-term solution?

      • Imagi,
        We could certainly try that, Germany just spent the last decade doing just that while shutting down coal and nuclear plants. Then they started importing more and more natural gas, from Russia. They needed still more and more Russian natural gas that they started building a gas pipeline called Nord Stream 2 through the Baltic Sea and around those pesky Eastern European countries like Ukraine. You might recall that President Trump was opposed to Nord Stream 2, then the new president decided he was for Nord Stream 2 and supporting Russian natural gas going so far as to lift sanctions on Nord Stream 2 in May 2021 and then actively opposing sanctions in January of this year, while Putin was amassing troops on the Ukrainian border. Of course all of that was after President Biden shutdown the Keystone Pipeline along with numerous other energy related projects in the US, maybe he figured one day we could buy some of that blood stained Russian natural gas through a pipeline under the Bearing Sea?

  8. Dunleavy has no business sanctioning a sovereign nation. He’s the governor of Alaska and he needs to stick to Alaska’s business instead of virtue signaling over a foreign situation that he likely doesn’t understand very well. Maybe the governor is having some trouble keeping his emotional responses from overriding his logic and reason or, maybe, he’s hoping his heroic actions will distract us from his mounting failures. I suggest that Dunleavy concentrate on more local matters, like investigating whether Prop 2 actually passed legitimately.

    • I disagree. That sovereign nation interacts with Alaska consistently. I’ve seen Dunleavy handle a variety of problems more quickly than the Alaska Legislature ever does. They haven’t been able to do a viable budget for years, and continue to break the law and steal PFDs.

  9. Get 10 or 12 Russians to have a hissy fit on tv at UAA or UAF and he will fold faster than advanced origami. The man has no backbone.

  10. he should focus harder on trying to get the sanctions on alaska lifted instead of jumping on a destructive bandwagon

    • I believe he included that in his statement. And he’s not the only one. It amazes me how many people with logic and common sense that Biden just ignores for his own “dream” while Biden smashes the dreams of every American citizen — and not just their dreams, but their very existence.

  11. Good. Better late then never. Bill Walker called for divestment days ago as Dunleavy was trying to figure out what to do.

    Its not hard. Quality people put values and principles ahead of money.

    Putin is stark, raving mad. He’s invaded a sovereign country. Used cluster bombs on civilians, and has even attacked a nuclear power plant as he’s murdered women and children.

    We share a border with a country run by a lunatic with nuclear weapons. In time the Russian people may decide they deserve better- Alaskans will benefit when they do.

  12. Does the Governor not have a single policy advisor that understands what is going on in the world? What an absolutely cringeworthy knee-jerk simple minded virtue signaling response to a complex matter. Yikes, this is bad.
    Ladies and gentlemen, if you are making decisions at this level based off of the narrative they are selling you on your TV or radio you have lost your mind. If Trump did anything over his four years he should have taught you the media is FAKE NEWS. They are selling you a product, and this includes fox news and others because you like what they are saying. Stop paying attention to the NARRATIVE they are selling you and use your brain. Dunleavy needs a policy advisor who understands what is happening and how to handle it, because this is a terrible response.
    What is the response going to be when China goes after Taiwan next? This is serious, don’t mess this up.

  13. The Cowardly Lion, aka Governor Dunleavy, “unleashes” the State of Alaska sanctions against Russia which will amount to a fart in the wind. Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe is still importing hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day from Russia! Something smells rotten here. As a famous comedian once said, ” beware when both parties in Congress agree on anything because it means that the average American citizen is about to get screwed more than usual”. There certainly is no shortage of idiots in the world.

  14. How about unleashing the PFD and while you are at it, clean up who can vote in this next election.

  15. it isn’t Russia that’s the problem. Its NATO pressuring Ukraine through Zelensky to bring the leftist, rainbow crap to Ukraine. I’m actually on Russias side on this one, aside from the violence, then again no one bats an eye when we bomb other countries and kill civilians much like Obama with drone strikes. Don’t cower to NATO Russia! Keep up the good fight!

    • “I’m actually on Russias side on this one, aside from the violence,”. Aside from the violence!?! You can’t separate that out, fool.

  16. I expected to see much more compassion for innocent Ukrainian people dying from falling bombs and missiles than I see on this page. Welcome to Munich 1939.

