Dunleavy proposes naming Fairbanks Airport after Congressman Don Young


To commemorate the life of Alaska’s longest-serving congressman, Gov. Mike Dunleavy introduced legislation to rename the Fairbanks International Airport the “Don Young Fairbanks International Airport.”

HB 288 (SB 202) honors Young’s lifetime of service to the State of Alaska and advocacy for the construction, maintenance, and safety of the state’s transportation infrastructure, the Governor’s Office said in a statement.

“Don Young’s passing may have marked the end of an era, but his impact will resonate for generations to come,” Dunleavy said in a statement“The renaming of the Fairbanks International Airport is a fitting tribute to a man who championed the importance of Alaska’s transportation infrastructure and who’s advocacy is benefiting Alaskans and visitors every day.” 

Don Young advanced transportation development while serving in both chambers of the Alaska State Legislature and throughout his tenure as the longest-serving Republican congressman in the nation’s history.

As a legislator, Young championed legislation to modernize Alaska’s air commerce system and require that aircraft be outfitted with radio beacon devices for emergency rescue.

In Congress, Young served as chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and sponsored numerous bills to reshape infrastructure and safety requirements.

The Anchorage Assembly recently named the Port of Alaska after Don Young, at the request of Mayor Dave Bronson.


  1. CCC Airport
    Corrupt, Compromized and Creepy
    Sounds good.
    No matter the “name” change, it will still stay FAI.
    Oh wait, “name” changes mean giving large tax payer federal funds to some twinky ‘can’t get a job’ artist to make a statue out of bear crap. Let’s not forgot the commitee that will be created to decide on said “art”. It will be so infested with greed and nepotism that it will take them a decade to get around to a decision.

    • Yeah let’s celebrate forever politians that only leave when they die. And they wonder why people are sick of them.

    • Why stop at just a single star? Go for a whole constellation!

      I propose the Don Young Big Dip(per).

      It’s right next to Corona Murkowskia (Princess Lisa’s Crown).

  2. What on earth is going on??? Why are all of these places being named after Don Young? This is very troubling.

  3. My contempt for the spineless, pro-establishment Governor Stands Small just reached a new high — or is it a new low? Either way, what a contemptible and insulting proposal this renaming is.

    WHAT is it with Alaskans and their utter love of (sociopathic) politicians?! Honestly, what is it it all about? I am continually floored by this pandering to the worst among us, our power-wielding overlords. They are the LAST people that anything, except perhaps a sewage pond, should be named after!

    • I wonder how you get through every day getting so worked up about such unimportant topics? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single post by you that was positive in any way. I can only hope that all the money flowing in from your Koch Brother and Q’Anon benefactors keeps you fat and happy, even if you do get so easily perturbed. I can only imagine how high your blood pressure gets when discussing things that actually matter.

      • Yeah, that Jefferson – what a nut. Who needs to buy caffeine in the morning with that guy’s blazing hot takes. I’ve saved a fortune already. Thanks Jefferson!

        Now, please cman, go on. Keep informing us about how Democrats don’t want to ban gasoline engines and why our society needs trannies, drag queens, and homosexuals to have access to young children. I mean, monkeypox virus won’t just lick itself and only underachievers settle for merely infecting the family dog.

        Besides, the surviving Koch Bro is one of yours now. Like most insulated rich people, he’s a big fan of letting blacks out of prison early. You should be his #1 fan.

      • And AGAIN, we have the usual irrelevant and ad hominem attack by cman, who can never, ever address the topic under discussion directly, or defend his indefensible pro-statist, pro-establishment positions and opinions, so he has to attack the person instead. How sad, how juvenile, how utterly classically radical leftist.

        You are truly an empty soul.

        • If you’re getting Koch and Qanon money, hook a brother up. I could use to reinflate my nest egg. And have escape money on standby in case the legislature goes full Giessel.

        • Ironic to see you accuse me of ad hominem since that’s your bread and butter Jefferson. You live and breed on negativity.

          • I am not simply “accusing” you of routinely engaging in ad hominem attacks, cman, I am addressing the undeniable reality of your arrogant, disingenuous, intolerant, evasive, hostile, irrational and illogical pattern of posting here. But since you are a radical leftist extremist, I do not really need to state any of this, as it is all simply already a given.

            You live and breed on negativity, and attempting to project your own sins and faults onto me is yet another typical behavior of the hateful and self-loathing radical leftist extremist.

  4. The Anchorage airport is named after Ted Stevens, who . . . um . . . er . . . died in an airplane crash.
    Not very reassuring while you are walking into the airport to get on a plane.

  5. No no no, I want it called Mr whitekeys airport or Jackie Purcell international, both have done just as much to promote Alaska and actually have much less grime connected to their names. As a registered republican I just want to say….he’s already got the port…maybe there might be…maybe just one other person who did something good for Alaskans?

