Dunleavy: Supreme Court decision creates path for Alaskans to choose life through constitutional change


 Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy issued the following statement after today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade:

“I like many Alaskans, am pro life. I also recognize that many Alaskans are pro choice. The recent decision by the Supreme Court returns the issue of abortion back to the states. 

“I believe this presents an opportunity for the people of Alaska, not a handful of elected officials or appointed judges, to decide the future of abortion in Alaska.

“I will therefore be introducing a resolution for a proposed constitutional amendment to the legislature in the next session to answer the question whether abortion shall, or not be a constitutionally protected right.

“I have always had faith in the people of Alaska to make the right decision when it comes to our constitution and protecting our fundamental rights and this issue is no different. My position on this issue  has been made clear. Alaskans should have the opportunity to make their position clear as well.”


  1. Governor, we need to ride this wave now while momentum and excitement is strong. Everyone apply mega pressure on the Governor to call for a special legislative session right away on the road system to enact the Alaska Life at Conception Act to save babies. I believe voters will be voting on whether or not to hold a constitutional convention this year, so we can make sure language is strong against abortion and for life at conception and that personhood and the definition of a child is clear, but why wait that long. Governor, unborn children need you to act now by calling for a special legislative session now! Misinformed women and innocent babies need your help! This moment is an answer to decades of prayer and a long fight. Please don’t let us down. You may be Governor for such a time as this!

    • Exactly! He just punted. This will push any protection for babies years down the line… and he knows it.

    • The problem is that the Democrat-controlled House will never let it pass, so calling a special session would be pointless. Perhaps he is hoping to plant this issue in the minds of voters this fall such that the House is returned to Republican control, making the passage of such an amendment at least possible.

  2. Thank you Governor Dunleavy for your leadership on this important issue and so many others. I look forward to working with you to present this issue to Alaskans. I pray we will join the other states doing the right thing!

    • How about presenting legislation that will protect the babies now? He just punted this to years down the line. This is not leadership, it is the epitome of cowardice or the act of someone who is now trying to figure a way through the fact that Roe v Wade is no longer a cover for his true convictions.

    • He raised the issue, when he could have kept silent. So that’s a positive step forward for an otherwise extremely disappointing administration.

    • Yes, you missed it. Instead of a dictate now we get a choice. Would you rather him just make up a decree like Biden? Of course not. No one wants a dictator.

      • Takes a 2/3 majority in both houses next year. If it passes, it then waits another year for next general election. We are now looking at two years.
        Why not call a special session and pass prolife legislation? Why not get legislators on the record? Oh, and they can also “try” to pass an amendment at the same time. There are 13 states in which abortion is essential illegal. They don’t have an amendment to their constitution to make it illegal. They just have a law. Simple majority.
        This is a scam to deflect, and delay.
        There are many republicans who are pooping bricks right now because of this. They claimed to be prolife but had the excuse of Roe v Wade to not have to do anything about it. They would tell their donors they would never do anything but tell you they are prolife for your vote. Their cover is gone. Apparently Dunleavy is one of them.

        • The Alaska Supreme Court has already ruled that our State Constitution protects the “right” to an abortion. I don’t agree but that is nonetheless the case, so a simple law won’t do because it will almost certainly be ruled unconstitutional. It has to be an amendment, which has no chance of passing the Democrat-controlled House. Dunleavy is hoping the voters keep this in mind as they vote this fall and hopefully return the House to Republican control.

          For once I applaud Gov. Dunleavy for not wasting the taxpayers’ money on a special session which will almost certainly accomplish nothing.

  3. Despite all the denture rattling by Nancy Pelosi, this Supreme Court Decision confirms the fact there is no constitutionally protected right to abortions or associated ‘privacy’. Abortions will not stop. The states will decide the issue locally. California and like minded states can set up abortions on each street corner if they so desire. Of course ‘Roe’ is one of the left’s shrines (climate change, the other). They now touting there will be a “night of rage” where anarchy is justified because, well, they are the left, after all. Governor Dunleavy is querying the people of Alaska regarding their desire regarding the abortion question.

    Finally, thank you President Trump for appointing constitutionally focused Supreme Court justices.

    • Well said. You don’t have to peel too many layers from a leftist, to find a very unhappy person…

    • Did what right? He just punted any legislation to protect babies to years down the line. He isn’t doing anything.

  4. Yep, decision is ours as a State. Hopefully Alaskans choose life. Our legislature won’t. They are too liberal.

  5. The same wishy-washy reply I expected. After stating that he was pro -life all the way while campaigning. Let’s dump him.

  6. “I like many Alaskans “
    The only difference i can see between Dunleavy and the many Alaskans he refers to is that the Alaskans actually do what they promised. Unfortunately for Dunleavy is that his earned reputation is a do nothing while Alaskans die of Covid, businesses shut down, and Ann Zink is awarded Alaskan criminal of the year, and under Dunleavy;s watch our elections have been outright fraudulent!
    And this is what this fool declares why we should vote for him again!
    I DaveMaxwell like many Alaskans reject this failed administration that dunleavy has “led”!!!

