Dunleavy names three judges


 Gov. Mike Dunleavy on Thursday announced three appointees today to the Alaska Superior Court. The judges were selected from a list of individuals nominated by the Alaska Judicial Council.

Juneau Superior Court: Marianna Carpeneti has been an Alaska for 36 ½ years and has practiced law for 9 ½ years. She graduated from the University of Washington School of Law in 2012 and is currently in private practice in Homer.

Anchorage Superior Court: Jack R. McKenna has been an Alaska resident for 12 ½ years and has practiced law for 14 years. He graduated from the University of California, Davis, School of Law in 2007 and is currently the Criminal Division Director at the Department of Law in Anchorage.

Utqiagvik Superior Court: Magistrate Judge David Roghair has lived in Alaska for 26 years and has practiced law for 15 years. He graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2006 and is currently a magistrate judge in Utqiagvik.

Per the Alaska Constitution, the judges in Alaska are screened by the Alaska Bar Association-dominated Judicial Council and the governor must choose among the names provided to him by the council. View the applicants for the positions at this link.


    • Alderson, did you not read and do you not understand that a Governor’s hands are tied in this process. A Governor must select from the liberal, ABA, Judicial Council controlled list of liberal candidates. He can only hope to choose the least liberal nominee.

      Failing to choose someone from the Judicial Council’s list will result in a losing legal battle. He’s been there, done that.

      • Maybe it’s time for him to stand up to the corrupt court rulings and appoint a conservative, regardless of what they say. Show some fight. Instead he just rolls over, like he does on the PFD, child muzzles, and vaccine tyranny

        • You miss the point. He literally CANNOT appoint anyone besides the people the Judicial Council nominates. “Standing up” to them is not possible and no other candidate you might support would be able to either. The only other way is if the State Constitution is amended and the Judicial Council is abolished.

          • Kelly said : “The only other way is if the State Constitution is amended and the Judicial Council is abolished.”

            Exactly why this is the year to call for the Constitutional Convention.

  1. “The judges were selected from a list of individuals nominated by the Alaska Judicial Council.”
    Which virtually ensures that all three judges will be just more woke, rigidly dogmatic leftist ideologues, as almost every other judge in Alaska is already.
    The judicial system in this state (and probably most if not all others) is co-opted, corrupted and broken. Only fundamental reform can end the stranglehold that radical leftist ideologues have on Alaska’s judicial system.

  2. Why not present Dunleavy with a round trip ticket. In office then out
    End his governor career this go around

  3. This is extremely disappointing. I do not hold much hope that Alaskans will be able to take Alaska back from the liberals. State government has grown too big with petroleum revenues.

      • That would allow people like Bryce Edgmon to seize indefinite control of our state. I don’t trust our Dominion ballot flippers and our uninformed voters to elect conservatives to the convention. NO thanks!

  4. Way past time to abolish the Alaska Judicial Council. Talk about codifying conflicts of interest, c’mon man!

  5. Alaskan’s deserve more background on these judges!!! Where they received their education means very little. We want to know if they will uphold the Constitution of the United States ??

      • Frank, what the hell is “SCOTUS”?
        Are you trying to say “the Supreme Court”, instead?
        Please spare us your ridiculous and unnecessary military-style acronyms.

        • SCOTUS is Supreme Court of the United States. Its fairly common and not at all a military acronym 🙂 For Alaska we refer to Alaska State Supreme Court.

        • Jeff,
          We just went over this a few days ago, ‘https://mustreadalaska.com/sixth-circuit-court-reinstates-biden-mandate-on-large-vaccines-at-large-companies/’ Or are you just the newest foreign agent on shift with the Jefferson handle? You expect people to believe that you closely watch SCOTUS rulings, but you aren’t familiar with what the acronym SCOTUS stands for…highly suspect Jeff, highly suspect.

        • And right there is a perfect example of Alaska’s uninformed voters. If you’re reading the premiere conservative newsletter in the state, and have no idea what SCOTUS stands for, you are the problem. God help us and our beloved Alaska. In all likelihood, the conservative, independent Alaskan has already lost liberties we’ll never get back, thanks to this type of voter.

          • VofS and Steve,
            It is simply a matter that I hate, HATE, acronyms with a passion, and just gloss over them whenever I am reading anything containing acronyms. Nor do I have a good memory for them.
            Why English-speakers are so relentless lazy in their speech, and their writing, I will never understand.

  6. I’ve never been big on amending the Constitution, but it’s clear that the Judicial Council serves no purpose. We need to abolish it now as it is only damaging the public’s faith in the Judiciary.

    • The amendment needs to happen by the usual process, NOT by constitutional convention. A convention would allow an unlimited number of changes, and we would most likely end up with a vastly more leftist constitution given the current makeup of our legislature.

  7. Susan, maybe you’ve covered this in the past but I would benefit from an article detailing the history of the Alaska Judicial Council. How and why it came to be what it is and why Alaska selects its judges as it does. I’ve been appalled at some of the judicial rulings which have, in my view, seriously damaged Alaska’s economic future. I don’t understand how we got here or if anything can be done about it by Alaskan voters. I’m sure it’s a multi-layered subject but a detailed overview would be appreciated, at least by me.

  8. I would like the US Constitution to be permitted in Alaska Court houses for once. The US Constitution spells out criminal law limitations which are ignored routinely since statehood inception. One is the “state” is a corporation. A corporation is not a living man. A corporation is a fiction not a living “person”. Fictions may not stand as an “accuser”. A living man is an accuser and must face who he accuses of atrocious crimes at the bar of justice for his accusation. US Constitution. Among many other wide variances.

  9. Rights command restitution. Our Bill of Rights are declaratory of God’s preexistent to the United States rights given to all man. Delegates assembled of sound mind. The Bill of Rights belong to all people and is not to be trespassed upon period.

  10. Governor Dunleavy does not have the luxury of appointing judges other than from the list provided by the Judicial Council. This provision is written into the Constitution.

    I am quite confident that the Governor picks the “least worst” person on the Judicial Council lists. Since many attorneys of a conservative bent do better in private practice, they rarely apply to be judges. Many applicants for appointment to the bench emerge from the Attorney General’s office. The Governor would help himself and the public if he would absolutely insist that the Attorney General hire and advance attorneys in State service that at least knew what a conservative looks like. Many State attorneys are not much different from Libby Bakalar. The Governor could change this.

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