Dunleavy joins 23 governors responding to Texas’ call for help


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy joined 23 other Republican governors in responding to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s call for assistance to secure the Texas border with Mexico.

The governors’ joint statement comes in response to last week’s expiration of Title 42, a public health authority that allowed swift deportation of those who entered the United States illegally during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The federal government’s response handling the expiration of Title 42 has represented a complete failure of the Biden Administration,” the governors said in a statement.

“While the federal government has abdicated its duties, Republican governors stand ready to protect the U.S.-Mexico border and keep families safe,” the GOP governors said.

“All states have suffered from the effects of deadly illegal drugs coming across the border, and every state is a border state due to the devastating influx of drugs in our communities. Republican governors are leading the way to address the border crisis by increasing fentanyl sentencing and increasing support for law enforcement interdiction of drugs, among other measures.

“Texas Governor Greg Abbott has exemplified leadership at a critical time, leading the way with Operation Lone Star, and deploying the Texas Tactical Border Force to prevent illegal crossings and keep the border secure. We support the efforts to secure the border led by Governor Abbott.”

No Democratic governors responded to Gov. Abbott’s May 16 request for assistance and Democratic governors of neighboring border states of New Mexico, Arizona, and California have not made similar appeals as Gov. Abbott.

Abbott, in his letter requesting assistance, highlighted the gravity of the situation, emphasizing that the consequences of the border crisis extend beyond Texas: “The flood of illegal border activity invited by the Biden Administration flows directly across the southern border into Texas communities, but this crisis does not stop in our state.”

Mexican drug cartels and transnational criminal enterprises are exploiting the chaos to smuggle drugs like fentanyl and facilitate criminal activities nationwide, Abbott said.

Biden policies pose the most significant national security threat since 9/11, the Republican governors said, adding that at least 125 known or suspected terrorists have been apprehended while illegally crossing the southern border during this fiscal year.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has pledged specific support to Texas:

  • 101 Florida Highway Patrol Troopers
  • 200 Florida Department of Law Enforcement Officers, in teams of 40
  • 20 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officers
  • 800 Florida National Guard Soldiers
  • 20 Emergency Management Personnel – including radio technicians, logisticians, mechanics and planners
  • Five available fixed wing aircraft with monitoring equipment and downlink capabilities with two aviation crew teams
  • Two Mobile Command Vehicles and two command teams
  • 17 available unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) and support teams
  • 10 vessels – including airboats, shallow draft vessels, and mid-range vessels

Since Biden assumed office, more than 7 million people crossing the southern border have been apprehended or were reported to have evaded capture by law enforcement.

In response, the Biden Administration recently dispatched 1,500 military troops and thousands of federal employees from the Department of Homeland Security to expedite the processing of foreign nationals into the United States.

The Administration has emphasized that the intent is not to block entry but to facilitate the entry process.


          • I would say it without hesitation putz. Look at who he is linked to, Paul Ryan, Karl Rove, George Soros. Puppet. I ain’t scared of some old blue hairs in florida.

        • It’s not the blue hairs with walkers that you should be afraid of down here talking bad about Ron. They have these rebel flag toating rednecks that take care of lightweight business like that. You don’t even know what your need to be afraid of.

          • Sure seem to see more MAGA patriots in Florida than DeSantis folk. Why are Ronnie’s numbers falling short in the polls? Even in Florida Ronnie doesn’t even rate as an alter boy vs 45. I guess everyone can fantasize, I prefer reality.

  1. Being completely serious the #1 way Dunleavy can push back against Biden’s (illegal) open borders policy is to block the Biden Administrations human trafficking of illegal aliens into Alaska. Dunleavy should refuse to allow human trafficking flights to deplane in Alaska. This has been going on for years now and no one ever talks about it.

    • Who cares? He is supporting the governor of an American State. Would you reject another states assistance in a time of need?

        • Duh, who else were they supposed to vote for, the dem caught doing drugs in the hotel? We are talking national level, and we are talking about folks that are sick and tired of uniparty rinos. That happens to be your boy Ron. Can’t wait to watch 45 dismantle him in the debates. He will be pushed aside just like Jeb Bush

      • Florida just voted in a bunch more cash for those Martha vineyard flights. Was Mike going to bring some money down to Texas or what? Probably not because Alaska can’t even agree on the same dog catcher to apoint this week.

  2. Thanks, Governor Dunleavy.
    May we request a bill requiring Alaskan non-government organizations (NGO’s) and individuals sponsoring illegal aliens to be financially liable for the aliens’ maintenance and care until they’re self-supporting or deported.
    The law could be modelled on 18 U.S. Code § 228 “Failure to pay legal child support obligations”, by requiring NGO’s, contractors, and individuals to support illegal aliens they’ve sponsored and transported across state lines into Alaskan communities since January 1, 2020.
    Support payments would be made non tax-deductible, restitution for continuing, deliberate violations of 8 U.S. Code § 1325 “Improper entry by alien”. Support payments would not be allowed to be made from public funds such as government grants or other taxpayer-subsidized sources.
    Support payments would be paid to state, and local governments to offset financial burdens created by indigent illegal aliens.
    Applying such a measure retroactively to January 1, 2020, does not seem problematic. The Supreme Court has denied ex post facto challenges to laws imposing legal consequences based not solely on past conduct, but rather on an ongoing condition that began in the past.
    Thanks again, Governor.

  3. Abbot is shipping the invaders inside the US by sending them up the East Coast.None of those people should be getting on any buses.Dunleavy will help bring them to Anchorage than dispatch them across the state.

  4. Many Alaskans need Governor Dunleavy to not put forth another administrative order or committee but to help many of us who are facing horrific injustices here in Alaska. Alaskans need action and not promises.

    There are 229 federal tribal organizations here in Alaska that each have their own government constitutions, bylaws, policies and procedures. The State of Alaska has jurisdiction over all the State regarding criminal matters (and many civil) such as human sex trafficking, sexual misconduct within a workplace, protection of all Alaskan children(s) constitutional and civil rights, the right to protect all Alaskans constitutional rights to appear before a grand jury and the right to a fair trial to just name a few.

    While it is important to join with Texas in protecting the border, it is also important to afford a crystal clear roadmap that shall ensure all Alaskans protection of our constitutional and civil rights, and keeping our children and grandchildren safe in Alaska.

    Alaskans need safety, remedy and reunification. How will this happen Governor?

  5. Every state in the union should join the fight against the disaster on the entire southern border the incompetent POTUS created. Their goal is to bankrupt every city across the nation. It is simply a human disaster caused by a reckless bunch of elites who care nothing about the United States citizens living here or the immigrants they have been promising everything they cannot deliver. They are living in the Big White House. They could care less about the horrible conditions they refuse to see. The entire White House staff should be in prison.

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