Dunleavy suspends campaign to focus on health


Alaska gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy has suspended his campaign to deal with a health issue.

The Republican senator from Wasilla recently had a procedure to correct an ongoing condition that is not life-threatening, but requires treatment and monitoring, he said: “It’s important to resolve.”

While Dunleavy believes the procedure will have a good outcome, the healing and recovery process may take some time – weeks or even months.

Until that occurs and he is cleared by his doctor, his campaign for governor will be suspended.

“While this is surely to disappoint many of his supporters, no one is more disappointed than Mike himself,” the campaign wrote in a news release.

“This is not what I wanted to see happen, because my heart is in it to serve Alaska, but this is something I must take care of now, not later,” he said.

He will evaluate the situation in the near future and make a final determination if he should continue with the campaign.

Dunleavy was the first candidate with statewide name recognition to file for governor. An educator who spent almost 20 years in rural Alaska, he has served Senate District E and has not decided if he will continue in the Senate or focus on healing.

Both Charlie Huggins, a former state senator from Meadow Lakes in the Mat-Su, and Rep. Mike Chenault of Kenai are expected to file letters of intent for governor this week. Chenault said that would allow him to gauge support from around the state. Huggins was hunting and could not be reached for comment.


    • I believe that he will reconsider. He knows that he damaged Parnell last go around and some believe he cost him the election. Dan is a good man and will do what is right for Alaska.

      • I don’t think Dan Sullivan damaged Parnell at all. Rogoff/ADN/National Guard scandal damaged him. Agree that Dan is a good man. I hope he runs for governor.

        • Campaigning against Mayor Dan by Anchorage public sector unions was a huge contributing factor to Parnell losing the race. All the built-up wrath for his (very reasonable) contract changes was taken out on that race.

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