Dunleavy signs order to ban state contracts with companies that boycott Jewish state of Israel


Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued an administrative order on Monday prohibiting state contracts with entities that support or participate in boycotts against the Jewish state of Israel. The order asserts the State of Alaska’s commitment to its longstanding relationship with Israel and its stance against discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, race, or nationality.

The order begins with a preamble outlining the close ties between the State of Alaska and Israel, emphasizing their mutually beneficial relationship. Dunleavy highlights that Alaska will not condone any actions that seek to boycott or isolate Israel economically or socially, citing such actions as discriminatory and against the values of the state.

The State of Alaska “has a longstanding and broad policy to refrain from contracting with business entities that unlawfully discriminate in the solicitation, selection, hiring, or treatment of its employees or customers,” the order reads.

The administrative order mandates that all future contracts entered into or approved by the State of Alaska or its public agencies must include a provision stating that support or participation in a boycott of Israel will be grounds for termination of the contract. Additionally, any requests for information, proposals, bids, or similar requests related to contracts must include a provision disqualifying any entity found to support or participate in an Israel boycott from participating in the procurement process.

However, the order provides exemptions for contracts with entities employing fewer than 10 people or contracts with a value less than $100,000. It also assigns responsibility for implementing the order to the commissioners of Administration and Transportation and Public Facilities.

The order defines “person” as any organization, business, association, corporation, or entity, excluding natural persons. It clarifies that “public agency” refers to various administrative units of the executive branch of state government, excluding specified entities such as the University of Alaska and the Alaska Railroad Corporation.

Dunleavy’s order asserts that if any provision of the order conflicts with existing state, federal, or local anti-discrimination laws, those laws will take precedence.

This administrative order, effective immediately upon issuance, signals Alaska’s unwavering support for Israel and its commitment to combatting discrimination. It aligns with similar measures adopted by other states in support of Israel and against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.


    • Dunleavy stepping into cancel culture with both feet is despicable.
      Under the guise of non discrimination?
      When in fact he is discriminating.

      His actions are definitely treading the line of illegality and possibly treasonous behavior.
      The constitution says no state shall enter into any treaty or alliance with a foreign power without federal congressional consent.

      Is he helping Alaskans and freedoms in general by aligning with Israel ?
      Or is he putting a big target on our back ?
      Dunleavy – you are breaking the highest law in the land and potentially putting america and alaskans in a bind without the just powers to do so .
      I recommend you be examined for treason.

      • Just a little bit of antisemitism here? Take your hate back to the muslim nation you came from – your logic is foolish, your interpretation and knowledge of the US Constitution suspect, and your hate dripping off your keyboard. The Governor is right on this one.

        • Rich, you disgust me with your kneejerk and traitorous dual loyalty to the foreign nation of Israel. “American” is exactly correct, and your specious playing of the absurd and equally kneejerk “anti-semitism” card only proves what a shallow and weak position you actually hold.

          Now, go back to doing what you do best: enabling and supporting RINOs, such as the deplorable and loathsome Princess Lisa, in their ongoing destruction of this nation.

  1. Now it’s the governor’s job to decide what and who can be boycotted? How bizarre!!
    There’s only one country in the world who needs looking out for and it’s the USA. When we fall the world will become a very dark place

    • reed bending in the wind, you are free to boycott anyone you choose. The Governor, chief executive of the State of Alaska, has ordered that the State not discriminate in his way.

  2. How come the mainstream media, including MRAK, aren’t reporting on independent journalist Tucker Carlson, who is currently in Moscow to supposedly interview Putin and discuss the Ukraine war & the Middle East conflict? Seems as if a celebrity with millions of alternative media followers would generate at least a few lines of ink!

      • Thanks, but I believe that by now anyone who wanted to watch it, has. The two hour video has gone viral on the Internet with over 35 million views as of yesterday. Pretty boring interview to tell you the truth with really nothing that hasn’t been put out there before. I was surprised that Putin didn’t reveal any names of the corrupt Beltway politicians that are profiting from the Ukraine war, though. Probably keeping those cards in his pocket for use closer to our Presidential election.

  3. The manipulation of money and credit–add to these Dunleavy’s manipulation of the state’s bidding practices for the benefit of Zionists. The Zionist have shown that they can make war with the best! It’s high time that we let the middle-easterners treat each other as neighborly as they please. We have problems enough of our own to deal with without meddling in the affairs between age-old antagonists on distant shores.

