Dunleavy prepares to fight Biden over bringing Alaska’s economy ‘to its knees’


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy and five of the state’s leading resource development organizations called out the Biden administration for its latest attempts to ruin Alaska’s natural resource based economy.

This month, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced it will “reevaluate” the approved plan of development for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, an area specifically set aside by the U.S. Congress for oil and gas development.

This means the proposed Willow Project, which could produce up to 100,000 barrels of oil per day, may be derailed because of this action.

BLM’s own webpage states NPR-A “is an important resource for meeting America’s energy needs.” Now the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is announcing it will file legal proceedings to re-start the Clean Water Act 404c veto process for Bristol Bay.

The reversal of the approved plan could set a dangerous precedent by allowing a federal agency to preemptively veto any project or permit on state land, Dunleavy said.

Other Biden assaults on Alaska’s economy include:

  • Cancelled oil and gas exploration leases in ANWR
  • Stopped all new oil and gas leases on federal public land
  • Reversed lifting the Roadless Rule in the Tongass National Forest
  • The radical 30X30 program that could lock up Alaska forever
  • Changing the definition of Waters of the United States, to grab more land and water from Alaska
  • Ignoring the U.S. Supreme Court’s unanimous decision in the Sturgeon Case

Dunleavy will request additional funding in his proposed FY 22 budget for the Alaska Statehood Defense legal fund to preserve Alaska’s rights to Alaska’s land and waters.

The funds Dunleavy is requesting will be used to take the Biden administration to court to defend Alaska’s rights and its ability to support itself with responsible and safe natural resource development.    

“The Biden administration is clearly demonstrating what it has planned for Alaska. The consequences for Alaskan families and the future of our state are dire”, he said. “Alaska is the energy storehouse for the entire nation, we have abundant reserves of oil and gas to power the economy and the necessary minerals to transform the nation’s economy with electric vehicles and digital technology. Instead of using domestic supplies of these critical resources, President Biden asks foreign countries, with little or no environmental protections, to supply America with rare earth and other critically important minerals. Now he’s begging OPEC to increase oil production to shield him and his political allies from the public criticism that is the inevitable result of higher fuel costs. Alaskans need to band together and tell the Biden administration to stop its assault on Alaska’s economy for the good of the entire country.”  

Dunleavy was joined by Alaska Chamber President and CEO Kati Capozzi, Alaska Miners Association Executive Director Deantha Skibinski, Alaska Resource Development Council Executive Director Marleanna Hall, Alaska Oil and Gas Association President and CEO Kara Moriarty, and Alaska Support Industry Alliance CEO Rebecca Logan.

“Americans need to ask themselves a question. Does the Biden administration believe that by stopping job creation and economic opportunity in Alaska that it will stop foreign actors from taking advantage of opportunities when they are pushed overseas? There is no doubt in my mind the Biden administration is focused on bringing Alaska to its economic knees, and would like nothing more than to take Alaska back into receivership under the U.S. Department of the Interior,” Dunleavy said.


  1. Fighting with an Alzheimers patient might be a violation of ADA, abuse of the elderly, and generally unethical. Wear your mask, Big Guy.

    • President Biden may have Alzheimer’s Dementia (well, he does, unequivocally), but in his case it also causes bursts of sputtering, incoherent anger and inchoate rage. I just hope Dunleavy has had his full course of rabies booster shots before he goes head-to-head with Biden regarding the latter’s unconstitutional usurpations and gross overreaches of federal power.

      • Well said, Jefferson. Biden isn’t even legitimately elected. He’s a fraud. An impostor. Counterfeit.
        Not my president.

  2. Biden is no match for Dunleavy. The do nothing Gov. will bring the economy to its knees without any help from the President.

    • Governors are one leg of the three legged stool of government…not an all powerful strongman responsible for everything good or bad that happens.
      Dunleavy is cursed with a legislature of liberals and other fools and saddled with an even more liberal judiciary.
      To top it off he has to deal with a population that thinks the government is mommy and daddy that hands out goodies to all us dependent kids.
      Dunleavy tried to come into office with his budget cutting guns blazing and the career politicians and entrenched bureaucrats shut him down cold and then got busy trying to get rid of him.
      It’s surprising that he got anything done at all.
      And to the stupid people laying all the PFD blame on him…get a grip, that’s all on the legislature.

