Dunleavy, DeSantis, and Abbott skip Biden meeting with governors at White House


On Friday, the nation’s governors were invited to meet with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at the White House, where Biden pitched his “Finish the Job” theme for America and reprised the other themes of his State of the Union address that he delivered on Tuesday.

On Saturday evening, Biden and Harris, and their spouses, will host a black tie dinner at the White House with the governors, who are in town for the National Governors Association meeting.

Governors Ron DeSantis of Florida, Greg Abbot of Texas, and Mike Dunleavy of Alaska did not attend.

Instead on Friday, Gov. DeSantis and the leadership of the Florida legislature announced the largest tax relief proposal in Florida history to save Florida families a historic $2 billion during the 2023–2024 fiscal year. Gov. Abbott was welcoming a trade delegation from Japan to his state, and Gov. Dunleavy was monitoring the shooting down by the military of an unknown flying object over the Arctic Ocean near Deadhorse.

Biden told governors attending on Friday that he doesn’t believe Republicans in the U.S. House are serious about “holding the debt hostage.”

Biden said, “I believe we can be fiscally responsible without threatening our country. I don’t think my colleagues are really serious – I hope they’re not – about holding the debt hostage to cuts they want to make in certain things that I may or may not want to make.”

Conservatives in Congress have said that a raising of the nation’s borrowing limit must be tied to spending cuts.


    • For what ? Sitting around playing “patty cake ” with who? All we want to know now is what was it? UFO or Russia / China Spy Aircraft? How long does it take to recover anything when they knew its location & if they knew that where it would likely come down!
      Give us a brake our Military has so much technology from tracking satellites to ground radar there should have been boots on the ground before these objects hit the ground, James Bond could have done a better job!

  1. They should have attended. The cowardly lion of Alaska most of all. What Biden is planning will hurt red states more than blue ones. Better to get this info firsthand and object firsthand.

    I swear sometimes it seems the GOP has adopted Ray Charles classic “Born to Lose” as a core mission statement.

    • Wouldn’t stick any governor, Republican or Democrat, with yet another State of the Union “speech”, especially during meal time.
      50 governors supposed to sit reverently, with straight faces, not choke on anything, whilst lectured with “State of the Union, New and Improved”?
      That’s mean, Masked Avenger, that’s like governor abuse or something, even if some of them deserve it.

    • If you look at Alaska, we are more Blue than Red anymore. The State Legislature is a bunch of thieving individuals more worried about Special Interest than Alaskans.

  2. These were good moves by all three governors as there was likely nothing positive to be gained by any of them for sticking around the Biden Crime family any longer than necessary….The raw contempt shown by the current Washington federal administration to any of these three States likely cannot be repaired through normal discourse….

    • The ONLY thing one could get from being in the presence of and/or closely associating with Biden, is some of the stink on themselves. From a historical perspective (back when reason seemed to have its place), diplomatic recognition of foreign governments was one of the things that was considered to give them legitimacy, and denying them recognition did the opposite. I applaud the governor’s decision.

  3. How is being absent when Biden is gearing up to go after the middle class and red states “doing good work”?

    Walk me through that one. It makes as much sense as Walker’s attempt to win back the Governor’s mansion.

    Stop GOP cheerleading and think. Anyone who’s ever been in a mid level or higher management meeting knows the people not there get screwed the hardest.

  4. The FL thing might save Floridians 100 bucks a year so that’s nearly worthless.

    Leaving a conspicuously empty seat at a 50 state Biden function? That’s a statement.

    Nicely done, gov.

  5. The way things are going with the Brandon regime it was a good idea to stay clear this event. I would not put it past the FBI and other Deep State agencies to harass or even “disappear” those believed to be Enemies of the Regime. There was a time when I would have written this comment in jest. Times have changed. I no longer consider this idea to be a fantasy. Attorney General Merrick Garland will do anything.

  6. I applaud these three governors for not attending. I wouldn’t walk across the street to see Brandon. An empty seat speaks louder than words.

  7. Seeing the latest military
    activities dunleavy is needed in alaska not on d.c drinking wine
    and eating steak with the administation..

    • “Seeing the latest military
      activities dunleavy is needed in alaska ” What actually is Dunleavy doing? SEEING WHAT? It takes just minutes to shoot something down. Answers please ? What was it?

  8. Pedophiles used to hide out in the Catholic Church. Now they hide out in the Democrat Party. Their own LGBTQ organizations have appropriated them.

  9. The development of the Willow Field is crucial for Alaska. Our delegation has worked hard to get it moving forward. Gov can advocate for the Willow Project. Also push for the Anchorage Port funding and development of the Nome Port. Willow Field, Anchorage and Nome Ports are crucial not only for the State but Federal interests.

    • Biden is beholden to foreign interests. He would rather shoot down any project Alaska attempts rather thatn mysterious balloons. The goal here is 100% federal dependence and Murkowski is the vehicle for this. Hence his phrase, “finish the job.”

    • That’s why we should just go ahead with these projects what’s Biden going to do take us to crooked court. Let him and when the feds show up arrest all of them for violating states rights.

  10. Biden’s “Finish Off America” plan. Resident Biden probably believes that borrowing or printing even more money to spend our way into prosperity will work. After all look how well it’s been working! It’s past time for all of us to recognize that our fiscal situation isn’t going to improve. Politicians who refuse the federal bribes will get voted out of office in favor of those who take the money…Washington DC buying off states who buy off citizens and everyone is happy right up to the inevitable financial collapse. Heck, maybe that’s wrong and we can actually prosper long term on debt and printing press cash. One thing’s certain…haha…we’re going to find out!

  11. Good for the three governors. 3 empty chairs spoke volumes. It is way past time to listen politely to your abuser, and that is what Brandon is. He means none of it. Actions speak louder than words. As for DC, it is too mired in muck to ever get cleaned up, as the democrats have shown. Any good that Trump did was summarily smashed as soon as the democrats regained control. People will have to work through their state governments to get any lasting results.

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