  4. Since when is it the Governor’s decision to say who the state can and cant do business with?

    The legislature had a bill that was almost exactly the same as Dunleavy’s executive order that failed to advance from the house in a 20-20 vote.

    I seem to remember folks from both parties being pretty upset with Obama, Trump and Biden governing with executive orders instead of allowing congress to enact laws. Where is the similar outrage over Dunleavy issuing over 10% of the executive orders in the history of Alaska as a state?

    He has issued 12 or 13 in the past week, the state of Alaska has only had about 120 in it’s history and only 12 in the prior 20 years before the current EO’s from Dunleavy this week

      • So he is allowed to rule the State by executive orders?

        Don’t we have checks and balances between the three branches of governments? Isn’t it up to the legislature to enact the laws and policies for the state and it is up to the executive branch to work within those laws to govern the state?

        These comments and articles on this site often lament big government and government overreach, why accept this now?

    • Congress rarely enacts laws anymore. Chevron Doctrine enabled the institution of many of the bizarre, oppressive and unconstitutional “laws” we currently live under in this country. All enacted by unelected bureaucrats at the federal level. That’s why the SCOTUS is so busy swatting them back down. Unconstitutional. Period.

  5. No American should be signing pledges to foreign nations, doesn’t matter which nation. Support foreign nation or your nation will boycott you?!! got it. You really think the founding fathers would be fine with that?,.. have you people lost your minds?

    • Pretty sure the Founding father’s were very tight w/ France.
      Not so much England or Spain
      Big business is Global(ists)
      Some of us, (both sides politically) think mega corporations, w/no loyalty to America or freedom, that only honor profit, are a bad idea.
      Israel = freedom, commerce & democracy …. their enemies are dictatorships.
      What side do you feel we should favor Nat?

    • I agree. This is wrong.

      I wish folks who are so passionate for either the Palestinians or the Israelis would have a tenth of that passion for their own country.

  6. And once again we see the hypocritical and kneejerk pro-Zionist face of mainstream conservatism.

    I would like to remind (so-called) conservatives, yet again, that despite what they may think, Israel is not the 51st US state.

      • And a very parasitical and one-sided “ally” Israel is, indeed.

        The benefits of the relationship between the US and Israel seem very much to flow in one direction only.

      • Israel actually has not signed the mutual defense treaty and perhaps you are unaware of the USS Liberty incident or the fact that Israel has a 200b$ surplus or that they have over 200 nuclear warheads. All quite old and common knowledge

        • Nat – good on you for pointing out that Israel has a 200 billion dollar surplus. Does anyone else see the irony in the USA, a debtor nation to the tune of 34 trillion dollars, giving Israel 14 billion dollars in aid? It only makes sense if you realize that the American Israeli Political Action Committee owns Congress lock, stock and barrel. As for Dunleavy, I would be curious to know if he partakes of AIPAC’s largesse. I’m sure Murkowski & Sullivan do. Maybe they strongarmed the Governor into this ridiculous edict.

    • Stuff like this does make me wonder about whether this is naive pandering or Republican puppet strings being pulled by the connected wealthy Jewish set. As much as I enjoy a handful of far left activists getting booted because they are ‘mad at Jews’, I just don’t see how this is a burning priority for the average right wing voter.

      Where was this ‘muscular’ state response when private companies were coercing Alaskan citizens to get needles in their arms? Where was the state response when public when public facilities were hosting events with trannies and young children? Or private companies that put us all at risk when they prioritize ‘diversity’ over safety?

    • US aide 2022
      Ukraine 12.4B
      Israel 3.3B

      Yemen 1.4B
      Egypt 1.4B
      Jordan 1.4B
      Afghanistan 1.4B
      What do these 4 countries give us? They received 5.6B and are all dictatorships.

      Ethiopia 2.2B
      Nigeria 1.1B For 3.3B what are we getting from Africa?

      Why are you focused on Israel?
      Because 22 Arab dictatorships want them gone & you do too?
      PS: Where do you think the Israelite’s should go and why are you siding w/ the Left?

      • George, I am against US subsidies to ANY foreign nation. Particularly the first one on your list. But only the disingenuous would dare claim that the Jewish and pro-Israel lobby in the USA has an outsized impact on US politics and foreign policy.

        If you would claim otherwise, where do we find ANY similar official bans on doing business with companies boycotting other nations?

