Dunleavy: Alaskans have done the best in country at turning the tide on COVID-19



The hair cutters will be busy soon in Alaska. And they’ll have a lot of hair to cut, since they’ve been out of work since April 1, due to a government mandate related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy said that Alaska is going to slowly and methodically open up the economy as early as next week, to include retail, barbers and hair dressers, nail salons, and even restaurants.

Dunleavy didn’t give specifics during his press conference, and said details would come later this week. Today’s announcement was more of a hint about what will come starting next week.

Dunleavy said Alaskans should expect to see workers in face coverings in public places like stores and restaurants, and that face masks are key to keeping the infection from spiking. And that they should continue to observe the hand washing, sanitizing surfaces, and wearing those face coverings when they go into stores or in other public places.

Dunleavy said Alaskans have done a great job in adopting the protocols of social distancing, not shaking hands, and sanitizing their hands and surfaces, and because of their efforts, the Alaska cases are diminishing. He noted that as of right now, only eight Alaskans are in the hospital with the infection.

Dunleavy did not, however, announce a rollback of the 14-day travel quarantine that all travelers to Alaska must observe, regardless of residency, or the ban on intrastate travel, but he said he would be discussing with mayors in Alaska tomorrow the steps to opening up commerce sooner rather than later.

Some smaller communities in rural Alaska may choose to take a much slower approach to opening their communities, since the health care available in rural Alaska is scarce, he said.


  1. So if we invite the cruise ships back early. Will they need to have a test coming off the ship or show a recent test of antibodies for this virus. At anyrate any protocol would work as at most stops they would only be off for a few hours during the day and then back on the ship. I heard antibody tests were not very expensive and since the rate of infection is low in Alaska, it is probably the water or the sun that squashes it. If we can get ahead of the curve and get some regulations waived like the Jones Act, we could have non-virus tourism helping make Alaska Great Again…

  2. At a minimum we must keep the 14 day out of state quarantine, we are a virtual island and a worldwide data point for not just this pandemic but future pandemics. We can’t open the flood gates and then expect a flood to not happen, even if only idiots would travel during this pandemic…we don’t need idiots traveling HERE during this pandemic. These mandates protect all Alaskans, some should be rolled back but not all.
    We have responded well, let’s not piss that away and pay for it during the middle of summer.

    • Praying we don’t end up back where we were. The social distancing has worked and we desperately need to get back to work, but the governor has been repeating in every briefing to please wear masks or some type of face covering, even a bandanna, yet only about half of us are. The masks have not been mandated, but one would hope people could take initiative without a law hanging over their heads. The masks effectively lessen any potential virus from emitting into the air and if we were all wearing for the next weeks or few months it would allow us to open everything back up and get a true handle on this within our state.

  3. Bout time! I am cautiously optimistic we will get our state and our lives back.. after this virus, maybe we can take on the REAL plague: the legislature.

  4. I was unaware that there is a ban on intrastate travel. What does that mean? If someone drives from
    Anchorage to Birchwood, is that intrastate travel? If an aviator flies to his remote cabin for a few days, is that intrastate travel? When the thousands of people involved in the Bristol Bay fishery descend on Anchorage after traveling from
    Outside the state, are they banned from traveling to the Bay after they quarantine for 14 days in Anchorage? If once in King Salmon can the fishers take their vessels to, say, Dillingham to fish? All of these mentioned possible trips involve intrastate travel.

    Regrettably there are a lot of unanswered questions. I suggest that the administration take a step back and give more careful thought to the impact of any decisions. If we open up the State, let’s do it right and be very specific about the rules.

  5. Love this guy, Dunleavy. He makes Alaska proud. What recall? Anybody seen the two criminals: Bill Walker and spirit companion Byron Mallott?

  6. Thousands lost their jobs, 738,000 Alaskan’s locked down for 30 days for just 9 unfortunate deaths? Reports pouring out now that the coronavirus was no worse than a bad flu year. Just so the politicians could show us their inner totalitarian bent? The cure seems to have turned out worse than the disease.

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