Dunleavy introduces bills to keep rape kits moving through justice and medical systems with accountability program


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy introduced legislation requiring that all law enforcement agencies and healthcare providers participate in a statewide sexual assault examination kit tracking program.

Current regulations require law enforcement agencies to submit sexual assault exam kits to the laboratory within 30 days, but there is no corresponding requirement for healthcare providers to notify law enforcement of kit completion. It is a gap in the chain of accountability.

The proposed legislation addresses the accountability gap by mandating that healthcare providers inform law enforcement of a completed sexual assault kit within seven days of collection. The additional requirement expedites examinations, and creates an accountability timeline, the Governor’s Office said.

HB 275 and SB 193 propose that the timeline for updating and notifying victims on their examination be within 14 days of kit testing, is in line with recommendations from the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative working group, and other reform-minded groups.

“Public safety is my top priority and ensuring the swift and transparent tracking of sexual assault examination kits is essential for both accountability and the well-being of survivors,” Dunleavy said.  “This legislation addresses identified gaps in the existing system.”

That system includes one already initiated by the Dunleavy Administration. The Department of Public Safety now has a web-based Sexual Assault Examination Kit Tracking System. The system provides survivors with a method to check the status of their kit without having to call or email the investigating law enforcement officer. 


  1. Why is there a backlog and why so far and why so many and who is running this sh– show?
    The poor broke state and it’s
    Lustrous legislatures who can’t get it to run like it should opps it’s a state agency they just need millions of dollars and hire more people.
    Everything the government touches goes to hell.

  2. Just look at all those smut books in our libraries teaching kids how to have oral, anal and group sex at young ages. The way that the demons are normalizing anything and everything to do with sex at any age, the term “rape” is going to become a thing of the past, so Dunleavy’s “efforts” will be for nothing.

  3. Why this has taken so long is beyond me. Processing these rape kits should have always been a priority that is up with murder. Shame on the legislature. Shame on previous governors. Thank you, Gov. Dunleavy. Good on you. I’ll yield my remaining time so we can all hear the applause and cheers from the leftists.

    — crickets —

  4. It’s pathetic that we live in a society where people won’t simply do their jobs unless the goobermint passes laws spelling out that they must do their jobs.

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