        • I apologize, it was late last night & I couldn’t sleep.
          I know what you mean about taxing us & throwing it away when we have so many problems here or we could just have “less” government.
          1. – I just can’t be on the side of Social Democrat Leftists that march against Israel & America.
          2. – I feel Islam is a bad fit in the West, as they are all from dictatorships & they vote Democrat!
          3. – As a Christian, I feel Israel is more ours then Islamist that showed up 600 years after Christ.
          No offense meant brother, but like many American conservatives I will always back Israel.

        • OK, fair enough, and thank you for your reply, George.

          We will simply have to agree to disagree about the US disproportionate support for the state of Israel. I see no benefits from it for the American people, nor for our insane subsidization of the war in Ukraine. Just as with Israel, I say let them sink or swim on their own.

          • I just want to add, the money is not sent in boxes straight to Israel.
            It is almost all armaments & ammo, most produced by business’ here in the US.
            Like WW2 bringing us out of the Great Depression (not FDR’s welfare policies)
            War is good for the economy …. wasteful as it is.

  7. I’m sympathetic to the concept, but am uncomfortable with the decision. It’s not the same as banning business with a direct enemy of America.

    It seems more like his usual virtue signaling than anything else. Especially considering the UA system seems exempt.

  8. “The order begins with a preamble outlining the close ties between the State of Alaska and Israel, emphasizing their mutually beneficial relationship.” Genuinely curious…what close ties and how does Israel benefit Alaska?

  9. Way to stand tall on this issue governor. I know that of all things going on in Alaska and the rest of the country this is the One issue that has to be dealt with.
    Post haste.
    Good lord.

  10. Has anyone else noticed if you are racist or discriminate against Black people you are a racist, if you are racist or discriminate against Chinese people you are a racist, if you are racist or discriminate against White people you are racist, yet if you are racist or discriminate against Jews you are an antisemite? I wonder if that makes antisemites mad, that the group they hate so much and so overwhelmingly by the amount, longevity, and absolute hatred these people have against Jews has its own word to designate Jew hatred? What say you antisemites out there, does that upset you that your hate sets apart the very group you hate so much so that there is a word specifically for your kind of hate?

    That the word Zionism or Zionist is being used as an antisemitic slur because antisemites think they can hide behind saying such inane things like “criticism of Zionism or Israel isn’t antisemitism”, while not actually leveling any criticism at Zionism or Israel is laughable at best.

    • Why are you capitalizing an adjective, as the b in black?

      Do you know why this capitalization has recently happened? I suggest you look into it. If you do you will find that it was a direct response to the killing of the criminal George Floyd by leftists who seek to manipulate language towards their political and cultural ends. Do you support that movement Steve? If not, then why are you capitalizing the b in black?

      “Threats to freedom of speech, writing and action, though often trivial in isolation, are cumulative in their effect and, unless checked, lead to a general disrespect for the rights of the citizen.”
      ~George Orwell

      • Micah, The B is capitalized and Thank Goodness, we have finally transferred back to it and gotten away from the phony liberal expression Africa-American!
        It is capitalized to be used as a noun and is not an adjective in this use.
        The alternative would be to say black American.
        If the lefties have brought back the common sense use of the word to describe people, then it is the only good thing they have done lately ….imo.
        Also White, Chinese & Jew were capitalized.
        If we don’t capitalize White, what are we to use , Caucasian?
        Black people & White people are as American as apple pie.

        • > phony liberal expression Africa-American!

          Going from liberal (Africa-American) to regressive leftist with capitalizing the b and you herald this as progress? Gross. This is why conservatives can’t have good things. How about you stop following leftists completely? Hint hint. There are no groups of people, just a collection of individuals.

    • And here goes Steve-O once again, in his hysterical, pearl-clutching rant against the bogeymen of “anti-semitism”.

      This measure by Dunleavy was nothing more, NOTHING MORE, than right-wing virtue signaling.

      • Jeff,
        I take it by your response that it upsets you that Jews get their own word specifically for the hate directed at them simply because they are Jewish, but we already knew that didn’t we.

        You’re hatred drips off of every post you make Jeff, it’s palpable.

    • Steve-O – Once again – criticism of Zionism ( a political nationalist movement ) is NOT criticism of Judaism ( an ancient world religion). Many Jews in Israel & around the World do not support Netanyahoo’s genocide in Gaza. To call them anti-semites is imbecilic!

      • FfF,
        Thank you for proving my point.

