Dunleavy appoints lawyer-writer Joan Wilson head of alcohol, marijuana regulatory office


Gov. Mike Dunleavy appointed Joan Wilson the new executive director of the Alaska Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office, effective May 8. The current executive director, Glen Klinkhart, is moving to the Department of Revenue this month.

Wilson is a senior assistant attorney general in the Alaska Department of Law, where she serves as an advisor to Alaska Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office. During the transition period between Klinkhart and Wilson, AMCO Licensing and Records Supervisor Carrie Craig will serve as the acting executive director.

Wilson has 25 years of experience in civil and criminal law in both the private and public sectors. She is a contributing author to the Attorney General Alliance’s Cannabis Law Deskbook, an in-depth accounting of the evolving field of cannabis law, and is currently working on the second edition of the book. She earned a law degree from the Northwestern School at Law of Lewis and Clark College.

Wilson is a board member on the Municipality of Anchorage’s Board of Ethics, and the Bear Valley Community Association.

The website 49Writers elaborates on Wilson’s background:

“Joan Nockels Wilson is a writer and a Senior Assistant Attorney General for the State of Alaska. Joan has served the State of Alaska in both a civil and criminal capacity for more than half of her 25 year legal career. As a criminal prosecutor, she achieved the longest sentence for animal cruelty in the State and recently convicted the ‘hoverboard dentist’ of over $2 million in Medicaid fraud and reckless endangerment of a host of his patients as part of a mass sedation scheme.

“A native of Chicago and a forever-learner, Joan has studied at Northwestern University, University of California Berkeley, Lewis and Clark College, and the University of Alaska. In addition to her law degree, she holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in creative nonfiction, is a Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist award winner, and is a member of the Bread Loaf community of writers. Her work has appeared in literary journals and audio shows, most recently Entropy Magazine.”


  1. IS she in line with the new Canadian study of 60,000 pregnant women proving gene damage to unborn and and related record breaking amounts of autism in children due directly to loco-weed?. I am not a lawyer but have said that for years that this record autism in youth is related to loco-weed and you would get poo-pooed by the get high or die crowd.
    Like the Wizard told the scarecrow, “well, they are no smarter than you, all they have is a degree”.

  2. Yeah, but can she differentiate fine booze from gutterbarrel? Can she light up a bowl of good weed and sing to the squirrels? Mark Springer could. And still does. ??

    • I used to party with Mark Springer in college days at UAF. He was a stoner 40 years ago. He knows dope, though. But that’s about all.

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