Dunleavy Administration: Biden is ‘appeasing the cult of climate extremism’ by shutting down millions of acres of Alaska


The Biden Administration beat up Alaska and stole its lunch money. Then with Biden’s reluctant approval of just three-fifths of the proposed Willow Project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, gave back just enough change for the state to catch a bus to somewhere.

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, in his response to the Biden Administration announcement about Willow stood slightly apart from others in the figurative cheering section over the news about the Interior Department’s Record of Decision.

He said that while the Biden Administration’s approval to drill in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska is welcome news, the president’s plan to proceed to block drilling on over 16 million acres on the North Slope is “disgraceful.”

Last week on Fox News Dunleavy reminded viewers that “Alaska probably has more sanctions put against it by our own government than our government has against Venezuela.”

The Department of Interior on Sunday said it would issue permits for a scaled-down version the Willow Project, but develop a plan to effectively end the oil industry’s future work in Alaska by cordoning off prospective oil plays.

The Willow Project, owned by ConocoPhillips, is expected to generate up to 180,000 barrels of oil a day at its peak production, and bring in $8 billion in revenue for local, state, and federal governments. Some 2,500 jobs would be created during construction, with 300 permanent jobs expected for operation of the field.

“It’s disgraceful that the Biden administration thinks that this is a compromise that will benefit America,” said Dunleavy. “Taking future oil production in Alaska off the map won’t decrease global oil consumption. It will just shift the market and give leverage to producers in countries that don’t have our high standards for the environment and human rights. In the end, every American pays the price when President Biden restricts our ability to develop our own energy resources.”

“Once again the Biden Administration is offering up Alaska as a sacrifice to appease the cult of climate extremism,” said Department of Natural Resources Commissioner-Designee John Boyle. “Forestalling development across 16 million acres to atone for an energy project barely acres is emblematic of an environmental fanaticism that should concern all rational people. We Alaskans are left hoping for a future day when federal policy isn’t served with a pitcher of green Kool-Aid.”


  1. The Cult of climate wacko’s may be cheering but so is China and Russia as this is a giant step to shore up both those countries.

  2. The goal is to keep TAPS operating with the least amount of production as possible. When the WWIII tempo goes full rock and roll, military spending and expansion in Alaska will make the entire oil and gas industry history here look like short grocery shopping trip.

    • Yes and one little hole in the pipe and we’re done. This is an anti climate move. We should shut down the pipeline and see what happens. All the money grabbers would leave and we could charge the greenies millions to walk on the slope. Dumb people have no clue how oil helps us.

  3. I was embarrassed by Dunleavy supporting a foreign mining venture (pebble) on red salmon spawning grounds which was stopped by Obama, Trump and Biden. It surprised me that the Governor would ever allow such a disaster on 795 square miles of wetlands without studying the consequences of open pit mining.

      • Steve; You are incorrect, pebble and the other claim holders own 795 square miles of mineral rights and you can bet that once started the company’s would process every inch, of course pebble back tracked the plan, but only to to get the mine over the starting line., its called deception 😉
        No such thing as clean development of open pit mining on wetlands in a high precipitation area 😉

        • This guy again, just with a new name but spreading the same failed talking points.

          First of all Pebble holds 186 square miles of mineral rights.

          Go ahead and let us know how big the world’s largest open pit mine is, here’s a hint it’s nowhere near 795 square miles. There is an absolutely zero percent chance that Pebble “would process every inch” of the 795 square miles they hold mineral rights to considering the world’s largest open pit mine is 10 square miles and was opened in 1895.

          Also the area where Pebble is located is not by any stretch of the imagination a “high precipitation area” it receives on average about 36″ of precipitation with most of that being rain. The US as a whole receives an average of about 66″ of precipitation with 38″ of rain and 28″of snow.

          • Steve; You keep typing false information, you are incorrect.
            Northern dynasty is only one of several claim holders of the pebble area, there is Mitsubishi and others who own 795 square miles of mineral rights, and if allowed pebble would use equipment to process all of it as they do business with the other claim holders.
            You know not what your writing about 😉
            Not only has ACE and EPA stopped development, native corporations that own adjacent land have prohibited roads, airport necessary for a hypothetical project. Its over., Alaska fisheries first, not foreign exploiters 😉

      • Doug; Federal take over and decision making on state lands, like what EPA did to stop foreigners from open pit mining on pebble creek, pay attention 😉

  4. The Church (not churcheS) up here probably haven’t been specifically praying for development and Biden’s admin cooperation, so alaska maybe more prosperous for at least His Church health and wealth sake which will fall on the atheists too reference jeremiah 29. I know i hadn’t added alaska’s natural resources to my prayer list, i never thought of it until now.

  5. Climate Clowns have permeated deep into our society. There seems to be no end to this laughable chapter in history. The deep fake panic button gets pushed daily and spreads nonsense like pollen in a stiff spring breeze.

  6. The state needs to call the feds bluff. The heck with the EO and denial of our rights to develop our state like the other states have been able to do. Just because we are the biggest state doesn’t mean they can lock up the most land governors time to make a stand. We need to tell the feds to butt out. They are just going to take us to court and then we ignore the court as the demos are doing. It’s our state not anybody else’s in the lower 48 states. But out of our business, we can take care of our own state.

  7. It’s beyond disgraceful that our president would bend the knee to a foreign power by linking the development of a clean environmentally responsible development oil to potentially locking up an area of land the size of the state of Maryland. Make no mistake the environmental movement is funded by foreign actors like Russia and China who have very clear reasons for sowing discord in America.

    We have a clear choice going forward, and even Biden knows this by his approval of Willow, we can serve Anti-American forces or we can serve America. Paying Venezuela to produce dirty oil and hate America or paying Iran to produce dirty oil and hate America or paying Americans and Alaskans to produce clean oil and love America…the lunatics have lost, even if they don’t see it yet.

    • Steve-O. I wish I could share your optimistic view point, sadly I have come to believe that our Political class has become completely corrupted and they have solidified their power by promotion of entitlements to a corrupted populace.

      I saw a poll awhile back which reported that a majority of young Americans would not favor defending America even if she were attacked by a foreign power. If this poll is true it reinforces the argument that the Lunatics and Traitors in power have little reason to change their behavior.

    • Steve; You are incorrect, it’s the foreigners that want to exploit development especially mining.
      I am for willow, I would sing with you all day on oil and gas 😉

  8. Ask Shell if they want to spend another $3B in the area Biden promised to close as a campaign pledge?

  9. Really foreigners like BP on the North Slope that brought prosperity to Alaska.
    Using your logic, Pebble because it is foreign backed is a no go. What about Donlin mine backed by Alaska Natives.
    Same environmental issues. Mining in a salmon watershed. Go or no go? Or is Bristol Bay just about themselves?
    Alaskans do not have the luxury of choosing investors in resource development in Alaska. You must be kidding or seriously uninformed.
    Development must be determined by the feasibility of risk and reward at every level, not emotions.

  10. I thought Dunleavy wanted to shut down much of Alaska to sell as carbon credits? Seems to me our Gov is a biggest fan of protecting the environment and fighting climate change. So am confused.

  11. We should get a bunch of lawyers and sue to stop every project in blues states and any project that uses fossil fuels to build. Use some of the PFD to set up a fund to pay for this as the politicians are stealing it anyway.

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