        When are the antisemites here actually going to start criticizing Zionism? Just calling people you disagree with Zionists isn’t criticizing Zionism, it’s using a word as a slur to try and pretend you aren’t an antisemite. Attempting to group yourself with Jews who do not support Zionism (and actually criticize Zionism) is also a well known tactic of those who are trying to pretend they aren’t antisemites, is that what you are doing here?

  11. I don’t have a problem with the Governor publicly stating that Israel is our ally; it would probably reflect the sentiments of most Alaskans. However, if any company lost a contract for its stance on Israel and took the state to court over it, the state would likely lose. Boycotting the state of Israel for its actions does not automatically equal antisemitism or any other kind of discrimination. The governor is just taking an opportunity to virtue signal. Also, “cancelling” people or businesses for their beliefs is something leftists are known for, a supposedly conservative governor should not be doing the same. – M.John

    • M.John
      Well said .
      Publicly say whoever you support.
      Otherwise stay within constitutional law , don’t discriminate and definitely don’t align with foreign powers when you have no legal power to do so.

      • “American” says “don’t discriminate” that’s what this administrative order does. It says that taxpayer funds will not be used to support discrimination.

        It’s not hard to see why some are opposed to it, it involves a group they’d prefer be discriminated against at every opportunity and with great fervor.

  12. I don’t necessarily disagree with this but when will the good Governor make the tough decisions like giving us election integrity? How about banning vaccine mandates and shutdowns. How about addressing the copious amounts of new data showing how the COVID Gene Therapy non-Vaccine is destroying people’s bodies and banning it as Florida is in the process of doing. How about addressing how dark money is flooding into Alaska to place candidates into office to push unconstitutional agendas (i.e. Anchorage Assembly).

  13. I just simply don’t care about Israel or Palestine or Ukraine. Why should I care about any of them? Are they founding stock American of my heritage and nation? No they are not, so they don’t matter, I don’t like paying their welfare, they give us exactly nothing . Just like the third world communist masses invading, they offer white america nothing, just like the uniparty.

    • What founding stock do you support?
      England, Ireland, Scotland, Africa
      They are as “diversified” as the US is now (except Africa)
      Think bigger boys “white America” is rapidly going away and you will need a bigger tent or you will become a politically powerless social club.
      Vote Trump, I will, and watch him support Israel also.
      News flash, the no government libertarians are not going to be taking over, get out of your Ivory Tower

  14. For those who are confused about the term Zion:

    Zion is a specific, historically important location — the name refers to both a hill in the city of Jerusalem and to the city itself — but it’s also used in a general way to mean “holy place” or “kingdom of heaven.” The root of Zion is the Hebrew Tsiyon, and while the word holds a special importance in the Jewish faith, it’s also used by Mormons and Rastafarians, among other Christian groups, to mean “utopia.”

    Zion was originally a stronghold captured by David (the 2nd king of the Israelites); above it was built a temple and later the name extended to the whole hill; finally it became a synonym for the city of Jerusalem.

    For many it seems, Zion is an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal.

    • V – Zion, the place, is not controversial. However, Zionism , the political philosophy, has been extremely controversial since its inception.

  15. My gosh, what a disgusting, leftist, and un-American misdeed from the big goof.

    The foremost concern of the State for contracting opportunities should be securing the best values provided by American and preferably Alaskan enterprises without running the awarding of contracts through a filter which evaluates contractors’ loyalties or lack thereof to any foreign countries whatsoever.

    We don’t need any race-based, gender-based, or handicapped set asides and while veterans’ set asides are earned, this idiocy of threatening to harm any Alaskans’ earning opportunities for some perceived slight of any foreigners or their country is an affront to all right-thinking Americans and Alaskans in particular.

    A cursory review of Department of Commerce, Commerce, and Economic Development regs suggests that Israel alone is now uniquely protected, more so that even the U.S. and any of our REAL allies in Australia, England, and Canada.

    Dunleavy couldn’t even bring himself to have the Troopers brought in to enforce his order for the Legislature to convene in Wasilla, he can’t muster up the nerve to break out his red pen and line item veto outrageously reckless spending, but now he suddenly finds the backbone to threaten Alaskans over what they might say or do regarding foreigners? It just doesn’t pass the smell test and it utterly reeks of pressure brought to bear by butt-hurt subversives with wads of cash to purchase this egregious posturing or of a hammer being held over him.

    The obscenity of it all almost makes one wonder about the legitimacy of the “Prometheus” stories from back in the day or if Dunleavy might have been acquainted with Jeffery Epstein at one time or another…


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