    • Do you have compassion for the people in the Donbass that Ukranian Azov Nazis are killing? An awful lot of those bombs and missiles are actually Ukrainians killing Ukrainians. The Nazis are using innocent Ukrainians as shields. The Ukranian Nazi killed the mayor of Odessa (in Ukraine), and another member of parliament has been abducted, tortured, and gagged today. While Zelensky is in hiding and NATO continues to give Nazis more arms, Russia has brought in over 100 tons of food for various cities.
      Real Munich 1939 are Russian businesses across Europe being vandalized (even in DC) and the Ukranian Nazis have been taping Ukrainians to trees. The Azov battalion have monthly parades for Stepan Bandera, the man who ran the Nazi concentration camp in Ukraine and helped slaughter Jews and Poles. The Ukranian Nazis have refused to allow Indian, African, or Asians to board trains so Russia, India, and China helped save them.
      This is a complex situation, and Russia did not start this. The roots of this goes all the way back to Bill Clinton and NATOs continually Eastern control. MSNBC acknowledged today that Biden could have prevented this but instead Blinken, Nuland, and Biden kept promoting the make-believe story that Ukraine would ever be a NATO country. My compassion is for the innocent Ukrainians, but not all Ukrainians are innocent.

      • I too, feel horrible for the innocent Ukrainians. I also have come to believe that at this point in time, Putin is their best bet for safety and security. Every other “solution” will only prolong their agony and suffering.

        The Neo-Nazis in Ukraine care about the Ukrainian people, exactly like the Bolsheviks cared about the Russian people. And here we are with western governments seeking to better arm THEM (not the Ukrainian people), and malevolent warmongering U.S. Senators calling for the assassination of a duly elected foreign leader. One of the same Senators that no doubt played in a part in the approval of the Appropriations necessary to finance the construction of 11 bioweapons labs in the country, along with providing weapons that have been used to destroy innocent lives. This ‘Ukraine’ of our ‘leaders’ MUST be protected at all costs or the money laundering honey hole will cease to exist for those life estate “representatives” in our government that seek to further enrich themselves with no regard for the people they have been ‘elected’ to serve, or anyone else in the world for that matter.

        Taiwan is on the chopping block, and China grows restless. Will we be attempting to sanction them into oblivion? Doubt it. At the least we should eliminate their ownership of property in our country. I imagine Lisa is drawing up those documents right now…

    • See this perspective putin has divided the world even wider. The russian-residents peoples lives and livelihoods are just as imporant as ukranian- residents peoples lives. Now putin, including biden slowness, has placed the world into a dilemma choose between russia or ukraine. Either way both country’s sets of people will be hurt. Don’t always think about one side. It is unamerican. when we are the melting pot country. While you are hurting there are other families hurting too.

  17. To sum this up:
    1. Ukraine may not be a model, innocent nation, but it is now being destroyed by a rogue nation.
    2. Our U.S. chief executive, along with his wretched family, is deeply mired in corruption (Ukraine and China).
    3. Russia is ruled by a corrupt dictator and murderer, who has expansive goals.
    4. Free people around the world are outraged by the invasion of Ukraine.
    5. The president of Ukraine has shown remarkable boldness and capabilities in leading the defense of Ukraine.
    6. Russia must be firmly opposed, yet without widening and worsening the war
    7. CHINA! People, China is in the grips of a far more malignant force than Russia. Never take our eyes off of China and its totalitarian communist leaders. Isolate China. Disinvest in China today. Prepare for conflict with an expansive and militant China.

  18. Obama put a bunch of Wuhan style infectious disease labs all over Ukraine when he was president. Putin is taking them out. I am 100% for Putin and since Dunleavy is once again showing he has no clue what’s really going on I will not be voting for him this time around. He is a spineless man. He seems to have no balls at all. Stop believing anything the regular news tells you it’s all bullshit. Look up X22report online. Best daily updates to what is really going on.

  19. Seeing more newbies on here lately. Probably paid pro war trolls. Wonder what the going rate per post is nowadays?

  20. Difficult choices are made by the woman when the man of the big house fails to be head of the house. His wife and children suffer on his being less than a man. Biden could had prevented all this mess being the commander in chief over the country with the most influence and best equipped military.

    • The blame for all this mess lies with Putin, not Biden. What do you think Biden should have done?

  21. Isn’t it weird that the same sources that have been lying about Russian collusion, mostly peaceful riots, most fair election ever, January 6 insurrection, the COVID pandemic, transitory inflation, the safe ‘vaccine’, etc. are suddenly telling us the truth? Any message that is so coordinated by these evil people and being piled on by Soros and Clinton is something the no one should believe. Obviously, many here haven’t heard of fool me once, shame on you….especially since we’re now at fool me thousands of times and we should all be saying shame on any idiot who is still following them.

  22. Dunleavy unleashes state sanctions on Russia
    … but not on communist China: “… (who) says no to sanctioning Russia amid Ukraine bombardment, (who) vows to continue ‘normal trade cooperation'” (foxnews.com/politics/china-no-sanctioning-russia-amid-ukraine-bombardment-vows-normal-trade-cooperation).
    Why, Guv?
    Communist China got a new BFF which is Team Walker and you damn sure don’t want to annoy either partner because there’s no telling what one’s promised the other?

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