Dunleavy announces dozens of board, commission appointments


(2-minute read) CHANGES 5 OF 7 ON BOARD OF NURSING

Gov. Michael Dunleavy announced 44 appointments to State boards and commissions. He replaced five of seven members of the Board of Nursing, and replaced all three members of the Clemency Board.

The Nursing Board regulates and approves applications for licenses and permits, and discipline of nurses.

The Clemency Board makes recommendations to the Governor to grant a pardon, commutation, reprieve or remission of fines and forfeitures concerning state crimes. Dunleavy removed Bruce Botelho, Jim Cantor and Nancy Shaw. He named Ralph Samuels, Carol Fraser and Scotty Barr to the board.

The state has over 140 boards and commissions. Many citizens get their start in politics by serving on one.

Alaska Commission on Aging

  • Nona Safra of Anchor Point
  • Mike Coons of Palmer

Alaska Commission on Judicial Conduct

  • Trevor Shaw of Ketchikan

Alaska Judicial Council

  • David Parker of Wasilla (reappointment)

Alaska Police Standards Council

  • Jennifer Winkelman of Juneau (Correctional Administrative Officer)
  • Rebecca Hamon of King Salmon (reappointment)
  • Chief Stephen Dutra of North Pole (reappointment)
  • Chief Burke Waldron of Bethel (reappointment)

Alaska Workers’ Compensation Board

  • Bob Doyle of Wasilla
  • Bradley Austin of Juneau (reappointment)
  • Sarah LeFebvre of Fairbanks (reappointment)
  • Dr. Christopher Twiford of Kodiak
  • Albert Haynes of Wasilla
  • Sara Faulkner of Homer
  • Randy Beltz of Anchorage
  • Julie Duquette of Fairbanks

Big Game Commercial Services Board

  • Tom Harris of Anchorage
  • Jason Bunch of Kodiak (reappointment)
  • Cash Joyce of Wasilla (reappointment)

Board of Direct-Entry Midwives

  • Cathy Mosher of Willow

 Board of Governors of Alaska Bar Association

  • Jedediah Cox of Anchorage

Board of Marine Pilots

  • Edward Sinclair of Juneau

Board of Massage Therapy

  • Julie Endle of Palmer

Board of Nursing

  • Julie Tisdale of Anchorage
  • Danette Schloeder of Anchorage
  • Marisha Dieters of Eagle River
  • Wendy Monrad of Anchorage
  • Shannon Connelly of Palmer

Board of Social Work Examiners

  • Geoffry McCormick of North Pole (reappointment)
  • Colleen Vague of Wasilla

Board of Psychologists and Psychological Associate Examiners

  • Dr. Erin Johnson of Anchorage
  • Dr. Matthew Dammeyer of Soldotna

Board of Veterinary Examiners

  • Scott Flamme of Fairbanks

Executive Clemency Advisory Committee

  • Ralph Samuels of Anchorage (Chair)
  • Carol Fraser of Anchorage
  • Scotty Barr of Kotzebue

Fishermen’s Fund Advisory and Appeals Council

  • Moses Toyukak Sr of Manokotak

Marijuana Control Board

  • Vivian Stiver of Fairbanks
  • Lt. Christopher Jaime of Soldotna

Personnel Board

  • Craig Johnson of Anchorage

Professional Teaching Practices Commission

  • Todd Smoldon of Wasilla

State Commission for Human Rights

  • Marcus Sanders (Anchorage)

Violent Crimes Compensation Board

  • John Francis of Wasilla 

Workers Compensation Appeals Commission

  • Charles Collins, Jr of Juneau


  1. Valley well represented!
    Not sure about other members of Commission on Aging, but now I know we have two conservatives for sure!

  2. There are some great appointments on this list! I am very happy happy to see Ralph Samuels chairing the Executive Clemency Advisory Committee. I spoke of a link between my family, clemency, and Ralph Samuels back on January 14 in MRA here: http://mustreadalaska.com/he-fell-to-his-knees-shot-him-again/, and it is truly wonderful that this has made full circle. 2019 marks 30 years since the Samuel’s family lost Duane, and 20 years since the Stone family lost Gary and the Angerman family lost Kyle. Ralph Samuel’s HB69, which he sponsored back in 2007 requiring victim/victim family notification before a governor issues a pardon to a perpetrator of a crime, became law as the first legislation signed by Gov. Palin. We will never forget the pain we felt that day when a stroke of a pen from a Governor, without notice to us, set free the company that killed our loved ones, but we also will never forget the day when Ralph Samuels changed that for the better.

  3. This is so wrong what he is doing, so many people will be losing their jobs. He is also privatizing institutions that should not be privatized.

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