Dunleavy plans swearing-in trip via snow machine


The transition team for Gov.-elect Mike Dunleavy says that if weather permits, Dunleavy will travel from Kotzebue to Noorvik on Monday by snow machine for his swearing-in ceremony. Judge Paul Roetman is planning to travel with him. Otherwise, the two will arrive by a 10 am air charter.

The forecast for the area is for snow showers, with a high of 31 and a low of 19 degrees. There are only three hours and 21 minutes of daylight in Noovik on Monday.

The swearing-in ceremony for both Dunleavy and Lt. Gov.-elect Kevin Meyer is scheduled for 11:55 a.m., at the Aqqaluk High School and Noorvik Elementary School gymnasium. The event is open to the public but seating is very limited.

The ceremony is scheduled to end by 12:30 pm and a community celebration will follow.

Dunleavy and his family will depart Noorvik via air charter, and Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Valerie Davidson will be flying both in and out on the King Air, a plane belonging to the Alaska State Troopers.

Judge Roetman serves in the Second District Superior Court in Alaska. He was appointed in July 2010 by Governor Sean Parnell.


  1. I hope it is so cold for reporters they cannot bear to ask stupid questions. Go Dunleavy ! dont get chilled, we love u

  2. Judging by the qualifications and political views of his new health commissioner, rural Alaska residents should be very afraid.

    • In my time with the State I tried my best to avoid dealing with the mass incompetence at the Department of Health and So-called Services, but I couldn’t always avoid the pit. DHSS is where competence goes to die. It has been in the hands of people with a social “sciences” background since time immemorial and in my observation people with a social “science” background cannot and should not be allowed to manage anything. They clump into herds and one is either accepted by the herd or not. For such sharing, caring, and tolerant people they are astoundingly vicious to anyone not accepted by the herd and if one becomes an “other” the herd will destroy that person. Bureaucrats joke about coming in and finding that your new office has no windows and a seat that flushes, but these people will do it. I had to step in and rescue one DHSS employee who had been put in a windowless subterranean office, which was actually some sort of storage room. They’d had a computer set up for her but all she had was a plastic chair and no phone or email account. That was all about her being unwilling to sleep with someone with some power over there.

      I’ve done some interesting discipline and dismissal cases over there; you always knew the so-called managers knew something that they weren’t telling you and they thought nobody would find out; that isn’t how cross-examination in front of an even marginally competent union rep works, and if the union rep doesn’t catch it, the arbitrator will. DHSS was the only department where it didn’t surprise me to lose cases; they’d lie to you about what they’d done, and the only way you’d find out about the lie was when the union threw the stinking mess on the table in front of you and the arbitrator.

      Once you had been accepted by the herd as a “good person,” you could do no wrong. It didn’t matter that Susie the social worker didn’t know the difference between therapy and sex with a client so long as Susie was a “good person.” It didn’t matter that John the youth counselor, or worse the supervisor of youth counselors, didn’t think that sex with a juvenile offender was a problem because he was a “good person.” If they had a meeting they spent the first half hour or more talking about how everybody felt about having a meeting and trying to get a consensus among the “stakeholders” about what the meeting was supposed to accomplish, then they went on for hours listening to soliloquys from the participants and usually reached no discernible result, after which they spent another hour discussing how everyone felt about the meeting they’d just had and where they were going for lunch or after work drinks.

      I came to the conclusion that the only thing a responsible adult manager could do is limit the amount of money they could waste and long ago decided that were I ever in charge, I look for someone with a hospital administration background. You can’t make the social “sciences” types anything but mind-numbed lefties, but you can sure make them meet objective performance criteria and limit their money. So, I’m happy to see a Governor that sees it the same way I do and puts somebody with a medical administration background in charge. Of course, the mind-numbed lefties will hate it and do everything they can to leak, thwart, and sabotage the new commissioner.

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