  3. Yes secede from the mess going down the toilet. We need to bail out and run our state without federal overreach. They have their finger on everything we do. Less freedom from big brother.

    Could it be that
    Dunleavy’s not busy getting sucked into and screwed around with by DC swamp creatures.

  5. Who will invest hundreds of millions in development projects if the feds are allowed to stop projects that have obeyed regulations and received permits? I nominate Biden for the Hugo Chaves prize in economics.

  6. More posturing from the Cowardly Lion. He must have an eye on his attempt to get re-elected.

    Biden and co will ignore him just like everyone else does.

  7. He’s been playing nice with a insane bully, it’s way past time her starts acting like a governor of our state. He should get schooled by Florida’s, Texas’s and South Dakota’s governor’s. Maybe he will learn something.

  8. Grow a pair and stand up against this medical fascist regime! Protect workers rights from force vaccinations! Maybe you could learn something from some governors that have a pair, like Texas, Florida, South Dakota ect…you better stand up Dunleavy or sit down so we can find someone that can do the job that is needed to protect this state from this tyrannical regime! Stop playing nice and get mean! Alaskans will stand with you if you stand for us! We want to be able to work without being forced to be jabbed with vaccines! SO DO SOMETHING OR GET OUT OF THE WAY!

  9. The majority of Alaskan voters did not vote for our illegitimate president. We are outraged by a state government who does not seem to be backing a full forensic audit so we can have fair elections that are not manipulated to enable the New World Order.

      • LOL. Hey Berv, ever hear about ballot dumps in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta? Just enough phoney, cheating Democrats in those cities to gain electoral votes in their respective states, to install a counterfeit president. You fool nobody but yourselves. Go look for UFOs and Bigfoot. You would have more credibility in those pursuits.

        • Kemosabee, those lies were raised in public appearances, but admitted to courts that there was no legitimacy. You should get your information from factual sources, and not rely on youtube videos from scammers.

        • Yeah, Kemo, we’ve heard about them. Turns out they were legit votes being brought in from the precincts. Nothing burger.
          BTW, do you believe Obama was born in Kenya?

          • Phony election. Only two ways to deal with it. Voter integrity laws in every state, which the Democrats hate because it requires truth in voting procedures……including proof of citizenship with an ID and voting proctors who aren’t kicked out of the tabulation centers by Democrats after the polls close. Alternative method: go to civil war. And because I’m an excellent marksman with military training, I’d love an opportunity with choice number 2.

  10. Ignore the federal government when it comes to development on State lands. Refer to the State Compact for joining the Union. Great speech by Governor Dunleavy. It’s about time.

  11. I miss Parnell, he wasn’t a sycophant, federal stooge. Alaskans chose that Chinese puppet, Bill Walker, and it has been a rapid decline ever since.

  12. Sm.. you so angry. You know anyone can get involved in politics. That’s what makes this country great. Put your money where your big opinionated mouth is.

  13. I’ve always wondered how only domestic produced oil causes climate change. If oil is produced anywhere else in the world its okay, especially for the middle east. Its obvious what’s going on here, they want Alaska to die so they can take it over.

  14. Hey Guv, You think maybe the Biden action on the roadless rule has anything to do with Rare Earths?
    I mean China evidently owns Biden and since China controls the Rare Earth Market it only would be reasonable for Biden to bottle up any threat to China. Treason? Naw, it’s just that when Joe gets bought he stays bought.

  15. The acrimony comes from another place they brought it with them. I remember when Sullivan was Mayor and they were arguing about the great chicken debate to have or have not domestic farm animals within the city limits on the edge of a wilderness with apex predators. Just mention spitting on the sidewalk and peeing in alleyways and roosters, God forbid we mention the apex predators near Clark Lake and the pebble mine.Or a Chinese flotilla off the Aleutians and ta-da we have no red crabs for an entire season first time in 25 years? It wasn’t a swarm of bloodthirsty sting rays that took those crabs.

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