    • Dave:
      Sorry to inform you, but Governor Dunleavy has nothing to do with elections. That is the purview of the Lt. Governor, so named because he can sub for the gov, but his main function is, as the former title suggested, Secretary of State. Business were shut down by the Anchorage people because of the democrats. So direct your displeasure there. The Alaskan constitution allows the boroughs to run their own show, and a governor who has responsibility for the whole state goes by that. The democrats are in charge in Anchorage and they did their democrat thing – ruin the city. Meanwhile as soon as the governor had more information, he successfully resisted the cries of the people of Anchorage and the democrats and panicked people elsewhere to shut down the whole state. He did the best he could when presented with the information on the disease, which, as you can remember kept changing. I followed it very closely because the information coming out of Alaska was straight to the point and when the narrative changed in DC, it was noted in Alaska, but not in Anchorage where the democrats hold power. Look at the way they run their city/borough and place your blame on the correct people.

      • I think you’re forgetting that Dunleavy DID shut down the entire state for 2 months. He also mandated absurd (and probably unconstitutional) “border controls” for nearly a year which hampered Alaskans’ right to travel as well as any shred of tourism that might have occurred. While it is true that he doesn’t have the power to meddle in city/borough affairs, he could have used his “bully pulpit” to publicly condemn the actions of cities like Anchorage and Juneau, but he chose the gutless route as usual.

        Dunleavy will most certainly not be getting my (first choice) vote.

    • Thank you. How dare the Politicians of this state dictate our womens rights. I am insulted. Don’t care about what you think moral rights are, it’s not your body!

  7. Wow.
    Hard core.
    Dunleavy finally grew a pair.
    This has the potential to transform society into one that assumes greater responsibility when it comes to unintended pregnancies.
    It’s like anything else – when you encourage or allow irresponsible behavior – that’s what you get.
    The world is changing- the USA is heading towards Civil War.

    I know who will win.

  8. No thanks, Dunleavy. We will make our own proposed changes at the constitutional convention. We don’t need your kind of politician

  9. Mayor Pierce, Candidate for Governor

    “I fully support the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade. In addition, I fully support adoption with counseling and support for both the expectant mother and the adoptive parents during all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and afterward.

    The question of an Alaska State constitutional convention will be for the voters of Alaska to decide. If called there can be many, many items that will be addressed at the constitutional convention. It would certainly be an exciting time.”

  10. This SCOTUS decision is a huge victory for states rights. Expansion of the federal government is a bureaucratic cancer. But, consider that abortion is a quasi-fix for a bad decision; i.e., to have unprotected sex. What a tragedy it is to be an unwanted child. The youthful sex drive is intense and their brains need to understand the huge consequences. We need to talk to kids at home and in schools. What really needs to be “controlled” is sex. Perhaps with an emphasis on the consequences of sex we can rediscover the family.

  11. Glad to see the Governor’s leadership on being pro-life and acting like it. His pro-life Amendment should be a good format for the Constitutional Convention enactment and should be voted on by all the people of Alaska.


  12. Mayor Pierce, Candidate for Governor

    “I fully support the Supreme Court decision on Roe vs. Wade. In addition, I fully support adoption with counseling and support for both the expectant mother and the adoptive parents during all stages of pregnancy, childbirth and afterward.

    The question of an Alaska State constitutional convention will be for the voters of Alaska to decide. If called there can be many, many items that will be addressed at the constitutional convention. It would certainly be an exciting time.”

  13. The decades required to end the charade labeled “Roe” illustrates the duplicity and incompetence of the Republican Party. The far larger issue is when will the first and most critical Natural Right, granted by the Creator and enshrined in our Constitution, the Right to Life, be affirmed?
    Our state Constitution cannot stand, as written, if it does not, at a minimum specifically, either affirm or not be used to deny, that each and every Natural Right mentioned in our national Constitution applies to every US citizen.
    There have been several election cycles during my lifetime that the GOP has had complete control of congress and the executive branch and although often using the issue as a fund raising and vote generating ploy, has never ended the federal subsidy from public funds for hiring third party individuals to carry out the physical termination of life in defenseless human beings.
    The important priority now that the previous fraudulent court “finding” of a non existent right for a person to pronounce a death sentence on another person has been set aside, is to affirm that Right to Life applies to every citizen.
    The issue of what defines a living human being will be argued, but as long as we are a nation that not only fails to protect our most vulnerable citizens but subsidizes their termination due to being described as “non viable” keeps us in a barbaric state.

  14. If abortion is not murder, and a fetus is just a lump of tissue, then why are women invariably and sometimes permanently traumatized by having miscarriages?

    • Good question. I miscarried at only 7 weeks pregnant and it was devastating. I’m pro-family and pro-get your sh*t together. I’ve seen so many ridiculous comments about it in the past 2 days.

  15. This is not an issue in which I have much personal interest. I am happy and grateful it removed gun control from being directly in the liberals’ sights. I think it will now divide the nation for some time to come. Some seem Hell bent on having it divide Alaska. Alaska is not nearly as likely to have the issue trend to violence as are many other states and regions, but it could happen here; no doubt about it. In the meantime Alaska will be a good vantage point from which to watch the nation erupt. I can watch it on Youtube while I eat my oatmeal every morning, and that is the right distance. I do agree with the Court; nowhere is abortion mentioned in the Constitution, and therefore the Court has no authority on the matter. Republicans would have to find unprecedented success in the November legislative election in order to produce super-majority needed to put abortion in the ballot. Planned Parenthood will import people to work on those elections, and the public employee labor unions will put major resources into them. The hill to put the PFD on the ballot was much less steep and Dunleavy failed with that every year he’s been in office. So we will see. I always vote Republican but in the districts where I vote there aren’t even Republicans on the ballot this time around.

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