Dunleavy appoints Tuckerman Babcock to UA Board of Regents


After the Alaska Legislature refused to confirm Bethany Marcum to the University of Alaska Board of Regents, Gov. Mike Dunleavy appointed an Alaskan who is just as conservative: Tuckerman Babcock.

Babcock, the former chairman of the Alaska Republican Party and Dunleavy’s first chief of staff, was named to the Board today, and he will serve until his confirmation hearing next spring.

Babcock served on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and as the executive director of the state redistricting board in 1991. He was assistant manager of the Matanuska Electric Association and worked for the Division of Elections.

Four of his children attended the University of Alaska and his father taught sociology and directed the Mountaineering and Wilderness Survival program at the Anchorage Community College, prior to ACC merging with UAA.

“Tuckerman’s experience serving in numerous statewide government positions and ten years in business management makes him a great fit for the University of Alaska’s Board of Regents,” Dunleavy said. “I am grateful for his continued service and commitment to the State of Alaska. I am confident that Tuckerman’s expert knowledge of public service and leadership will continue to help Alaska for the better.”


  1. So since he couldn’t get who he wanted, he’s gonna punish them by inflicting Babcock on them?

    Babcock and Dunleavy are the poster children for what’s wrong with the AK GOP.

    • You may want to look a little deeper at the ARP and the people on that board as they are telling some district chairs to be nice to the elected legislators. Those same elected legislatures verbally told the district and precincts they represent that they (the district) were irrelevant. And by the way, they were endorsed by NEA.

      Poster children? Those two men? Nope. But Murkowski? Bjorkmen? Some people on the ARP? Now they definitely represent what’s wrong in AK.

    • Buddy, he’s got you “Babcocked”!
      You voted for Dunleavy…deal with it like a big boy. All you do is complain about him…make a change!

      • How do you know how I voted?
        When I checked, I was in the booth alone.

        I’ve openly admitted I made that mistake once. I’m pleased to have not repeated it a second time.

        I also supported the effort to remove him from office when I saw him for what he was.

        I do far more than point out he’s a failure as a leader. But if you want to sniff his and the Alaska GOP’s jock…knock yourself out.

    • Buddy, he’s got you “Babcocked”!
      You voted for Dunleavy…deal with it like a big boy. All you do is complain about him…make a change!

  2. I love this governor. He knows how to really piss off the Left-wing lunatics ……..in this instance, the UA president, UAF Chancellor, and all of the other Regents who currently serve. Good luck!

      • Really? And the criteria by the UA is to emphasize LGBTQ+, critical race theory, no fiscal control, Marxism, etc….
        I think Dunleavy’s priorities are pretty damn sound compared to all the old wacko fossils that run our campuses.
        Send in Babcock.

  3. It’s pretty hard to trump, Trump, but Dunleavy is doing his worse “be best”. If you voted for Dunleavy, you would be a part of the problem, yes, no?

    • Oddly, you’re right. I’ll make a note in my diary about blind squirrels and acorns.

      All those mindless cheerleaders who supported the Cowardly Lion for a second term are culpable. They convinced themselves this man has actually accomplished something.

      I’d take Trump over the Cowardly Lion in a heartbeat. Trump despite himself got several good things done. Dunleavy?

  4. Tuckerman’s father is Bill Babcock? Wow, I climbed Denali with Bill, who was expedition leader, in 1980. Bill was quite a mountaineer in Alaska. Good luck to Tuckerman!

  5. Board of Regents members are all Democrats. It’s a club for back-patters. Most aren’t even academics. They just have friends in politics and donate to the Democrat Party and the UA. Most are old and on a last fling before retirement.

  6. So sad. This guy shows up in the darndest places. Another free meal. He almost bankrupted MEA! Let’s see what he can screw up next!

  7. Tuckerman Babcock (a name that always leaves a residual bad taste in my mouth whenever uttered, like old beets) is the very personification of the “go along to get along” mentality. A middle-of-the-roader who shares that unenviable position with other roadkill and random litter.

  8. Go Tuckerman! When people start protesting your nomination by the governor……..you are directly over the target area. Chaff from the Lefty-loonies always means the governor is doing his job. And when you get confirmed, please expose every last one of those big rats on the Board of Regents. I’ll help you.

    • You are correct on travel and per diem, otherwise no compensation. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  9. I love it!!..I love it!!.. They’ve play their games, and seemingly got away with it (they thought).. He finally decided to Play his “GAME!!” and for some “strange reason”, they don’t like it. ha..ha… Finally when the “shoe doesn’t fit their other foot”, they’ll be screaming for 8-9 months. It’s about time, they got the “other foot shoved in their face”..Maybe they’ll understand how it feels.

  10. Wow, the Kenai peninsula votes Babcock down and Dunleavy pulls this stunt? How about the pledge of allegiance signing, didn’t that cost us $$. What is old Tuckerman bringing to the table? More of the Dunleavy values? Please take a look at Alaska Status 14.40.150. I hope someone sues the Governor on this. Should anyone really be surprised? NO. Just remember old Mikey will want to run for another office. Don’t forget.

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