Dunbar, candidate for mayor, has friends in high places, like Democrats in Congress, National Guard


Forrest Dunbar, the leading liberal candidate for Anchorage mayor, has posted a hefty haul in his year-start financial report, and some names popped out that show how he has friends throughout the government.

Currently a member of the Anchorage Assembly, Dunbar at the beginning of the year had raised over $252,000 for his campaign for mayor.

One of the most high-profile and high-dollar donors to his race is Jamie Raskin.

That’s Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland, an attorney who was the House of Representatives impeachment manager and lead prosecutor of President Donald Trump during the trial in the U.S. Senate earlier this month.

Also notable on the Dunbar list is Laurie Hummel, a frequent donor to Dunbar’s campaigns. Hummel is the Inspector General of the National Guard. Dunbar is a JAG officer in the Guard. Hummel has donated at least three times to Dunbar’s campaign for mayor.

Hummel once ran against former Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux for State House, and is a reliable Democratic Party contributor.

She’s also up the chain of command in terms of oversight for officers like Dunbar, and would have influence if ever a complaint was brought against him. She just has to pick up the phone and make a call to get complaints dismissed.

A former adjutant general of Alaska under Gov. Bill Walker, Hummel was replaced in 2019 by Gov. Mike Dunleavy. In 2015, she had chosen Dunbar to  to help overhaul the state’s code of military justice.

Must Read Alaska research shows that Dunbar is well-funded from outside Alaska:

  • 21 percent of his donations come from out of state.
  • 30 percent of his donations are from outside of Anchorage.
  • 10 percent of his donations come from lawyers, many who work in the government bureaucracy, such as Department of Justice.
  • 11 percent of his donations come from educators.


Dunbar is not yet raking in as much campaign cash as his predecessor and Democrat ally Mayor Ethan Berkowitz did in 2018. Berkowitz raised $604,000 and had 2,636 contributions, about 89 percent of which were from inside the Anchorage Borough. Just 6 percent of Berkowitz’ donations were from out of Alaska.

Dunbar has raised $252,000 and 70 percent of his donations are from inside Anchorage so far, while 21 percent of his donations are from out of state.

Dunbar had, as of the beginning of the year, raised 42 percent of what Berkowitz had raised when he ran for reelection in 2018, but Dunbar’s out-of-state donations are 230 percent higher than Berkowitz’ were.

It’s early — there are 48 days until the end of the municipal election and the campaign cash reports will continue to be posted in coming weeks.

Ballots for the mail-in-only race will be in the mail about March 16 and must be postmarked by April 6.

Feb. 18 is the deadline for candidates for Anchorage mayor to file their year-start reports with the Alaska Public Offices Commission. Dunbar filed his report two weeks early.


  1. If there is a real privilege dilemma in America it’s party affiliation, not just skin color. The money just flows for these people like no others in this country. Billionaires are supposedly hated and equality and equity are real buzzwords of today. Yet, these people violate all of them with zero scrutiny. I imagine a good chunk of this money comes from the stimulus dollars. The rest is grants, endowments, and shady Wall Street dealings. It’s good to be a Democrat!

  2. I wouldn’t doubt that Young’s young campaign cochair also has outside high political profiles who can give high dollar amounts to his campaigns if he chose to follow his grandfathers footsteps.

    At least Dunbar is lucky he has such financial support from outside. He can’t rely on us — we’re broke, and going broker by the year. He is lucky just to get 25 dollars out of his Alaskan donors. Hahahaha

  3. If Forrest Dunbar is (s)elected mayor of Anchorage, that will be the last straw that will lead me, and force me, to finally move outside the municipal limits of North San Francisco and put this growing cesspool and hellhole of statism behind me. I damn him, and all like him, and everyone who continues voting for these insane statist authoritarians who are destroying freedom, businesses, stability and normalcy in Anchorage.

  4. Hello Anchorage — MOA voters must work together to support ANYBODY but Forrest Dunbar in the upcoming election. He is lazy. He is a bully. And east Anchorage residents have discovered that he does not respond to district concerns unless he calculates political value/benefit for himself and as a furtherance of his selfish, self-serving goals. When vagrants, who became long-term squatters, moved into the vacant house next door to mine, he refused to respond to any telephone calls and/or requests for assistance that came from people who live on our street. When we email him about other relevant topics, he ignores us. Dunbar is only about himself (and his sidekick Chris Constant). Unless you want much more ineptitude and dysfunction, as demonstrated by the acting mayor these days, PLEASE vote for a different, honest, representative mayoral candidate.

    • Barbara, you have my sincere sympathy. It is difficult to understand how this type of thing could be happening , much less being promoted by the elected authorities. As you noted above it surely isn’t about representing your interests.

  5. Always funny to me, how these leftists decry the rich, and yet, they are owned by billionaires and big money special interests and they always enter government poor and leave it wealthy… you can’t make this stuff up. Today’s robber Barron’s own the American political left, and between them and the most racist regime ever (the CCP) they dictate media and political talking points, legislation, etc and now it seems, based on Bidens words last night..American foreign policy..

  6. it is the left trying to turn every red state blue.
    Yeah. They are actively trying to turn Alaska blue. In their world, every level of government should be 100% democrat. They are unabashed about it. Turn red states blue!
    I am curious how the major news outlets would react if the folks on the right had an active “Turn blue states red.” campaign?

  7. Sounds like our gov needs a call or two. As commander in chief of the AK NG, shouldn’t he be replacing the AKNG IG from her position for participation in partisan politics? Isn’t position supposed to fair and impartial. Political influence to remove complaints about JAG officers, doesn’t sound fair and balanced IMO

  8. How does Dunbar strong arm tax payers in Anchorage, and still holds his seat? He’s a vile Twat, and yet most don’t see him this way.

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