Dunleavy at CPAC: Time to declare a national energy emergency and ‘turn the spigots back on’


Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, in an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Fla., said on Friday that it’s time for the Biden Administration to declare an energy emergency and get oil and gas flowing again in America, rather than have our nation dependent on Russian oil, the way it is now.

Dunleavy was speaking on stage with Sean Spicer about the damaging policies of the Biden Administration, not only for Alaska, but for the rest of the country. He said the current policies have put America in a precarious security situation that could be remedied by getting projects going again — projects halted by radical environmentalists both in and out of the Biden Administration. He mentioned the Willow project in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, and the 10-02 coastal plain area of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Dunleavy spoke about how dirty the Russian oil is, and how environmentalists are actually working against a cleaner environment.

“When you push this stuff [oil and mining] overseas, you actually destroy the environment at an accelerated rate,” Dunleavy said.

Reached after his time on stage at the premier conservative conference in the country, Dunleavy expanded on the need for immediate action from Biden.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy speaking at CPAC.

“We’re not running out of energy. But we need to recognize what’s happening in the world. We’ve put ourselves in a precarious position. There are national security implications. And there could be more domestic unrest because our oil and gas prices have actually artificially increased because we refuse to access our own energy,” Dunleavy said. “We are victims of horrific policies that are destined to cause energy prices to increase.”

Dunleavy said America’s adversaries are “jumping for joy. If you were to design a playbook to weaken America, this would be it.” He said America’s adversaries know “If we turn on our spigots, they’re done.”

Dunleavy called the current Biden policies “bizarre. Do they really believe Russia and China are going to safeguard the environment like we are? And don’t forget the child labor and human rights abuses.”

Dunleavy closed by saying that it’s not the wealthy who are hurt by the Biden energy policies, but the working class people of America.

“It’s the mom with three kids, it’s the waitress, the carpenter, the workers of this country who have been left out of this whole discussion. That’s who is going to suffer,” Dunleavy said.

The United States currently imports about 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Russia, and the Biden Administration purposefully did not put a sanction on Russian oil imports to the U.S. during his sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine.

“Folks have now realized that they [environmentalists] have way overplayed their hand to the detriment of the country,”Dunleavy said.


  1. Why would Dunleavy lie and say that oil prices are higher because of us not drilling our oil? The fact is that oil is a global commodity with pricing set on international and global markets. The oil price will increase due to volatility on a worldwide scale, but drilling our oil will not bring down the price at all. This is a myth and just conservatism trying to increase profits for oil companies (who happen to fund their campaigns) by taking political and economic advantages of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    • Mr. Biden, everyone else knows that when you have a higher demand than supply, prices go up. Everyone else knows that if we continue to buy oil from Russia, we are aiding and abetting our enemy. Everyone else knows that Alaska has some of the most strict regulations regarding oil than anywhere else in the world, and thus, by buying oil from Russia, we are actually polluting more.

    • Biden didn’t simply make life harder for Alaska Oil, he made it harder for American Oil. A little over 1 year ago, our nation was a net oil exporter. Today, and only because of Biden presidency, we are not. Governor Dunleavy was speaking to the national situation; not just ours here in Alaska. If American Oil gets back to work tomorrow, supply goes up, prices fall, Putin loses cash flow. It’s really that simple. No lying involved.

  2. So once again we hear bold brave talk from republicans when they are in the minority with power to do NOTHING! Big bold talk. But words are cheap and we can be assured that if they ever should become majority party again that they will ‘reach across the aisle’ to build friendship with their party buddies and still screw the people.
    I was once a democrat, alienated by the blatant corruption (cheating); once a republican, disgusted by their milquetoast, limp noodle policies. It is time for a new party to stand upon a principle. The uniparty surely won’t allow that though, will they?

  3. Scary listening to these leaders of energy strong states compare our future to Venezuela!! The Ukraine crisis has amped up our national situation and put it on center of stage!!