  6. Only if his Estate returns all of the money he “borrowed” while he Chaired the House Transportation Committee.

  7. Should be named after pioneer pilot Noel Wien . He was both a pilot and a pioneer aviator . Not sure what Don Young ever did other than serve in congress. I actually live and fly out Fairbanks and think that’s stupid to name the airport after Don . I could have thought of several other pilots . Bill Lavery would be one to name FAI after . Both airport manager and pioneer aviator . Al Wright was pioneer in aviation . If your going to name an airport after Don Young probably should be an actual Pilot in my mind . Name the airport in fort yuk after him as more appropriate as he alway said he was from there . Or wait minute name the airport in DC after him as he spent more time there than in Alaska !

    Goofy idea Guv

  8. Politicians take the credit for hard working Americans paying taxes and other hard working Americans utilizing those tax dollars to build infrastructure. Politicians did nothing except corrupt the system. Naming things after grifters such as Ted Stevens, Don Young, etc is insulting. Dunleavy needs to get to work and stop with the nonsense pet projects.

    • Well said, Tim!

      And I like Dan Gilbertson’s comment above, about naming the Fairbanks airport after Noel Wien. At least HE actually did something personally about building Alaska and its aviation infrastructure, unlike Don Not-So-Young, who did absolutely nothing except to funnel taxpayers’ money to favored special projects and interests.

      • If Noel Wien was a Democrat, this would have already been done. That’s what Democrats do. How about the Mary Peltola International Airport?

  9. How about we name the national debt after Don Young and all of those in congress that advocated and continue to advocate for government spending which is beyond their ability to pay for? I agree with Dan Gilbertson that as far as aviation is concerned there are many pilots more worthy of having their name tied to an airport.

  10. The red-lettered KJV version has it: “For many are called, but few are chosen.” Now, I’m not about to get into an unnecessary spat with the Lord over those who are mine and those who are his. There is no cause for me to get excited and make a fuss; if I don’t get all you “proletarians” at MRA, I sure as hell will sack the “potato pickers!”

    Drop by Lucifer’s and check out the ambience: at the Road House you’ll find nary a good word spoken. “Potato pickers of the world unite!” (Or something to that effect.)

    I’m sure that there are one or two of you who aren’t absolute losers who will willingly back the idea to rename the Alaska Railroad depot near the buttress area in downtown Anchorage for the railroad corporation’s Chairman of the Board John Shively. What say ye of good will?

  11. Every time I land in Fairbanks, I see an image of Don Young smiling, with his hand extended out……
    palm up.

    • That’s a surcharge. No wait ….a gratuity. Or is it a bribe? Either way, Don knows how to pocket a few bucks, even in the hereafter.

  12. I take it this story is based on a press release from Dunleavy? The FNSB Assembly already tried this in 2005. The resolution failed 1–8, with its sponsor Hank Bartos being the only yes vote.

  13. Once known for being a “King Of Pork” or what they called EARMARKS …. I thought the Longest free spanning HWY Bridge in Cooper Landing bears his name! Oh wait we may never drive over it if our state can’t get grants to finish the DIRT work , coming & going from it! Dunleavy & his DOT Commissioner Ryan would rather build new road to the BIG Susitna River Bridge which may someday bear the name Dunleavy Bridge to nowhere! Sad how Kingdoms live on in the Northland!

  14. Don Young represented all that is wrong with congress. He directly asked people how much they had donated to his campaign when they asked for any assistance. His corruption on directing federal money is documented. While there he continually supported unsustainable spending that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be paying for. Then as old age and senility set in he insisted on running again and instead of helping a successor he paved the way for Mary Portola.
    Political tin ear on this one governor.

    • Don’t take yourself too seriously, Joe–so you have an opinion, big deal! Just vote on que! Whoever wins–if they aren’t already eating on the house–will quickly get the hang of feeding off the people. The political parties are simply dinner clubs!

  15. One of Young’s last acts in Congress was to sponsor (with Sullivan and Murkowski) the $Trillion+ infrastructure bill that further torpedoed our economy. To he!! with this stupid idea. Our Alaska delegation owes us an apology and their resignations.

  16. Forget it, we don’t need anything to remind us of the personification of Exhibit “A” and definition of a RINO as was Young. Maybe Dunleavy should focus on something useful for our state. End the union control of our failed public education system? End the outside control and destruction of our salmon resources? Construct roads to Nome and Kotzebue and open the lands for useful economic developments? End the stranglehold of the Park Service on our lands? Insure Alaskans are not faced with forced vaccinations to retain employment when the next upcoming election season disease X materializes to scare the uneducated amongst us? Something useful and constructive is preferred, instead of naming our local airport after a particularly loathsome political animal.

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