Dunleavy far ahead in primary, with Walker, Gara, Pierce likely to appear on November general election ballot


Unsurprisingly, Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy is the frontrunner in the 2022 primary election, with 58% of the 401 precincts reporting.

Dunleavy has won 50,180 of the counted votes, with no-party candidate Bill Walker at 25,664, and Democrat Les Gara with 25,616 votes.

Republican Charlie Pierce, the popular mayor of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, rounded out the final four with 8,529 votes.

Those four look likely to appear on the general election ballot on Nov. 8.

Republican Chris Kurka, who ran an aggressive campaign, has 4,969 votes so far.

There were 10 teams of governor/lieutenant governor on the ballot. This story reflects the 11 pm update by the Division of Elections and will be updated Wednesday as more numbers are posted by the Division of Elections. 120,653, or nearly 20.17% of the possible 598,769 registered voters have been counted.


  1. I notice that you conveniently omitted the fact that Mike Dunleavy is well under 50%… He will need to do a lot to win over the Kurka and Pierce voters like me who are tired of his PFD weakness and love of “compromise.”

    • Not really. I voted Pierce in the primary. In the general I’ll vote Pierce #1 and Dunleavy #2. I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

    • I think that’s called “cutting your nose to spite your face.”

      You’d rather support someone in the general election who has no chance of winning then support the one candidate who both has a chance and is closer to your political alignment than Gara/Walker. You may as well be voting for Gara/Walker. Thanks for nothing.

      • With ranked choice, there is nothing wrong with voting for Pierce first and Dunleavy second. That won’t help Gara/Walker at all. I’m definitely voting for Pierce first because they actually talk about doing things to restore faith in the election system, and then I will put Dunleavy as second. I know it will be my second choice that actually counts but I’m not afraid of making a statement to Dunleavy that he needs to grow a backbone and needs to do something to restore trust with the election system.

    • Do you know of a single politician that votes and acts exactly like you want them to all the time?
      Gotta take the bad with the good sometimes. Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?
      You make the call. But, be aware, there are consequences. If you are willing to see Walker back in office, vote accordingly.

    • If you add Pierce and Kurka voters to Dunleavy, he will have at least 50% of the votes. Kurka will not be on the ticket as he looks like he will be the 5th person. So Dunleavy or Walker/Gara….that is the question. I voted Kurka, because he is no compromise and he really stands for what I think is the best for Alaska. However, between Dunleavy and Walker/Gara, for me that is a no brainer….Dunleavy. Hope you really consider what Alaska will become under a governor who is a Dem. before you refuse to place Dunleavy as one of your choices in November.

    • If you don’t vote red in the subsequent choices, you will get either Gara or Walker, who are fully supporting each other. Both campaigns have donations from the same law firm that Walker works for: $25,000 for Walker and $16,000 for Gara. They are counting on your antagonism for Big Mike to defeat him and send Alaska back to the tax and spend administrations of the past. Be aware! The voting system without Republicans voting red in the subsequent choices while leaving the democrat choices blank will lead to a disaster. Also, Dunleavy has had to deal with a legislature packed with Walkerytes and has had to deal with others to get some of his agenda through. Those of you who think that any governor can sit out and not compromise and work with people across the isle do not understand politics. Neither Kurka or Pierce, in spite of their big talk will have to do the same.

  2. So the question is:
    Will Walker and Gara team up for the general election much the same as Walker did with child molester Byron Mallott in 2014?
    Desperate people do desperate things. Of course, Gara would have to take the back seat like Mallott did, and that seat is poison for Democrats.

    • They shouldn’t be able to. Part of the new system is the gov/lt. gov are a package deal.

      But with Walker anything is possible. Seems there is no bar so low he won’t slither under it.

      I’m still curious what Walker’s end game is.

      • Walker’s game is to deliver Alaska to the unions, Then the unions will open the Door for China to take Over.

      • Walker’s endgame is clear – get back in office so he can re-institute all the lovely things he did, like catch and release, and other soft on crime actions. The way he intends to accomplish this is to have his voters vote for Gara second, while Gara’s votes will vote for him second. He will then have enough votes, given the republicans not voting 2nd Dunleavy to give him the governor’s mansion and possibly for two terms. You want that? Look at any democrat and independent as 1st and 2nd choices, look at their combined votes and you will see why this system was written by Scott Kendall, former chief of staff to Bill Walker. Republicans must respond in the like manner or Alaska will be headed for real problems. Also remember that the law firm Walker works for funded both his campaign and that of Les Gara. Enough said?

  3. Those long candidates lists i guess are a democrat ploy, so hundreds of voters throw away votes on non serious candidates. But their game backfires because democrat candidates don’t recieve more votes-neither. Ridiculous.

  4. Disheartening that so many Alaskans are so stupid, or is it that the voting machines are corrupt or a combo of both? After the debacle of the last few years people vote for the status quo? Unbelievable.

  5. They take more liberty from more countrymen because shy leg wrestlers and others who believe in error that this is the way they may atone, without application of despised Christianity, for their own purposeful, malignant skullduggery in lieu, by sending by sending in substitutes, while wrestling liberty from the US Constitution at the same time. The US Constitution indicates in writing that financial restitution is most often the THE answer after a trial of one’s peers. Not “negotiations aka prisoners denuded of human dignity delivery service” to Alaska’S human cruelty department. Incarceration is also merely another cheap shot yet again at the US Constitution and further racist plundering. Alaska’S prison system is a ruined operation bent like the sneaky liars who live here with their ignorant and proud refusal to learn one new thing ever. This is the pollution of the land .🙄

    Really, it is disheartening that no one believes in liberty and the US Constitution any more. They hope to crutch this into a “winning” political strategy. You took an oath to defend actual US Constitutional rights not surrender them to the British Authorized Registry. All ya’s.

    • I am not quite sure what you mean by racist. Just look at what is happening in California with those wonderful DA’s who turn everyone, including murderers, loose to kill again. No one is safe. Anywhere from 10% to 20% of the population are predators. These are the people citizens have to be protected from. Of course, in California you are not allowed to defend yourself. Catch and release does not work! Be thankful you are in Alaska, where at least you can defend yourself.

  6. Felonizing returns free people into lifetime slaves, wards and beggars. Devolving families is not public service.

  7. It also strips the political rights permanently forever. Political rights are different from civil rights and natural rights. Rights are yours if you can articulate them well enough to claim them. They are yours only if you can do that. If you can’t articulate them and your basis for claiming them you are undereducated and have lost them already. This not playing with a thesaurus.

  8. Y’all have turned this into a football game while your life is being destroyed behind the scenes. You are in a fake reality.. why can’t you focus on the real threats instead of making rock stars out of people that have no clue what’s coming? Y’all freaking worship elections and they sell you out every single time

    • And if you don’t, you will get Walker or Gara. They have it set up that way. Gara voters vote for Walker second, and Walker voters vote for Gara second. Walker’s law firm has sent thousands of dollars to both candidates. That is what ranked system voting does. You want to be screwed? Let Walker back in or Gara the democrat and Alaska will be just like California – impossible to live in.

  9. I love ranked choice voting when my guy / woman wins, especially if they take it by first tier majority, but also if they take it by the ranked votes from others.

    But dang, I hate when my guy / woman loses. In that case, I’ll scream about this new system, and blame voting machine manipulation on top of that.

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