  4. Thank you Gov Dunleavy. The first order of business is to squash the myth that US petroleum causes climate change while foreign petroleum doesn’t. There are intelligent adults (and children) that whole heartedly believe this nonsense. Alaska is in a prime position to fill the needs of petroleum demand and precious metals. We just need to unlock the door and hang the “Open for Business” sign.

  5. It’s not likely to happen. The Democrats are in an all out war against oil, gas and coal production. Look what Biden did to BP punishing them unmercifully for the Macondo oil spill, all designed to hurt the oil companies as much as they could. That was extremely chilling to any company trying to produce the energy our country depends on. And it continues with Biden now in power. They won’t give this up because of national security issues since their most serious security issue is climate change, so all fossil fuel production must stop regardless of the cost.

      • Punish, yes. But to try to destroy an oil company due to political ideology is what happened and makes attempts to develop the technology, and expertise, to safely develop oil and gas in deep water, high pressure reservoirs extremely risky for any company. The environment has recovered but the business impact from the “punishment” has not. We are pushing oil and gas development into less restrictive areas of the world as a result where damage to the environment is more likely, and at a cost to our national security.

  6. The best way to get rid of dirty Russian oil is to invest in Ukraine windmills. Has Governor Dunleavy forgotten that no oil producers bid on the ANWR 10-02 leases?

    • Frankie, windmills? Yeah, those Boeing triple sevens run really well on the jucie produced by windmills.

      • Alaska gets aviation fuel from oil produced on the North Slope, Alaska has a 10 year backlog on drilling permits issued, it is lack of drilling, not leases that are holding up oil production. That is why there was no bidding on the ANWR leases

        • It’s absurd to think the inventory of marginal infill wells in declining fields keeps the oil companies from bidding on leases in a new prospective area. All the lawsuits from the enviros encouraged by a new liberal administration intent on stopping any oil development was more likely the reason.

  7. If the Cowardly Lion really gave a damn about the mom with three kids, he would have repeatedly vetoed every spending bill not including a full PFD.

    • Everyone thinks the Governor can fix the PFD. The only thing he can do is VETO all or part of it, he can’t make it higher. Gov. Walker opened this Pandora’s Box when he did just that. Suddenly the Legislature saw a way to their paws on all that sweet sweet money! No way do they want to let ysAnd the Judiciary, which is controlled by the very partisan left Alaska Bar Assn basically set aside a perfectly good and time tested formula for calculating the PFD. Your blame and anger should be directed at the other two branches of government.. the Legislative and Judiciary.

  8. Ruling by executive orders is all he is capable of, we all know he isn’t capable of independent thinking, he has instead been ruled by others over him, what an embarrassment to this country. Good job to the morons who voted him in office, we sure haven’t heard a peep out of you folks, why? No mean tweets to go with your soy latte’s?

  9. Dunleavy isn’t a RINO, he’s Farce, a joke, a pathetic wanna be pretend conservative. I’m for Chris Kurka.

    • Changing governors won’t help our state’s problems. Changing the legislature and the constitution is needed.

  10. Because we are in an election year, Dunleavy has found his voice. What has he done for Alaska in his first term of real significance? If you want an America first and Alaska first Governor, vote for Chris Kurka and we may actually get some things done for Alaska.

    • Kurka would have gotten steamrolled by backstabbers in the legislature and the media. While more of these sorts of speeches would have been better, Dunleavy is an adult. Very few of them in Alaska politics.

      • If by adult you mean saying one thing and then doing another……..then yeah he stands tall among the “Adults”.

  11. Personality and personal agenda have stymied Dunleavy since his election. The legislative democrat and moderates of the middle refused to get on board with his election agenda, that agenda is what got him elected but not the legislature. Personality, stubbornness, his and legislators of the past 2 elections feel they are better representing the ‘whole’ of Alaska. There is just enough power, and diversity inserted in the legislators to look good for their constituents and yet buck the governor’s statewide agenda. I see a not so good future for conservatives in this coming election. Ranked Choice Voting is likely to split the majority and Alaska winds up with a Walker or Gara.

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